Bishops' Bible

Psalms 58

David reproveth wicked judges,

Psalms 58:1 {To the chiefe musition, destroy not, a golden psalme of Dauid.} O ye that consult together, pronounce ye truely the thing that is iust? O ye sonnes of men iudge you according to equitie? Psalms 58:2 Nay, rather ye imagine mischiefe in your heart: your handes waygh as in a ballaunce wickednes vpon the earth.

describeth the nature of the wicked,

Psalms 58:3 The vngodly are straungers euen from their mothers wombe: assoone as they be borne, they go astray and speake a lye. Psalms 58:4 They haue poyson [within them] lyke to the poyson of a serpent: they be lyke the deafe adder that stoppeth her eares, Psalms 58:5 and wyll not heare the voyce of charmers, though he be neuer so skilfull in charming.

devoteth them to God's judgments,

Psalms 58:6 Breake their teeth O Lorde in their mouthes: smite a sunder the chawe bones of Lions O God. Psalms 58:7 Let them be dissolued as into water, let them come to naught of them selues: and when they shoote their arrowes, let them be as broken. Psalms 58:8 Let them creepe away lyke a snayle that foorthwith consumeth to naught: or lyke the vntimely fruite of a woman, let them not see the sunne. Psalms 58:9 As a greene thorne [kindled with fyre, goeth out] before your pottes be made whot: euen so let a furious rage bring him to naught.

whereat the righteous shall rejoice.

Psalms 58:10 The righteous wyll reioyce when he seeth the vengeaunce: he wyll washe his foote steppes in the blood of the vngodly. Psalms 58:11 And euery man shall say, veryly there is a rewarde for the righteous: doubtlesse there is a God that iudgeth in the earth.

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