Bishops' Bible

Zechariah 3

Under the type of Joshua, the restoration of the Church,

Zechariah 3:1 And he shewed me Iosua the hie priest standing before the angell of the Lord, and Satan stoode at his right hande to resist him. Zechariah 3:2 And the Lorde saide vnto Satan: The Lorde reproue thee thou Satan, yea the Lorde that hath chosen Hierusalem reproue thee: Is not this a brand taken out of the fire? Zechariah 3:3 Now Iosua was clothed in vncleane rayment, and stoode before the angel. Zechariah 3:4 And he aunswered & saide vnto those that stoode before him, Take away the foule clothes fro him. And vnto him he saide: Beholde, I haue taken away thy sinne from thee, and I wyll clothe thee with chaunge of rayment. Zechariah 3:5 And I saide, Let them set a fayre miter vpon his head: So they set a fayre miter vpon his head, & put on clothes vpon him, and the angell of the Lorde stoode there. Zechariah 3:6 Then the angell of the Lorde testified vnto Iosua, and spake, Zechariah 3:7 Thus saith the Lorde of hoastes: If thou wylt walke in my wayes, & keepe my watch, thou shalt iudge my house, & kepe my courtes, and I wyll geue thee place among these that stande here.

Christ the Branch is promised.

Zechariah 3:8 Heare O Iosua thou hie priest, thou & thy felowes that sit before thee, for they are monstruous persons: behold, I wyl bring foorth the braunche my seruaunt. Zechariah 3:9 For lo, the stone that I haue layde before Iosua, vpon one stone shalbe seuen eyes: beholde, I wyll cut out the grauing therof, saith the Lorde of hoastes, and I wyll take away the sinne of the lande in one day. Zechariah 3:10 In that day shall euery man call his neighbour vnder the vine, and vnder the figtree, saith the Lorde of hoastes.

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