1611 King James Bible

1 Chronicles 22

David, foreknowing the place of the Temple, prepareth abundance for the building of it.

1 Chronicles 22:1 Then Dauid said, This is the house of the LORD God, and this [is] the Altar of the burnt offering for Israel. 1 Chronicles 22:2 And Dauid commanded to gather together the strangers that [were] in the land of Israel: and hee set masons to hew wrought stones to build the house of God. 1 Chronicles 22:3 And Dauid prepared yron in abundance for the nailes for the doores of the gates, and for the ioynings, and brasse in abundance without weight; 1 Chronicles 22:4 Also Cedar trees in abundance: for the Zidonians, and they of Tyre, brought much Cedar wood to Dauid. 1 Chronicles 22:5 And Dauid said, Solomon my sonne [is] yong and tender, and the house [that is] to be builded for the LORD, [must be] exceeding magnificall, of fame and of glory throughout all countreys: I will [therefore] now make preparation for it. So Dauid prepared abundantly before his death.

He instucteth Solomon in God's promises, and his duty in building the Temple.

1 Chronicles 22:6 Then hee called for Solomon his sonne, and charged him to build an house for the LORD God of Israel. 1 Chronicles 22:7 And Dauid saide to Solomon; My sonne, as for me, it was in my mind to build an house vnto the Name of the LORD my God. 1 Chronicles 22:8 But the word of the LORD came to mee, saying, Thou hast shed blood abundantly, and hast made great warres: thou shalt not build an house vnto my Name, because thou hast shed much blood vpon the earth in my sight. 1 Chronicles 22:9 Behold, a sonne shall bee borne to thee, who shall bee a man of rest, and I will giue him rest from all his enemies round about: for his name shalbe Solomon, and I wil giue peace and quietnesse vnto Israel in his dayes. 1 Chronicles 22:10 Hee shall build an house for my Name, and he shal be my sonne, and I [will be] his father, and I will establish the throne of his kingdome ouer Israel for euer. 1 Chronicles 22:11 Now my sonne, The LORD be with thee, and prosper thou, and build the house of the LORD thy God, as he hath said of thee. 1 Chronicles 22:12 Onely the LORD giue thee wisedome and vnderstanding, and giue thee charge concerning Israel, that thou mayest keepe the Law of the LORD thy God. 1 Chronicles 22:13 Then shalt thou prosper, if thou takest heed to fulfill the Statutes and Iudgements which the LORD charged Moses with, concerning Israel: be strong, and of good courage, dread not, nor be dismayed. 1 Chronicles 22:14 Now beholde, in my trouble I haue prepared for the house of the LORD an hundred thousand talents of gold, and a thousand thousand talents of siluer, and of brasse and yron without weight: (for it is in abundance) timber also and stone haue I prepared, and thou mayest adde thereto. 1 Chronicles 22:15 Moreouer, [there are] workmen with thee in abundance, hewers, and workers of stone and timber, and all maner of cunning men for euery maner of worke: 1 Chronicles 22:16 Of the gold, the siluer, and the brasse, and the yron, [there is] no number. Arise therefore, and be doing, and the LORD be with thee.

He chargeth the princes to assist his son.

1 Chronicles 22:17 Dauid also commanded all the Princes of Israel to helpe Solomon his sonne, [saying], 1 Chronicles 22:18 Is not the LORD your God with you? and hath he [not] giuen you rest on euery side? for he hath giuen the inhabitants of the land into mine hand, and the land is subdued before the LORD, and before his people. 1 Chronicles 22:19 Now set your heart and your soule to seeke the LORD your God: arise therfore, and build ye the Sanctuary of the LORD God, to bring the Arke of the Couenant of the LORD, & the holy vessels of God, into the house that is to be built to the Name of the LORD.

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