Bishops' Bible

Job 11

Zophar reproveth Job for justifying himself.

Job 11:1 Then aunswered Sophar the Naamathite, and sayde; Job 11:2 Shoulde not [he that maketh] many wordes be aunswered? Shoulde he that bableth much be commended therin? Job 11:3 Shoulde thy lies make men holde their peace, and when thou mockest [others] shall no man make thee ashamed? Job 11:4 For thou hast sayde, my doctrine is pure, and I am cleane in thyne eyes. Job 11:5 But O that God woulde speake, and open his lippes against thee:

God's wisdom is unsearchable.

Job 11:6 That he might shewe thee the secretes of wysdome, howe thou hast deserued double according to right: Know therfore that God hath forgotten thee for thyne iniquitie. Job 11:7 Art thou able to finde out [the secretes of] God? Or wilt thou attayne to the perfectnesse of the almightie? Job 11:8 It is hier then heauen, what art thou able to do? deeper then the hel, how wilt thou then knowe it? Job 11:9 The measure of it is longer then the earth, and broder then the sea. Job 11:10 Though he turne all thinges vpsyde downe, close them in, gather them together, who will turne hym from his purpose? Job 11:11 For it is he that knoweth vayne men, he seeth their wickednesse also, shoulde he not then consider it? Job 11:12 Yet vayne man would be wyse, though man [newe] borne is lyke a wilde asses coulte.

The assured blessing of repentance.

Job 11:13 If thou preparedst thyne heart, and liftedst vp thyne handes towarde hym: Job 11:14 If thou wouldest put away the wickednes whiche thou hast in hande, so that no vngodlinesse dwell in thy house: Job 11:15 Then mightest thou lift vp thy face without shame, & then shouldest thou be sure and haue no neede to feare. Job 11:16 Then shouldest thou forget thy miserie, and thinke no more vpon it, then vpon the waters that runne by. Job 11:17 Then should thy lyfe be as cleare as the noone day, thou shouldest shine forth, and be as the morning. Job 11:18 Then mightest thou be bolde because there is hope, and take thy rest quietly, as compassed with a trenche. Job 11:19 Then mightest thou lye downe and none to make thee afrayde, yea many one should make suite vnto thee. Job 11:20 As for the eyes of the vngodly they shall faile, and they shal not escape: and their hope shalbe sorowe of minde.

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