Bishops' Bible

Amos 2

God's wrath against Moab,

Amos 2:1 Thus sayth the Lorde, For three wickednesses of Moab, & for foure I will not spare him: because he burnt the bones of the king of Edom into lime. Amos 2:2 Therfore will I send a fire into Moab, which shal consume the palaces of Carioth, and Moab shall die with tumult, with showting, and with the sounde of the trumpet. Amos 2:3 And I will cut of the iudge out of the mids therof, and wil slay all the princes therof with him, sayth the Lorde.

upon Judah,

Amos 2:4 Thus sayth the Lorde, For three wickednesses of Iuda, and for foure I will not spare hym: because they haue cast away the lawe of the Lord, and haue not kept his ordinaunces, and their lies caused them to erre, after the which their fathers walked. Amos 2:5 Therfore will I send a fire into Iuda, which shall consume the palaces of Hierusalem:

and upon Israel.

Amos 2:6 Thus sayth the Lorde, For three wickednesses of Israel, and for foure I wil not spare hym: because they solde the righteous for siluer, and the poore for a paire of shoes. Amos 2:7 They gape for breath ouer the head of the poore in the dust of the earth, & peruert the way of the meke: A man and his father will go in to one mayde, to dishonour my holy name. Amos 2:8 And they lye vpon clothes layde to pledge by euery aulter: and in the house of their god, they drinke the wine of the condempned.

God complaineth of their unfaithfulness.

Amos 2:9 Yet destroyed I the Amorite before them, whose heyght was like the height of the Cedar trees, and he was strong as the okes: notwithstanding I destroyed his fruite from aboue, and his roote from beneath. Amos 2:10 Also I brought you vp from the lande of Egypt, & led you fourtie yeres thorow the wildernesse, to possesse the lande of the Amorites. Amos 2:11 And I raysed vp of your sonnes for prophetes, and of your young men for Nazarites: Is it not euen thus, O ye children of Israel, sayth the Lorde? Amos 2:12 But ye gaue the Nazarites wine to drinke, and commaunded the prophetes, saying, Prophecie not. Amos 2:13 Beholde, I am pressed vnder you, as a cart is pressed that is full of sheaues. Amos 2:14 Therfore the flight shall perishe from the swift, and the strong shal not strengthen his force, neither shall the mightie saue his life. Amos 2:15 Nor he that handleth the bowe shall stande, nor he that is swift of foote shall escape, neither shall he that rydeth the horse, saue his life. Amos 2:16 And he that is of mightie courage among the strong men, shal flee away naked in that day, sayth the Lorde.

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