Bishops' Bible

Psalms 78

An exhortation both to learn and to preach the Law of God.

Psalms 78:1 {A wise instruction of Asaph.} Heare my lawe O my people: enclyne your eares vnto the wordes of my mouth. Psalms 78:2 I wyll open my mouth in a parable: I wyll declare harde sentences of the olde tyme past. Psalms 78:3 Which we haue hearde and knowen: and such as our fathers haue tolde vs. Psalms 78:4 We wyll not hyde them from their children: nay we wyll set foorth in wordes to the generation to come, the prayses of God, and his myght and wonderfull workes that he hath done. Psalms 78:5 For he reuiued a statute in Iacob, and gaue Israel a lawe: in the whiche he commaunded our forefathers to teache their children. Psalms 78:6 To the intent the posteritie shoulde knowe it, [and] children whiche shalbe borne: that they shoulde ryse vp and declare it to their children. Psalms 78:7 That they shoulde put their trust in God, and not forget the workes of God: but kepe his commaundementes. Psalms 78:8 And that they be not as their forefathers [were] a rebellious and a mutable generation: a generation that directed not their heart aright, and whose spirite cleaued not stedfastly vnto God.

The story of God's wrath against the incredulous and disobedient.

Psalms 78:9 [Like as] the children of Ephraim, which beyng harnessed & carying bowes: turned their backes in the day of battayle. Psalms 78:10 They kept not the couenaunt of God: and they woulde not walke in his law. Psalms 78:11 But they forgat his workes: and his wonders which he had shewed them. Psalms 78:12 Marueylous thinges dyd he in the sight of their fathers: in the land of Egypt, in the fielde of Zoan. Psalms 78:13 He deuided the sea and let them go thorowe: he made the waters to stande as on an heape. Psalms 78:14 In the day time also he led them with a cloude: and all the night through with a light of fire. Psalms 78:15 He cloued the harde rockes in the wildernes: & gaue them drinke therof, as it had ben out of the great deepe waters. Psalms 78:16 He brought running streames out of a stonie rocke: and caused waters to gushe downe, like as out of riuers. Psalms 78:17 Yet for all this they sinned still against hym: so that they prouoked the most hyghest in the wildernesse. Psalms 78:18 And they temped god in their heartes: in requiring meate for their lust. Psalms 78:19 They spake against God: they said, can God prepare a table in the wildernesse? Psalms 78:20 Beholde, he hath smytten the stonie rocke, and waters haue gushed out, and streames haue flowed out aboundantly: but can he likewise geue bread, can he prouide fleshe for his people? Psalms 78:21 Wherefore God hearde [them,] he was wroth, a fire was kindled in Iacob: and there arose vp heauy displeasure against Israel. Psalms 78:22 Because they beleued not in the Lord: nor did put their trust in his saluation. Psalms 78:23 And yet he commaunded the cloudes aboue: and opened the doores of heauen. Psalms 78:24 He raigned downe Manna also vpon them, that they shoulde eate: and gaue them corne from heauen. Psalms 78:25 [So] man dyd eate the bread of angels: he sent them meate inough. Psalms 78:26 He remoued the east winde from vnder the heauen: and through his power he brought in the south winde. Psalms 78:27 He rained fleshe vpon them as thycke as dust: and fethered foules like as the sande of the sea. Psalms 78:28 He let it fall among their tentes: euen rounde about their pauilions. Psalms 78:29 So they dyd eate and were wel filled, for he gaue them their owne desire: neuerthelesse they were not alienated from their lust. Psalms 78:30 But whyle the meate was yet in their mouthes, the heauy wrath of God came vpon them, and slue the welthyest of them: and made the chosen men of Israel to stoupe. Psalms 78:31 For all this they sinned still: and beleued not his wonderous workes. Psalms 78:32 Therfore their dayes dyd he consume in vanitie: & their yeres in a short [troublous] time. Psalms 78:33 When he slue them, they sought hym: they repented them, and made God their morninges worke. Psalms 78:34 And they remembred that the Lorde was their rocke: & that the Lorde most hyghest was their redeemer. Psalms 78:35 Neuerthelesse they dyd but