Bishops' Bible

Psalms 132

David in his prayer commendeth unto God the religious care he had for the Ark.

Psalms 132:1 {A song of high degrees.} O God be mindfull of Dauid: with all his affliction. Psalms 132:2 Who swore vnto God: who made a vowe vnto the most mightie [Lorde] of Iacob. Psalms 132:3 [Saying] I wyll not enter into the tabernacle of my house: nor get vp into my bed. Psalms 132:4 I wyll not suffer myne eyes to slepe: nor myne eye liddes to slumber. Psalms 132:5 Untill I finde out a place for the temple of God: an habitation for the most mightie Lorde of Iacob. Psalms 132:6 Beholde, we hearde it to be at Ephratha: we founde it in the fieldes of the forest. Psalms 132:7 We wyll go into his tabernacle: and fall downe on our knees before his footestoole.

His prayer at the removing of the Ark,

Psalms 132:8 Aryse O God [for to come] into thy resting place: thou and the arke of thy strength. Psalms 132:9 Let thy priestes be clothed with righteousnes: and let thy saintes make a ioyfull noyse. Psalms 132:10 For thy seruaunt Dauids sake: turne not away [from] the face of thyne annoynted.

with a repetition of God's promises.

Psalms 132:11 God hath sworne for a trueth vnto Dauid, and he wyll not go from it: I wyll place vpon thy throne some of the fruite of thy body. Psalms 132:12 If thy chyldren wyll kepe my couenaunt and my testimonies whiche I wyll teache them: their chyldren also shall sit vpon thy throne for euermore. Psalms 132:13 For God hath chosen [to be in] Sion: he had a desire that it might be an habitation for hym. Psalms 132:14 This [is sayeth he] my rest for euer: heare I wyll dwell, for I haue a desire to it. Psalms 132:15 I wyll aboundauntly powre my blessinges vpon her victuals: and I wyll satisfie her poore with bread. Psalms 132:16 I wyll clothe her priestes with saluation: and her saintes shall make an exceeding ioyfull noyse. Psalms 132:17 I will make there the horne of Dauid to bud vp: I wyll ordayne a light for mine annoynted. Psalms 132:18 I wyll clothe his enemies with shame: but his crowne shall florishe vppon hym selfe.

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