Bishops' Bible

Job 21

Job sheweth that even in the judgment of man he hath reason to be grieved.

Job 21:1 Iob aunswered, and saide: Job 21:2 O heare diligently my wordes, and that shalbe in steede of your consolations, Job 21:3 Suffer me that I may speake, and when I haue spoken mocke on. Job 21:4 Is it for mans sake that I make this disputation? Which if it were so, shoulde not my spirite then be in sore trouble? Job 21:5 Marke me [well] and be abashed, and lay your hande vpon your mouth. Job 21:6 For when I consider [my selfe] I am afrayde, and my fleshe is smitten with feare.

Sometimes the wicked do so prosper, and they despise God.

Job 21:7 Wherefore do wicked men liue, come to their olde age, and increase in richesse? Job 21:8 Their children lyue in their sight, and their generation before their eyes. Job 21:9 Their houses are safe from all feare, and the rod of God is not vpon them. Job 21:10 Their bullocke gendreth and that not out of time, their cowe calueth and is not vnfruitfull. Job 21:11 They sende foorth their children by flockes, & their sonnes [leade the] daunce. Job 21:12 They beare with them tabrets and harpes, and reioyce in the sounde of the organs. Job 21:13 They spend their dayes in wealthines, but sodainely they go downe to the graue. Job 21:14 They say also vnto God: Go from vs, we desire not the knowledge of thy wayes. Job 21:15 Who is the almightie that we should serue him? And what profite should we haue if we should pray vnto him?

Sometimes their destruction is manifest.

Job 21:16 Lo, there is vtterly no goodnesse in their hande, therefore wyll I not haue to do with the counsaile of the vngodly. Job 21:17 How oft shall the candell of the wicked be put out, and their destruction come vpon them? O what sorowe shall God geue them for their part in his wrath? Job 21:18 Yea, they shalbe euen as hay before the winde, and as chaffe that the storme carieth away. Job 21:19 God wyll lay vp the sorowe of the father for his children: & when he rewardeth him, he shall know it. Job 21:20 Their owne miserie shal they see with their eyes, and drinke of the fearefull wrath of the almightie. Job 21:21 For what careth he for his house after his death, when the number of his monethes is cut short?

The happy and unhappy are alike in death.

Job 21:22 Seeing God hath the highest power of all, who can teache him any knowledge? Job 21:23 One dyeth in his full strength, being in all ease and prosperitie, Job 21:24 His breastes are full of milke, and his bones runne full of marowe. Job 21:25 Another dyeth in the bitternes of his soule, and neuer eateth with pleasure. Job 21:26 They shall sleepe both alyke in the earth, and the wormes shall couer them.

The judgment of the wicked is in another world.

Job 21:27 Beholde, I know what ye thinke, yea and the subtiltie that ye imagine against me. Job 21:28 For ye say where is the princes palace? and where is the dwelling of the vngodly? Job 21:29 Haue ye not asked them that go by the way? Doubtlesse ye cannot denie their tokens, Job 21:30 That the wicked is kept vnto the day of destruction, and the vngodly shalbe brought foorth to the day of wrath. Job 21:31 Who dare declare his way to his face? who wil rewarde him for that he doth? Job 21:32 Yet shall he be brought to his graue, and dwell among the heape [of the dead.] Job 21:33 Then shal the slymie valley be sweet vnto him, all men also must folowe him, as there are innumerable gone before him. Job 21:34 Howe vayne then is the comfort that ye geue me, seyng falshood remayneth in all your aunsweres?

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