Bishops' Bible

Isaiah 33

God's judgment against the enemies of his Church.

Isaiah 33:1 Wo to thee that destroyest when thou wast not destroyed, thou breakest ye league where as none hath broken it with thee: for when thou shalt leaue destroying, thou thy selfe shalt be destroyed: and when thou ceassest from breakyng the league, then shall they breake it to thee. Isaiah 33:2 O Lorde haue mercie vpon vs, we haue put our whole trust in thee: be an arme to such early, and our health in the tyme of trouble. Isaiah 33:3 At that confuse noyse the people fled, and at thine exaltyng the heathen were scattered. Isaiah 33:4 And the spoyles shalbe gathered, which shalbe yours, as are the gathetheryng of Bruchus, and the multitude goyng to it shalbe as Locustes, running to and fro. Isaiah 33:5 The Lorde is exalted, for it is he that dwelleth on hye, he hath fylled Sion with iudgement and rygteousnesse. Isaiah 33:6 And a sure stablishyng of thy tymes, shalbe strength, health, wisdome, and knowledge: and the very feare of the Lorde shalbe the treasure of it. Isaiah 33:7 Beholde the messengers shall crye without: and the embassadours of peace shall weepe bitterly. Isaiah 33:8 Their streetes are waste, there walketh no man therin: God hath broken the appoyntment, the cities are cast away, and men are nothyng regarded. Isaiah 33:9 The desolate earth is in heauinesse, Libanus is shamed and hewen downe, Saron is like a wildernesse, Basan and Charmel are spoyled of their fruites. Isaiah 33:10 And therfore saith the Lorde, I wyll vp nowe, nowe wyll I be aduaunced, nowe wyll I be exalted. Isaiah 33:11 Ye shall conceaue stubble, and beare strawe: and your spirite shalbe the fire, that it may consume you. Isaiah 33:12 And the people shalbe burnt like lime, and as thornes burnt that are hewen of and cast in the fire.

The privileges of the godly.

Isaiah 33:13 Nowe hearken to ye that are farre of howe I haue done, and consider my power ye that are at hande. Isaiah 33:14 The sinners at Sion are afrayde, a sodayne fearefulnesse is come vpon the hypocrites: What is he among vs say they that shall dwell by the consumyng fire? Which of vs may abyde the euerlasting heate? Isaiah 33:15 He that leadeth a godly life, and speaketh the trueth, he that abhorreth gaynes by violence and deceipt, he that kepeth his hande that he touche no rewarde, which stoppeth his eares that he heare no counsayle agaynst the innocent blood, which holdeth downe his eyes that he see no euyll: Isaiah 33:16 He it is that shall dwell on hye, whose safegarde shalbe in a bulwarke of rockes: to hym shalbe geuen meate, and his waters shall not fayle. Isaiah 33:17 Thine eyes shall see the kyng in his glorie, euen the kyng of the farre countreys shall they see. Isaiah 33:18 Thine heart studied for feare thinking thus: What shall then become of the scribe? of the receauer of our money? what of hym that taxed our fairest houses? Isaiah 33:19 There shalt thou not see a cruel people of a straunge tongue, to haue so diffused a language that it may not be vnderstanded, neither so straunge a speache but it shalbe perceaued. Isaiah 33:20 Loke vpon Sion the head citie of our solempne feastes: thyne eyes shall see Hierusalem that glorious habitation, the tabernacle that neuer shall remoue, whose nayles shall neuer be taken out worlde without ende, whose cordes euery one shall neuer corrupt. Isaiah 33:21 For the glorious maiestie of the Lorde shall there be present among vs as a place where faire brode riuers and streames are, through the which shall neither galley rowe nor great ship sayle. Isaiah 33:22 For the Lorde is our iudge, the Lord is our lawe geuer, the Lord is our king, and he hym selfe shalbe our sauiour. Isaiah 33:23 Thy tacklyng is loosed, therfore it can not make fast the mast, nor spread the sayle: then there is dealed great spoyle, yea lame men runne after the pray. Isaiah 33:24 There lyeth no man that saith, I am sicke: but all euyll is taken away from the people that dwell there.

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