Bishops' Bible

Psalms 107

The psalmist exhorteth the redeemed, in praising God, to observe his manifold providence,

Psalms 107:1 Confesse you [it] vnto God: for he is gratious, and his mercy endureth for euer. Psalms 107:2 Let such as God did redeme speake: whom he hath redeemed from the hande of the enemie. Psalms 107:3 And whom he gathered out of the landes: from the east and from the west, from the north and from the south.

over travelers,

Psalms 107:4 They went astray out of the way in solitarines [and] in wildernes, and found no citie to dwell in: Psalms 107:5 they were hungry and thirstie, their soule fainted in them. Psalms 107:6 And they cry vnto god in their trouble: who deliuereth them from their distresse. Psalms 107:7 And he leadeth them foorth by the right way: that they might go to the citie inhabited. Psalms 107:8 O that men would confesse vnto God his louyng kindnesse: and his marueylous actes [done] to the chyldren of men. Psalms 107:9 For he satisfieth the greedie soule: and filleth the hungry soule with goodnes.

over captives,

Psalms 107:10 Suche as sit in darknesse and in the shadowe of death: beyng fast bounde in miserie and iron. Psalms 107:11 Because they went from the wordes of the Lorde: and lightly regarded the counsayle of the most highest. Psalms 107:12 Therfore he humbled their heart thorowe heauines: they fall downe, and there is none to helpe them. Psalms 107:13 And they cry vnto god in their trouble: who deliuereth the out of their distresse. Psalms 107:14 For he bringeth them out of darknesse and out of the shadowe of death: and breaketh their bondes in sunder. Psalms 107:15 O that men would confesse vnto God: his louing kindnes and his marueylous actes [done] to the chyldren of men. Psalms 107:16 For he breaketh the gates of brasse: & smyteth the barres of iron in sunder.

over sick men,

Psalms 107:17 Foolish men are plagued for their mischeuous wayes: & for their wickednes. Psalms 107:18 Their soule abhorreth all maner of meate: and they be euen harde at deathes doore. Psalms 107:19 And they crye vnto God in their trouble: who deliuereth them out of their distresse. Psalms 107:20 he sendeth his worde & healeth them: and he maketh them to scape safe from their corruptnes. Psalms 107:21 O that men would confesse vnto God: his louing kindnes and his marueylous actes [done] to the chyldren of men. Psalms 107:22 And that they would offer [vnto him] sacrifices of thankes geuing: and set foorth in wordes his workes with a ioyfull noyse.

over seamen,

Psalms 107:23 Such as go downe to the sea in ships and folowe their busines in great waters: Psalms 107:24 they see the workes of God, and his wonders in the deepe. Psalms 107:25 For he commaundeth and causeth a stormie winde to arise: and he lifteth vp on high his waues. Psalms 107:26 [Then] they ascende vp to heauen, and come downe agayne to the deepe: so that their soule melteth away through trouble. Psalms 107:27 They reele to and fro, and they do stacker like a drunken man: and their wysdome fayleth them. Psalms 107:28 And they cry vnto god in their trouble: who deliuereth the out of their distresse. Psalms 107:29 For he maketh the storme to ceasse: so that the waues therof are still. Psalms 107:30 Then be they glad because they are at rest: and he bringeth them to the hauen where they woulde be. Psalms 107:31 O that men would confesse vnto god: his louyng kyndnes and meruaylous actes [done] to the chyldren of men. Psalms 107:32 And that they would exalt him in the congregation of the people: and prayse him in the consistorie of the aged.

and in divers varieties of life.

Psalms 107:33 He turneth fluddes into a wildernes: and waterspringes into a drye grounde. Psalms 107:34 He [maketh] a fruitfull grounde barren: for the wickednes of them that dwell therein. Psalms 107:35 [Contrary] he reduceth a wyldernes into a standing water: and a drye ground into water springes. Psalms 107:36 And he setteth there the hungry: and they buylde them a citie to dwell in. Psalms 107:37 And they sowe their lande and plant vineyardes: and they yelde [vnto them] aboundant store of fruites. Psalms 107:38 He blesseth them, so that they multiplie exceedingly: and he suffereth not their cattle to decrease. Psalms 107:39 But [when they do fall from God,] they are diminished & brought low: through oppression, calamitie, & griefe of minde. Psalms 107:40 He bringeth princes into contempt: & he maketh them to wander in a wildernesse where there is no way at all. Psalms 107:41 Yet he exalteth the poore out of miserie: and geueth him housholdes equall to flockes of cattell. Psalms 107:42 The righteous will marke [this] and reioyce: and the mouth of all wickednesse shalbe stopped. Psalms 107:43 Whosoeuer is wyse, he wyll both obserue these thinges: and also well consider the louing kindnesse of God.

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