Coverdale Bible

Judges 13

Israel is in the hand of the Philistines.

Judges 13:1 And the children of Israel wroughte more euell before the LORDE, & the LORDE gaue them ouer into the hades of the Philistynes fortye yeares.

An angel appeareth to Manoah's wife.

Judges 13:2 But there was a man at Zarga, of one of ye kynreds of the Danites, named Manoah, and his wife was vnfrutefull & bare him no children. Judges 13:3 And the angell of the LORDE appeared vnto ye woman, & sayde vnto her: Beholde, thou art baren, & bearest not: but thou shalt conceaue, & beare a sonne. Judges 13:4 Take hede therfore, yt thou drynke no wyne ner stronge drynke, and yt thou eate no vncleane thinge, Judges 13:5 for thou shalt conceaue, and beare a sonne, vpo whose heade there shal come no rasoure: for ye childe shal be a Nazaree of God, euen from his mother wombe, and shall begynne to delyuer Israel out of the hande of the Philistynes.

Judges 13:6 Then came ye woman and tolde hir husbande, & sayde: There came a ma of God vnto me, & his proporcion was to loke vpon as an angell of God, very terrible, so yt I axed him not whence he came, & whither he wolde: nether tolde he me his name. Judges 13:7 But he sayde vnto me: beholde, thou shalt conceaue & beare a sonne: drynke no wyne therfore ner stroge drynke, & eate no vncleane thinge: for the childe shal be called a Nazaree of God, euen fro his mother wombe vnto his death.

The angel appeareth to Manoah.

Judges 13:8 Then Manoah prayed the LORDE, & sayde: Oh LORDE, let ye man of God whom thou hast sent, come to vs agayne, yt he maye enfourme vs what we shall do vnto the childe which shalbe borne. Judges 13:9 And God herde the voyce of Manoah, & the angell of God came to his wife agayne. But she sat in ye felde, and his husbade Manoah was not wt her. Judges 13:10 The ranne she in all the haist, & tolde hir husbande, & saide vnto him: beholde, ye man hath appeared vnto me, yt came to me to daye. Judges 13:11 Manoah gat him vp, & wente after his wife, and came to the man, and sayde vnto him: Art thou ye man that spake to the woman? He sayde: Yee. Judges 13:12 And Manoah sayde: wha it commeth to passe that thou hast sayde, what shal be the maner and worke of ye childe: Judges 13:13 The angell of the LORDE sayde vnto Manoah: He shal kepe him from all that I tolde the woman: Judges 13:14 he shal not eate that which commeth of the vyne, and shal drynke no wyne ner stronge drynke, and eate no vncleane thinge: & all that I haue comaunded her, shal he kepe.

Manoah's sacrifice, whereby the angel is discovered.

Judges 13:15 Manoah sayde vnto ye angell of the LORDE: let vs holde the here (I praye the) we will prepare a kydd for the. Judges 13:16 Neuertheles ye angell of the LORDE answered Manoah: Though thou kepest me here, yet wyll I not eate of thy bred. But yf thou wilt make a burntofferynge vnto the LORDE, thou mayest offre it. (For Manoah wist not that it was an angell of the LORDE.) Judges 13:17 And Manoah sayde vnto the angell of the LORDE: What is thy name, that we maye prayse ye, whan it commeth now to passe, that thou hast sayde? Judges 13:18 But the angell of the LORDE sayde vnto him: Why axest thou after my name, which is wonderfull? Judges 13:19 Then toke Manoah a kyd and a meatofferynge, & layed it vpo a rocke vnto the LORDE, which doth ye wonders him selfe. But Manoah and his wife behelde it. Judges 13:20 And wha the flamme wente vp from ye altare towarde heauen, the angell of the LORDE asceded vp in the flamme of the altare. Whan Manoah & his wife sawe yt, they fell downe to ye earth vpo their faces. Judges 13:21 And the angell of ye LORDE appeared nomore vnto Manoah & his wife. The knewe Manoah, that it was an angell of the LORDE, Judges 13:22 and he sayde vnto his wife: We must dye the death, because we haue sene God. Judges 13:23 But his wife answered him: Yf the LORDE wolde haue slaine vs, he had not receaued the burtnofferynge and meatofferynge of oure handes: nether had he shewed vs all these thinges, ner letten vs heare soch as is now come to passe.

Samson is born.

Judges 13:24 And the woman broughte forth a sonne, and called his name Samson. And the childe grewe, and the LORDE blessed him. Judges 13:25 And the sprete of the LORDE begane to be wt him in the tentes of Dan, betwene Zarga and Esthaol.

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