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Isaiah 2

Isaiah prophesieth the coming of Christ's Kingdom.

Isaiah 2:1 Morouer this is the worde that was opened vnto Esaye the sonne of Amos, vpon Iuda and Ierusalem. Isaiah 2:2 It will be also in processe of tyme: That the hill where the the house of the LORDE is buylded, shal be ye chefe amoge hilles, and exalted aboue al litle hilles. And al heithe shal prease vnto him and the multitude of people shall go vnto him, Isaiah 2:3 speakinge thus one to another: vp, let us go to the hill of the LORDE, and to the house of ye God of Iacob: yt he maye shewe us his waye, and yt we maye walke in his pathes. For ye lawe shal come out of Syon, and the worde of God from Ierusalem, Isaiah 2:4 and shal geue sentence amonge the heithen, and shal reforme the multitude of people: So that they shal breake their swerdes and speares, to make sythes, sycles & sawes therof. From that tyme forth shal not one people lift vp wapen agaynst another, nether shal they lerne to fight from thensforth. Isaiah 2:5 It is to the that I crie (o house of Iacob) vp, let us walke in the light of the LORDE.

Wickedness is the cause of God's forsaking.

Isaiah 2:6 But thou art scatred abrode with thy people (o house of Iacob) for ye go farre beyonde yor fathers, whether it be in Sorcerers) whom ye haue as the phylistynes had) or in calkers of mens byrthes, wherof ye haue to many. Isaiah 2:7 As soone as youre londe was ful of syluer and golde, and no ende of youre treasure: so soone as youre londe was ful of stronge horses and no ende of youre charettes: Isaiah 2:8 Inmediatly was it ful of Idols also, euen workes of youre owne hondes, which ye youre selues haue facioned, and youre fyngers haue made. Isaiah 2:9 There kneleth the man, there falleth the man downe before them, so yt thou canst not bringe him awaye from thence.

He exhorteth to fear, because of the powerful effects of God's majesty.

Isaiah 2:10 And therfore get ye soone in to some rock, vnd hyde the in the grounde from the sight of the fearful iudge, and from ye glory of his Magestie. Isaiah 2:11 Which casteth downe ye high lokes of presumptuous personnes, and bryngeth lowe the pryde of ma, and he only shall be exalted in ye daye. Isaiah 2:12 For the daye of ye LORDE of hostes shal go ouer all pryde & presumpcio, vpon all the that exalte the selues, and shal bringe them all downe? Isaiah 2:13 vpo all high & stoute Cedre trees of Libanus, and vpon all the okes of Basan, Isaiah 2:14 vpon all high hilles, and vpon all stoute mountaynes, Isaiah 2:15 vpon all costly towres, and vpon all stronge walles, Isaiah 2:16 vpon all shippes of the see, and vpon euery thinge yt is glorious and pleasaunt to loke vpon. Isaiah 2:17 And it shall bringe downe the pryde of man, and laye mans presumptuousnesse full lowe, and the LORDE shal only haue the victory in that daye. Isaiah 2:18 But the Idols shal utterly be roted out. Isaiah 2:19 Men shal crepe in to holes of stone, and in to caues of the earth, from the sight of the fearfull iudge, and from the glory of his magesty: what tyme as he shal make him vp to shake the earth. Isaiah 2:20 Then, the shal ma cast awaye his goddes of syluer and golde (which he neuertheles had made to honoure the) vnto Molles and Backes: Isaiah 2:21 that he maye the better crepe in to the caues and rockes, and in to the cliffes of hard stones, from ye sight of the fearful iudge and from the glory of his Magesty. Isaiah 2:22 Every man can eschue a persone moued in anger, for what doth he wysely?

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