Bishops' Bible

Joel 3

God's judgment against the enemies of his people.

Joel 3:1 For beholde, in those dayes and in that time when I shall bryng agayne the captiuitie of Iuda & Hierusalem, Joel 3:2 I wyll also gather all the gentiles, and cause them to come into the valley of Iehosaphat, and I will pleade with them there for my people and heritage Israel, which they haue scattered amongst the nations, and haue parted my lande. Joel 3:3 And thei haue cast lottes for my people, and chaunged the boy for an harlot, and solde the gyrle for wine, that they might drynke. Joel 3:4 And what haue you to do with me O Tyre and Sidon, and all the coastes of Palestine? wyll ye render me recompence? and if you recompence me, I shal swiftly [and] speedyly returne your recompence vpon your owne heades. Joel 3:5 For ye haue taken my siluer and my golde, my pleasaunt & pretious thinges, & haue caryed them into your temples. Joel 3:6 You haue solde also the children of Iuda and the children of Hierusalem to the Gretians, that you might send them farre from their owne countrey. Joel 3:7 Beholde, I will rayse them out of that place whither you haue solde them, and wyll returne your recompence vpon your owne heades. Joel 3:8 And I wyll sell your sonnes and your daughters into the handes of the children of Iuda, and they shall sell them vnto the Sabeans, to a nation that dwelleth farre of: for the Lorde hath spoken it.

God will be known in his judgment.

Joel 3:9 Publishe this thyng among the gentiles, proclayme warre, wake vp the mightie men, let all the men of warre drawe neare and come vp. Joel 3:10 Breake your plowe shares into swordes, and your sithes into speares, let the weake say, I am strong. Joel 3:11 Assemble your selues and come all you heathen, and gather your selues together rounde about, there shall the Lord cast downe thy mightie men. Joel 3:12 Let the heathen arise and come vp to the valley of Iehosaphat: for there will I sit to iudge all nations rounde about. Joel 3:13 Put in your sithes, for ye haruest is ripe: come ye [and] descende, for the wine presse is full, [yea] the presses ouerflowe: for their wickednesse is multiplied. Joel 3:14 O people, people [come] into the valley of finall iudgement: for the day of the Lorde is at hande in the valley of finall iudgement. Joel 3:15 The sunne and the moone shalbe darkned, and the starres shall withdrawe their light. Joel 3:16 The Lord also shall rose out of Sion, and out of Hierusalem shall he geue his voyce, the heauens and the earth shall shake: but the Lorde wyll be the hope of his people, and the strength of the children of Israel. Joel 3:17 So shall you knowe that I am the Lorde your God dwellyng in Sion my holy mountayne: then shall Hierusalem be holy, and there shall no straungers passe through here any more.

His blessing upon the Church.

Joel 3:18 And in that day shall the mountaynes drop downe sweete wine, and the hylles shall flowe with mylke, & all the riuers of Iuda shall runne with water, and a fountayne shall come out of the house of the Lorde, and shall water the valley of Sittim. Joel 3:19 Egypt shalbe waste, and Edom shalbe a desolate wildernesse: for the iniuries [done] to the children of Iuda: because they haue shed innocent blood in their lande. Joel 3:20 But Iuda shal dwel for euermore, and Hierusalem from generation to generation. Joel 3:21 I wil also clense the blood of them [that] I haue not clensed, and the Lord dwelleth in Sion.

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