Bishops' Bible

Job 32

Elihu is angry with Job and his three friends.

Job 32:1 So these three men ceassed to aunswere Iob, because he held him selfe a righteous man. Job 32:2 But Elihu the sonne of Barachel the Buzite, of the kinred of Ram, was very sore displeased at Iob, because he called hym selfe iust before God. Job 32:3 And with Iobs three friendes he was angry also, because they had founde no reasonable aunswere, and yet condempned Iob. Job 32:4 Nowe taried Elihu, till they had ended their comunication with Iob: for why? they were elder then he. Job 32:5 So when Elihu sawe that these three men were not able to make Iob aunswere, he was miscontent.

Because wisdom cometh not from age, he excuseth the boldness of his youth.

Job 32:6 Therfore Elihu the sonne of Barachel the Buzite aunswered, and sayde: [Considering that] I am young, and ye be men of age, I was afrayde, and durst not shewe foorth my mynde. Job 32:7 For I thought thus within my selfe: It becommeth old men to speake, and the aged to teache wysdome. Job 32:8 Euery man no doubt hath a mynde, but it is the inspiration of the almightie that geueth vnderstanding. Job 32:9 Great men are not alway wyse, neither doth euery aged man vnderstande the thing that is lawfull: Job 32:10 Therefore I say, heare me, and I wil shewe you also myne vnderstanding.

He reproveth them for not satisfying Job.

Job 32:11 For when I had wayted till ye made an end of your talking, and hearde your wysdome, what argumentes ye made in your communication, Job 32:12 Yea when I had diligently pondred what ye sayde, I found not one of you that made any good argument against Iob, that directly could make aunswere vnto his wordes, Job 32:13 Lest ye should say: We haue found out wisdome, God shall cast hym downe, and no man. Job 32:14 He hath not spoken vnto me, and I wil not aunswere hym as ye haue done. Job 32:15 For they were so abashed, that they coulde not make aunswere, nor speake one worde.

His zeal to speak.

Job 32:16 When I had wayted (for they spake not, but stoode still and aunswered no more:) Job 32:17 Then aunswered I in my turne, and I shewed myne opinion. Job 32:18 For I am full of matter, and the spirite within me compelleth me. Job 32:19 Beholde, my belly is as the wine, whiche hath no vent, lyke the newe bottels that bruste. Job 32:20 [Therfore] will I speake, that I may haue a bent: I will open my lippes, and make aunswere. Job 32:21 I will regarde no maner of person, no man will I spare. Job 32:22 For if I woulde go about to please men, I knowe not howe soone my maker would take me away.

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