Bishops' Bible

Psalms 94

The prophet, calling for justice, complaineth of tyranny and impiety.

Psalms 94:1 O God the Lord of [all] auengeaunce: the Lorde of [all] auengeaunce shewe thy [glorious maiestie.] Psalms 94:2 Be exalted O thou iudge of the world: and rewarde the proude after their deseruyng. Psalms 94:3 O God howe long shall the vngodly: howe long shall the vngodly triumph? Psalms 94:4 All such as be workers of iniquitie: they babble, they prate shoutly, they make boastes of them selues. Psalms 94:5 They oppresse thy people O God: and they afflict thine heritage. Psalms 94:6 They murther the wyddowe and the straunger: & put the fatherlesse to death. Psalms 94:7 And they say, tushe the Lorde seeth it not: neither doth the God of Iacob vnderstande it.

He teacheth God's providence.

Psalms 94:8 Understande ye vnwyse among the people: O ye fooles, when wyll ye be well aduised? Psalms 94:9 He that hath planted the eare, shall he not heare? yf he shapeth the eye, shall he not see? Psalms 94:10 He that chasteneth the heathen, shall not he punishe? it is he that teacheth man knowledge. Psalms 94:11 God knoweth the thoughtes of man: that they are but vanitie.

He sheweth the blessedness of affliction.

Psalms 94:12 Blessed is the man O Lorde, whom thou wylt chasten: and whom thou wylt instruct in thy lawe. Psalms 94:13 That thou mayest geue hym patience in tyme of aduersitie: vntyll the pyt be digged vp for the vngodly. Psalms 94:14 For God wyll not reiect his people: neither wil he forsake his inheritaunce. Psalms 94:15 For iudgement shalbe reduced vnto iustice: and after it shall all such as be vpryght of heart [be iudged.]

God is the defender of the afflicted.

Psalms 94:16 Who will ryse vp with me agaynst the malicious? or who wyll take my part agaynst workers of wickednesse? Psalms 94:17 If God had not ben an ayde vnto me: it had not fayled much but my soule had dwelled in silence. Psalms 94:18 But when I sayde my foote hath slypped: thy mercy O God helde me vp. Psalms 94:19 In the multitude of my cogitations from the bottome of my heart: thy comfortes dyd recreate my soule. Psalms 94:20 Shall the seate of wickednesse haue any thyng to do with thee: which [seate] maketh wrong to be enacted for a law? Psalms 94:21 They flocke together agaynst the soule of the ryghteous: and condemne the innocent blood. Psalms 94:22 But God is to me a refuge: and my Lorde is the rocke of my confidence. Psalms 94:23 And he wyll recompence them their wickednesse, and destroy them in their owne malice: God our Lorde wyll destroy them.

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