flatter him with their mouth: and they made hym a lye with their tongue. Psalms 78:36 For their heart was not vpright with him: neither continued they faythfull in his couenaunt. Psalms 78:37 Yet for all that he beyng most merciful: cleane pardoned all their misdeedes, and destroyed them not. Psalms 78:38 Yea many a tyme he dyd much for to represse his anger: and neuer woulde suffer his whole rage to breake out. Psalms 78:39 For he considered that they were but fleshe, and that they were euen a winde that passeth away & cometh not againe. Psalms 78:40 How oft dyd they prouoke hym in the wildernes: & greeued hym in the desert? Psalms 78:41 They turned backe and tempted the Lorde: and prescribed boundes to the most holy [God] of Israel. Psalms 78:42 They thought not of his hande: in the day when he redeemed them from the enemie. Psalms 78:43 Howe he had wrought his miracles in Egypt: and his wonders in the fielde of Zoan. Psalms 78:44 For he turned into blood their riuers & fluddes: so that they might not drinke. Psalms 78:45 He sent amongst them all kind of flyes who dyd eate them: and frogges who destroyed them. Psalms 78:46 He gaue their fruites vnto the caterpiller: & their labour to the grashopper. Psalms 78:47 He destroyed their vines with hayle stones: and their wilde figge trees with the harde frost. Psalms 78:48 He smote their cattell also with haylestones: and their flockes with thunder boltes. Psalms 78:49 He cast vpon them the rage of his furie, anger, disdayne, and trouble: by sending foorth euill angels amongst them. Psalms 78:50 He made away to his indignation, & spared not their soule from death: he gaue their lyfe to be subiect to the pestilence. Psalms 78:51 And he smote all the first borne of Egypt: the first fruites of concupiscence in the pauilions of Cham. Psalms 78:52 But as for his owne people, he led them foorth like sheepe: and conducted them through the wildernesse like a flocke of cattell. Psalms 78:53 He brought them out safely that they shoulde not feare: and ouerwhelmed their enemies with the sea. Psalms 78:54 And brought them within the borders of his sanctuarie: euen to this mountayne which his right hand purchased. Psalms 78:55 He dyd cast out the heathen also before them: he caused their land to be deuided among the for an heritage, & made the tribes of Israel to dwell in their tentes. Psalms 78:56 Neuerthelesse, they tempted and displeased the most hyghest Lorde: & kept not his testimonies. Psalms 78:57 They turned backewarde, and they went astray like their forefathers: they started aside like a bowe that breaketh. Psalms 78:58 For they stirred hym to anger with their hygh places: and prouoked him to ielousie with their carued images. Psalms 78:59 When the Lorde hearde this, he was wroth: & toke sore displeasure at Israel. Psalms 78:60 So that he forsoke the tabernacle in Silo: the pauilion [wherin] he dwelt amongst men. Psalms 78:61 He deliuered his force into captiuitie: and his glorie into the enemies hande. Psalms 78:62 He gaue also his people ouer to the sword: and was wroth with his inheritaunce. Psalms 78:63 Fire consumed his young men: and his maydens were not maryed. Psalms 78:64 His priestes were slayne with the sworde: and his wydowes made no lamentation. Psalms 78:65 But the Lorde awaked as though he had slept: like a giaunt making a triumphant noyse after wine. Psalms 78:66 He smote his enemies in the hynder parts: & put them to a perpetual shame.

The Israelites being rejected, God chose Judah, Zion, and David.

Psalms 78:67 He refused the tabernacle of Ioseph: and chose not the tribe of Ephraim. Psalms 78:68 But he chose the tribe of Iuda: euen the hill of Sion which he loued. Psalms 78:69 And there he buylded his temple on high: and layde the foundation of it like a grounde euer to continue. Psalms 78:70 He chose also Dauid his seruaunt: and toke hym away from the sheepefoldes. Psalms 78:71 As he was folowing the ewes great with young he toke hym: that he might feede Iacob his people, and Israel his inheritaunce. Psalms 78:72 So he fed them according to the simplicitie of his heart: and guided them by the discretion of his handes.

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