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1 Chronicles 5

The line of Reuben (who lost his birthright) unto the captivity.

1 Chronicles 5:1 The children of Ruben the first sonne of Israel: for he was the first sonne, but because he defyled his fathers bed, therfore was his first byrthrighte geuen vnto the children of Ioseph the sonne of Israel, & he was not rekened to ye first byrthrighte: 1 Chronicles 5:2 for vnto Iuda which was mightie amonge his brethren, was geuen the pryncipalite before him, and the first byrthrighte vnto Ioseph. 1 Chronicles 5:3 The children now of Ruben the first sonne of Israel are these: Hanoch, Pallu, Hesron and Charmi. 1 Chronicles 5:4 The childre of Iohel were, Semaia, whose sonne was Gog, whose sonne was Semei, 1 Chronicles 5:5 whose sonne was Micha, whose sonne was Reaia, whose sonne was Baal, 1 Chronicles 5:6 whose sonne was Beera, whom Teglatphalasser the kynge of Assiria caried awaye presoner. He was a prynce amonge the Rubenites. 1 Chronicles 5:7 But his brethren amonge his kynreds (wha they were rekened amonge their generacion) had Ieiel and Sacharia to their heades. 1 Chronicles 5:8 And Bela the sonne of Asan the sonne of Sema, the sonne of Ioel, dwelt at Aroer, and vntyll Nebo & Baal Meon.

Their habitation and conquest of Hagarites.

1 Chronicles 5:9 And dwelt towarde ye East, as one cometh to the wyldernes by ye water Euphrates: for their catell were many in the londe of Gilead. 1 Chronicles 5:10 And in ye tyme of Saul they foughte agaynst ye Agarites, which fell thorow their hande, and they dwelt in their tentes towarde all the East parte of Gilead.

The chief men and habitations of Gad.

1 Chronicles 5:11 But the children of Gad dwelt ouer agaynst them in ye countre of Basan, vntyll Salcha. 1 Chronicles 5:12 Ioel the chefest, and Sapham the secode, Iaenai and Saphat at Basan. 1 Chronicles 5:13 And their brethren of the house of their fathers were, Michael, Mesullam, Seba, Iorai, Iaecan, Sia and Eber, these seuen. 1 Chronicles 5:14 These are the children of Abihail the sonne of Huri, the sonne of Iaroah, the sonne of Gilead, the sonne of Michael, the sonne of Iesisai, ye sonne of Iahdo, the sonne of Bus. 1 Chronicles 5:15 Ahi the sonne of Abdiel, the sonne of Guni was a ruler in ye house of their fathers, 1 Chronicles 5:16 and they dwelt at Gilead in Basan, and in ye vyllages therof, and in all the suburbes of Saron, vnto the vttemost partes therof. 1 Chronicles 5:17 All these were rekened in the tyme of Iotham the kynge of Iuda, and of Ieroboam the kynge of Israel.

The number and conquest of Reuben, Gad, and the half of Manasseh.

1 Chronicles 5:18 The children of Ruben, the Gaddites & the halfe trybe of Manasses (of soch as were fightinge men, which wayre shylde & swerde, and coulde bende the bowe, and were men of armes) were foure and fortye thousande and seuen hundreth and thre score, that wente forth to ye warre. 1 Chronicles 5:19 And whan they foughte agaynst ye Agarites, Ietur, Naphes and Nodab 1 Chronicles 5:20 helped them, and delyuered ye Agarites in to their handes, and all that was wt them: for they cried vnto God in ye batayll. And he herde them, because they put their trust in him. 1 Chronicles 5:21 And they caried awaie their catell, fyue thousande Camels, two hundreth & fyftie thousande shepe, two thousande Asses, and an hudreth thousande soules of men. 1 Chronicles 5:22 For there were many wounded, for why? the battayll was of God. And they dwelt in their steade, vntyll the tyme that they were caried awaye presoners.

The habitations and chief men of that tribe.

1 Chronicles 5:23 The childre of the halfe trybe of Manasses dwelt in ye londe from Basan forth vntyll Baal Hermon & Seuir, and mount Hermon: 1 Chronicles 5:24 for they were many. And these were ye heades of the house of their fathers, Epher, Iesei, Eliel, Asriel, Ieremia, Hodaneia, Iahdiel, mightie valeaunt men, & awncient heades in the house of their fathers.

Their captivity for their sin.

1 Chronicles 5:25 And wha they synned agaynst ye God of their fathers, and wente awhorynge after the goddes of the people of the londe, (whom God had destroyed before them) 1 Chronicles 5:26 the God of Israel stered vp the sprete of Phul the kynge of Assiria, and the sprete of Teglatphalassar the kynge of Assiria, and led awaye the Rubenites, Gaddites, and ye halfe trybe of Manasses, and broughte the vn Halah, and Habor, and Hara, and to the water of Gosan vnto this daye.

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