Bishops' Bible

Isaiah 1

Isaiah complaineth of Judah for her rebellion.

Isaiah 1:1 The vision of Esai ye sonne of Amos, which he sawe vpon Iuda and Hierusalem, in the dayes of Uzia & Ioathan, Ahaz and Iehezekiah, kinges of Iuda. Isaiah 1:2 Heare O heauens, and hearken O earth: for the Lorde hath spoken, I haue norished and brought vp children, and they haue done vnfaithfully against me. Isaiah 1:3 The oxe hath knowen his owner, and the asse his maisters cribbe: [but] Israel hath not knowen, my people hath geuen no heede. Isaiah 1:4 Ah sinnefull nation, a people laden with iniquitie, a seede of the wicked, corrupt children: they haue forsaken the Lorde, they haue prouoked the holy one of Israel vnto anger, they are gone backwarde.

He lamenteth her judgments.

Isaiah 1:5 Why shoulde ye be stricken any more? [for] ye are euer fallyng away: euery head is diseased, and euery heart heauy: Isaiah 1:6 From the sole of the foote vnto the head there is nothyng sounde in it: [but] woundes, blaynes, and putrifiyng sore: they haue not ben salued, neither wrapped vp, neither molified with the oyntment. Isaiah 1:7 Your lande is wasted, your cities are burnt vp, straungers deuour your lande before your face, and it is made desolate, as it were the destruction of enemies [in the tyme of warre.] Isaiah 1:8 And the daughter of Sion shalbe left as a cotage in a vineyarde, lyke a lodge in a garden of Cucumbers, lyke a besieged citie. Isaiah 1:9 Except the Lorde of hoastes had left vs a small remnaunt, we shoulde haue ben as Sodoma, & lyke vnto Gomorra.

He upbraideth their whole service.

Isaiah 1:10 Heare the worde of the Lord ye lordes of Sodoma, and hearken vnto the lawe of our God thou people of Gomorra. Isaiah 1:11 Why offer ye so many sacrifices to me, wyll the Lorde say? I am full of the burnt offeringes of weathers, & of the fatnesse of fed beastes, I haue no pleasure in the blood of bullockes, lambes, and goates. Isaiah 1:12 When ye come to appeare before me treadyng in my courtes, who hath required this at your handes? Isaiah 1:13 Offer me no mo oblations, for it is but lost labour: incense is an abhominable thyng vnto me, I may not away with your newe moones, your sabbathes & solempne meetynges, your solempne assemblies are wicked. Isaiah 1:14 I hate your newe moones and appoynted feastes euen from my very heart, they make me weery, I can not abyde them. Isaiah 1:15 When you holde out your handes, I wyll turne myne eyes from you: and though ye make many prayers, yet I wyll heare nothyng at all, seyng your handes are full of blood.

He exhorteth to repentance, with promises and threatenings.

Isaiah 1:16 Washe you, make you cleane, put away your euyll thoughtes out of my syght: ceasse from doyng of euyll, Isaiah 1:17 Learne to do well, applie your selues to equitie, deliuer the oppressed, helpe the fatherlesse to his ryght, let the widdowes complaynt come before you: Isaiah 1:18 And then go to, saith the Lorde, let vs talke together: though your sinnes be as red as scarlet, they shalbe as whyte as snowe: and though they were lyke purple, they shalbe as whyte as wooll. Isaiah 1:19 If ye be wyllyng and obedient, ye shal eate the good of the lande: Isaiah 1:20 But yf ye be obstinate and rebellious, ye shalbe deuoured with the sworde: for the mouth of the Lord hath spoken [it.]

Bewailing their wickedness, he denounceth God's judgments.

Isaiah 1:21 Howe happeneth it then that the righteous citie which was full of equitie, is become vnfaythfull as a whore? Righteousnesse dwelt in it, but nowe murtherers. Isaiah 1:22 Thy siluer is turned to drosse, and thy wine mixt with water. Isaiah 1:23 Thy princes are wicked, and companions of theeues: they loue gyftes altogether, and gape for rewardes: As for the fatherlesse they helpe hym not to his ryght, neither wyll they let the widdowes causes come before them. Isaiah 1:24 Therfore saith the Lorde God of hoastes, the mightie one of Israel: Ah I must ease me of mine enemies, and auenge me of mine aduersaries:

He promiseth grace,

Isaiah 1:25 And I shall lay my hande vpon thee, and purely purge away thy drosse, and take away all thy tinne: Isaiah 1:26 And set thy iudges agayne as they were sometyme, and thy senatours as they were from the begynnyng: and then thou shalt be called the ryghteous citie, the faythfull citie. Isaiah 1:27 Sion shalbe redeemed with equitie, and her conuertes with righteousnesse.

and threateneth destruction to the wicked.

Isaiah 1:28 But the transgressours, and the vngodly, and such as forsake the Lorde, shall altogether be vtterly destroyed. Isaiah 1:29 For ye shalbe confounded for the trees which ye haue desired: and ye shalbe ashamed of the gardens that ye haue chosen. Isaiah 1:30 For ye shalbe as a tree whose leaues are fallen away, and as a garden that hath no moystnesse. Isaiah 1:31 And the very strong one [of your idols] shalbe as towe, and the maker of it as a sparke [of fire] and they shal both burne together, and no man quenche them.

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