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Jeremiah 13

In the type of a linen girdle, hidden at Euphrates, God prefigureth the destruction of his people.

Jeremiah 13:1 Morouer, thus saied the LORDE vnto me: go thy waye & get the a lynnen breche, and gyrde it aboute thy loynes, and let it not be wet. Jeremiah 13:2 Then I got me a brech, acordinge to the commaundemet of the LORDE, and put it aboute my loynes. Jeremiah 13:3 After this, the LORDE spake vnto me agayne: Jeremiah 13:4 Take the breche that thou hast prepared & put aboute the, and get the vp, and go vnto Euphrates, and hyde it in a hole off the rock. Jeremiah 13:5 So wet I, and hydde it, as the LORDE commaunded me. Jeremiah 13:6 And it happened longe after this, that the LORDE spake vnto me: Vp, and get the to Euphrates, and fet the breche from thence, which I commaunded the to hyde there. Jeremiah 13:7 Then went I to Euphrates, and digged vp, and toke the brech from the place where I had hyd it: and beholde, the brech was corrupte, so that it was profitable for nothinge. Jeremiah 13:8 Then sayde the LORDE vnto me: Jeremiah 13:9 Thus saieth the LORDE: Euen so will I corruppe the pryde off Iuda, and the hie mynde off Ierusale. Jeremiah 13:10 This people is a wicked people, they will not heare my worde, they folowe ye wicked ymaginacions off their owne hert, & hange vpon strauge goddes, the haue they serued & worshipped: and therfore they shalbe as this brech, that serueth for nothinge. Jeremiah 13:11 For as strately as a brech lieth vpon a mas loynes, so strately dyd I bynde ye whole house of Israel, and the whole house of Iuda vnto me, saieth the LORDE: that they might be my people: that they might haue a glorious name: yt they might be in honoure: but they wolde not obeye me.

Under the parable of the bottles filled with wine he foretelleth their drunkeness in misery.

Jeremiah 13:12 Therfore laye this ryddle before them, and saye: Thus saieth the LORDE God of Israel: euery pot shal be fylled with wyne. And they shal saye: thinkest thou we knowe not, yt euery pot shalbe fylled with wyne? Jeremiah 13:13 Then shalt thou saye vnto them: Thus saieth the LORDE: Beholde, I shal fyll all the inhabitours of this lode wt dronckenes, the kynges that syt vpo Dauids stole, the prestes and prophetes, with all yt dwell at Ierusalem. Jeremiah 13:14 And I will shute them one agaynst another, yee ye fathers agaynst the sonnes, saieth the LORDE. I wil not pardon them, I wil not spare them, ner haue pitie vpon them: but destroye them.

He exhorteth to prevent their future judgments.

Jeremiah 13:15 Be obedient, geue eare, take no disdayne at it, for it is the LORDE himself that speaketh. Jeremiah 13:16 Honoure ye LORDE youre God herein, or he take his light from you, and or euer youre fete stomble in darknesse at ye hill: lest whe ye loke for the light, he turne it in to ye shadowe and darknesse of death. Jeremiah 13:17 But yf ye wil not heare me, that geue you secrete warnynge, I will mourne fro my whole herte for youre stubburnesse. Piteously will I wepe, and the teares shall gushe out of myne eyes. For the LORDES flocke shal be caried awaye captiue. Jeremiah 13:18 Tell the kinge & the rulers: Humble yor selues, set you downe lowe, for ye crowne of yor glory shal fall from youre heade. Jeremiah 13:19 The cities towarde the south shalbe shut vp, & no man shal open the. All Iuda shal be caried awaye captyue, so that none shall remayne. Jeremiah 13:20 Lift vp youre eyes, and beholde the, that come from the North: Like a fat flocke shal they fall vpon the. Jeremiah 13:21 To whom wilt thou make thy mone, when they come vpon the? for thou hast taught the thy self, and made the masters ouer the. Shal not sorowe come vpo the, as on a woman trauelinge with childe?

He sheweth their abominations are the cause thereof.

Jeremiah 13:22 And yf thou woldest saye the in thine hert: Wherfore come these thinges vpo me? Eue for the multitude of thy blasphemies, shall thy hynder partes & thy fete be discouered. Jeremiah 13:23 For like as the man of Inde maye chaunge his skynne, & the cat of the mountayne hir spottes: so maye ye that be exercised in euell, do good. Jeremiah 13:24 Therfore will I scatre you, lyke as ye stobble that is take awaye with ye south wynde. Jeremiah 13:25 This shal be youre porcion, and the porcion of youre measure, wher with ye shalbe rewarded of me, saieth the LORDE: because ye haue forgotten me, and put youre trust in disceatful thinges. Jeremiah 13:26 Therfore shall I turne thy clothes ouer thy heade, and discouer thy thees, that thy preuyties maye be sene: Jeremiah 13:27 yi aduoutrie, thy deedly malice, thy beastlynes and thy shamefull whordome. For vpon the feldes and hilles I haue sene thy abhominacions. Wo be vnto the (o Ierusale) whe wilt thou euer be clensed enymore?

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