Bishops' Bible

1 Chronicles 7

The sons of Issachar,

1 Chronicles 7:1 The sonnes of Isachar: Thola, Phua, Iasub, Simron, foure. 1 Chronicles 7:2 And ye sonnes of Thola: Uzzi, Rephaia, Ieriel, Iamai, Iebsam, and Sehmuel, which were heades in the housholdes of their fathers. Of Thola [ther were] men of might in their generations, whose number [was] in the daies of Dauid two & twentie thousande and sixe hundred. 1 Chronicles 7:3 The sonnes of Uzzi: Izrahia. The sonnes of Izrahia, Michael, Obadia, Ioel, & Iesiah, fiue men, all captaynes. 1 Chronicles 7:4 And with them in their generations after the houshold of their fathers, were sixe and thirtie thousande souldiers and valiaunt men of warre: For they had many wyues and sonnes. 1 Chronicles 7:5 And their brethren among all the kinredes of Isachar were valiaunt men of warre, reckened in all by their genealogies fourescore and seuen thousande.

of Benjamin,

1 Chronicles 7:6 [The sonnes] of Beniamin: Bela, Becher, and Iediel, three. 1 Chronicles 7:7 The sonnes of Bela: Ezbon, Uzzi, Uzziel, Ierimoth, & Iri, fiue heades of the houshold of their fathers, men of might, and were reckenened by their genealogies twentie and two thousand and thirtie and foure. 1 Chronicles 7:8 The sonnes of Becher: Zemira, Ioas, Eliezer, Elionai, Omri, Ieremoth, Abia, Anathoth, and Alamath: All these are the children of Becher. 1 Chronicles 7:9 And the number of them after their genealogie and generations, & captaynes of the housholdes of their fathers, men of might [were] twentie thousande and two hundred. 1 Chronicles 7:10 The sonnes of Iediel: Bilhan. The sonnes of Bilhan: Ieus, Beniamin, Ehud, and Chanaana, Zethan, Tharsis, and Ahisahar. 1 Chronicles 7:11 All these are the sonnes of Iediel, auncient heades and men of warre, seuenteene thousande and two hundred, that went out harnessed to battayle. 1 Chronicles 7:12 And Suppim and Huppim were the children of Ir: and the Husites were the children of Aher.

of Naphtali,

1 Chronicles 7:13 The sonnes of Nephthali: Iahziel, Guni, Iezer, and Sallum, the children of Bilha.

of Manasseh,

1 Chronicles 7:14 The sonnes of Manasse: Azriel, whom his wife bare vnto him: But Aramiah his concubine bare Machir the father of Gilead. 1 Chronicles 7:15 And Machir toke wyues for Huppim, and Suppim: And the name of his sister was Maacha, and the name of an other sonne was Zelophahad: and Zelophahad had daughters. 1 Chronicles 7:16 And Maacha the wyfe of Machir bare a sonne, and called his name Pherez: and the name of his brother was Zeres, and his sonnes were Ulam, and Recem. 1 Chronicles 7:17 The sonnes of Ulam: Bedam. These are the sonnes of Gilead, the sonne of Machir, the sonne of Manasse: 1 Chronicles 7:18 And his sister Molecath bare Ieshud, Abieser, and Mahelah. 1 Chronicles 7:19 And the sonnes of Semida, were: Ahia, Sechem, Lichi, and Aniham.

and of Ephraim.

1 Chronicles 7:20 The sonnes of Ephraim: Suthalah, whose sonne was Bered, and Thahah his sonne, and his sonne Eladah, and Thahah his sonne,

The calamity of Ephraim by the men of Gath.

1 Chronicles 7:21 And Sabad his sonne, and Suthelah his sonne, and Eser, and Elead: And the men of Gath that were borne in that lande, slue them, because they were come downe to take away their cattell. 1 Chronicles 7:22 And Ephraim their father mourned many a day, and his brethren came to comfort hym.

Beriah is born.

1 Chronicles 7:23 And when he went in to his wyfe, she conceaued and bare him a sonne, and he called the name of it Beria, because it went euyll with his housholde,

The sons of Ephraim.

1 Chronicles 7:24 And his daughter was Seera, which buylt Bethhoron the neather and also the vpper, and Uzan Seera, 1 Chronicles 7:25 And Raphah was his sonne: whose sonne was Reseph, and Thelah, whose sonne was Thaham, 1 Chronicles 7:26 And his sonne Ladan, and his sonne Amihud, and his sonne Elisama, 1 Chronicles 7:27 And his sonne Nun, and his sonne Iosuah.

Ephraim's habitations.

1 Chronicles 7:28 Their possessions and habitations was in Bethel, and the townes that longed thereto, & vnto the east of Naeram, and on the west syde of Gazer with the townes thereof, Sichem and the townes thereof, Adaia and the townes therof, 1 Chronicles 7:29 And a long by the borders of the children of Manasse, Bethsean and her townes, Thaanach and her townes, Megiddo and her townes, and Dor and her townes: In those dwelt the children of Ioseph the sonne of Israel.

The sons of Asher.

1 Chronicles 7:30 The sonnes of Aser: Iunna, Iesua, Isui, and Beria, and Serah their sister. 1 Chronicles 7:31 The sonnes of Beria, Heber, and Melchiel, which is the father of Birsaith. 1 Chronicles 7:32 And Heber begat Iaphlet, Somer, Hotham, and Sua was their sister. 1 Chronicles 7:33 The sonnes of Iaphlet: Pasah, Bimhal, & Asuah: These are the children of Iaphlet. 1 Chronicles 7:34 The sonnes of Semer: Ahi, Rohga, Iehubba, and Aram. 1 Chronicles 7:35 And the sonnes of his brother Helem: Zophah, Iimna, Seles, and Amal. 1 Chronicles 7:36 The sonnes of Zophah: Suah, Harnepher, Sual, Beri, and Iimrah, 1 Chronicles 7:37 Bezer, Hod, Samma, Silsa, Iethran, and Beera. 1 Chronicles 7:38 The sonnes of Iether: Iephune, Pispa, and Ara. 1 Chronicles 7:39 The sonnes of Olla: Areh, Haniel, and Rezia. 1 Chronicles 7:40 Al these were the children of Aser, and heades of their fathers house, noble men, and mightie head captaynes: The number throughout the genealogie of them that were apt to the warre and battel, was twentie and sixe thousande men.

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