1611 King James Bible

2 Chronicles 13

Abijah succeeding maketh war against Jeroboam.

2 Chronicles 13:1 Nowe in the eighteenth yeere of king Ieroboam, began Abiiah to reigne ouer Iudah. 2 Chronicles 13:2 He reigned three yeres in Ierusalem: (his mothers name also [was] Michaiah the daughter of Uriel of Gibea:) and there was warre between Abiiah and Ieroboam. 2 Chronicles 13:3 And Abiiah set the battel in aray with an army of valiant men of warre, euen foure hundred thousand chosen men: Ieroboam also set the battell in aray against him with eight hundred thousand chosen men, being mightie men of valour.

He declareth the right of his cause.

2 Chronicles 13:4 And Abiiah stood vp vpon mount Zemaraim, which [is] in mount Ephraim, and sayde, Heare mee thou Ieroboam, and all Israel: 2 Chronicles 13:5 Ought you not to know, that the LORD God of Israel gaue the kingdome ouer Israel to Dauid for euer, [euen] to him and to his sonnes by a couenant of salt? 2 Chronicles 13:6 Yet Ieroboam the sonne of Nebat, the seruant of Solomon the sonne of Dauid, is risen vp, and hath rebelled against his Lord. 2 Chronicles 13:7 And there are gathered vnto him vaine men the children of Belial, and haue strengthened themselues against Rehoboam the sonne of Solomon, when Rehoboam was young, & tender hearted, and could not withstand them. 2 Chronicles 13:8 And now ye thinke to withstand the kingdome of the LORD, in the hand of the sonnes of Dauid, and ye [be] a great multitude, and [there are] with you golden calues, which Ieroboam made you for gods. 2 Chronicles 13:9 Haue yee not cast out the Priests of the LORD the sonnes of Aaron, and the Leuites, and haue made you priests after the maner of the nations of [other] lands? so that whosoeuer commeth to consecrate himselfe with a young bullocke and seuen rammes, the same may be a priest of [them] that are no gods. 2 Chronicles 13:10 But as for vs, the LORD [is] our God, and wee haue not forsaken him, and the Priests [which] minister vnto the LORD, [are] the sonnes of Aaron, and the Leuites [waite] vpon [their] businesse. 2 Chronicles 13:11 And they burne vnto the LORD euery morning, and euery euening, burnt sacrifices and sweete incense: the [shew] -bread also [set they] in order vpon the pure table, and the Candlesticke of golde with the lampes therof, to burne euery euening: for we keepe the charge of the LORD our God, but yee haue forsaken him. 2 Chronicles 13:12 And behold, God [himselfe is] with vs for [our] captaine, and his Priests with sounding trumpets to cry alarme against you: O children of Israel, fight ye not against the LORD God of your fathers, for you shall not prosper.

Trusting in God he overcometh Jeroboam.

2 Chronicles 13:13 But Ieroboam caused an ambushment to come about behinde them: so they were before Iudah, and the ambushment [was] behind them. 2 Chronicles 13:14 And when Iudah looked backe, behold, the battel [was] before and behind; and they cried vnto the LORD, and the Priests sounded with the trumpets. 2 Chronicles 13:15 Then the men of Iudah gaue a shout: and as the men of Iudah shouted, it came to passe that God smote Ieroboam and all Israel, before Abiiah and Iudah. 2 Chronicles 13:16 And the children of Israel fled before Iudah: and God deliuered them into their hand. 2 Chronicles 13:17 And Abiiah and his people slew them with a great slaughter: so there fel downe slaine of Israel, fiue hundred thousand chosen men. 2 Chronicles 13:18 Thus the children of Israel were brought vnder at that time, and the children of Iudah preuailed, because they relied vpon the LORD God of their fathers. 2 Chronicles 13:19 And Abiiah pursued after Ieroboam, & tooke cities from him, Beth-el with the townes thereof, and Ieshanah with the townes thereof, and Ephrain with the townes thereof. 2 Chronicles 13:20 Neither did Ieroboam recouer strength againe in the dayes of Abiiah: and the LORD strooke him, & he died.

The wives and children of Abijah.

2 Chronicles 13:21 But Abiiah waxed mighty, and married fourteene wiues, and begate twentie and two sonnes, and sixteene daughters. 2 Chronicles 13:22 And the rest of the acts of Abiiah, and his waies, and his sayings, [are] written in the story of the Prophet Iddo.

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