Coverdale Bible

1 Samuel 16

Samuel sent by God, under pretence of a sacrifice, cometh to Beth-lehem.

1 Samuel 16:1 And ye LORDE sayde vnto Samuel: How longe mournest thou for Saul, whom I haue refused, that he shulde not be kynge ouer Israel? Fyll thine horne with oyle, go thy waye, I wyll sende the to Isai the Bethleemite: for amonge his sonnes haue I prouyded me a kynge. 1 Samuel 16:2 But Samuel sayde: How shal I go? Saul shal perceaue it, and shal slaye me. The LORDE sayde: Take the a calfe from the droue, & saye: I am come to do sacrifice vnto ye LORDE. 1 Samuel 16:3 And thou shalt call Isai to ye sacrifice, so shall I tell the what thou shalt do, that thou mayest anoynte me him, whom I shall shewe the. 1 Samuel 16:4 Samuel dyd as the LORDE sayde, and came to Bethleem. Then were the Elders of the cite astonnyed, and wente forth to mete him, and sayde: Is thy commynge peaceable? 1 Samuel 16:5 He sayde: Yee. I am come to do sacrifice vnto the LORDE. Sanctifye youre selues, & come with me to the sacrifice. And he sanctified Isai and his sonnes, and called them to the sacrifice.

His human judgment is reproved.

1 Samuel 16:6 Now wha they came in, he behelde Eliab, & thoughte, whether he shulde be his anoynted before the LORDE. 1 Samuel 16:7 But ye LORDE sayde vnto Samuel: loke not vpon his countenaunce, ner vpon the tallnesse of his person, For I iudge not after the sighte of man. A man hath respecte vnto the thinge that is before his eyes, but the LORDE loketh vpon the hert. 1 Samuel 16:8 Then Isai called Abinadab, & broughte him before Samuel. And he sayde: This hath not the LORDE chosen. 1 Samuel 16:9 Then Isai broughte Samma. But he sayde: This also hath not the LORDE chosen. 1 Samuel 16:10 Then broughte Isai his seuen sonnes before Samuel. Neuertheles Samuel saide vnto Isai: The LORDE hath chosen none of these. 1 Samuel 16:11 And Samuel sayde vnto Isai: Are here all the childre? He sayde: There is yet one ye leest of all, and beholde, he kepeth the shepe. The sayde Samuel vnto Isai: Sende & cause him to be fetched, for we will not syt downe at the table, vntyll he come. 1 Samuel 16:12 Then sent he, & caused him be broughte. And he was well coloured wt fayre eyes & of a beutyfull countenaunce. And the LORDE saide: Aryse, and anoynte him, that is he.

He anointeth David.

1 Samuel 16:13 The toke Samuel his oyle horne, & anoynted him amonge his brethre. And the sprete of the LORDE came vpo Dauid fro ye daye forth. As for Samuel, he gat him vp, & wente vnto Ramath.

1 Samuel 16:14 But the sprete of the LORDE departed from Saul, and an euell sprete from ye LORDE vexed him. 1 Samuel 16:15 Then sayde Sauls seruauntes vnto him: Beholde, an euell sprete from God vexeth the. 1 Samuel 16:16 Let oure lorde saie vnto his seruauntes which stonde before him, yt they seke a man which can playe vpon the harpe, and instrumente, that whan the euell sprete of God cometh vpon the, he maye playe wt his hande, to ease the withall. 1 Samuel 16:17 Then sayde Saul vnto his seruautes: Prouyde me a ma, that can playe well vpon the instrumente, & brynge him vnto me. 1 Samuel 16:18 Then answered one of the children, & sayde: Beholde, I sawe a sonne of Isai ye Bethleemite, which can playe vpon the instrumete, an honest & valeaut man, and one yt hath vnderstodinge in matters, & is welfauoured.

Saul sendeth for David to quiet his evil spirit.

1 Samuel 16:19 The Saul sent messaungers vnto Isai, sayege: Sende me Dauid yi sonne, which is with the shepe. 1 Samuel 16:20 Then toke Isai an asse wt bred, & a bottell wt wyne, and a kyd, and sent it vnto Saul by Dauid his sonne. 1 Samuel 16:21 So Dauid came to Saul, & stode before him, & he loued him well, and he became his wapen bearer. 1 Samuel 16:22 And Saul sente vnto Isai, sayege: Let Dauid remayne before me, for he hath founde fauor in my sighte. 1 Samuel 16:23 Now whan the sprete of God came vpo Saul, Dauid toke ye harpe, & played wt his hande: so was Saul refresshed, & eased, & the euell sprete departed from him.

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