Coverdale Bible

Judges 4

Deborah and Barak deliver Israel from Jabin and Sisera.

Judges 4:1 But the children of Israel dyd yet more euell before ye LORDE, whan Ehud was deed. Judges 4:2 And the LORDE solde the in to the hande of Iabin the kynge of the Cananites, which dwelt at Hazor, & the chefe captayne of his hooste was Sissera, and he dwelt at Haroseth of the Heythen. Judges 4:3 And the childre of Israel cried vnto the LORDE: for he had nyne hudreth yron charettes, and subdued the children of Israel by violence twentye yeare.

Judges 4:4 At ye same tyme was Iudgesse in Israel the prophetisse Debbora, the wyfe of Lapidoth, Judges 4:5 and she dwelt vnder ye palme of Debbora betwene Rama & Bethel, vpon mount Ephraim, and the children of Israel came vp vnto her to the lawe. Judges 4:6 She sent forth, & called for Barak the sonne of Abi Noam of Kedes Nephtali, and sayde vnto him: Hath not ye LORDE the God of Israel comaunded the: Go thy waye, and get the vp vnto mount Thabor, & take wt the ten thousande men of the children of Nephtali & Zabulon? Judges 4:7 For I wil make Sissera the chefe captayne of Iabins hoost to come to the vnto ye water of Cyson, with his charettes and with his multitude, and I wyll delyuer him in to thy hande. Judges 4:8 Barak sayde vnto her: Yf thou wilt come wt me, I wil go: but yf thou wilt not come with me, I wil not go. Judges 4:9 She sayde: I wyll go with the: neuerthelesse the prayse shal not be thine in this iourney that thou goest, but ye LORDE shal delyuer Sissera in to a womas hande. So Debbora gat hir vp, and wente with Barak vnto Kedes.

Judges 4:10 Then Barak called Zabulon and Nephtali vnto Kedes, and wete on fote wt ten thousande men. And Debbora wente wt him also. Judges 4:11 As for Heber the Kenyte he was departed from the Kenytes from the children of Hobab Moses brother in lawe, and had pitched his tent by ye Oke of Zaanaim besyde Kedes. Judges 4:12 Then was it tolde Sissera, yt Barak the sonne of Abi Noa, was gone vp vnto mout Thabor: Judges 4:13 & he gathered all his charettes together, nyne C. yron charettes, & all the people yt was with him from Haroseth of the Heythe, vnto the water Cyson. Judges 4:14 Debbora sayde vnto Barak: Vp, this is the daie wherin the LORDE hath delyuered Sissera in to yi hande: for ye LORDE shal go forth before ye. So Barak wente fro mount Thabor, and ye ten thousande men after him. Judges 4:15 But the LORDE discomfited Sissera wt all his charettes & hoost, & made the afrayed of the edge of the swerde before Barak, so yt Sissera leapte of his charet, & fled on fote. Judges 4:16 Neuerthelesse Barak folowed vpon the charettes & the hoost vnto Haroseth of the Heythen, & all Sisseras hoost fell thorow ye edge of the swerde, so yt not one escaped. Judges 4:17 As for Sissera, he fled on fote vnto the tente of Iael, ye wife of Heber ye Kenite. For there was peace betwene kynge Iabin at Hasor, & the house of Heber the Kenite.

Jael killeth Sisera.

Judges 4:18 Iael wete forth to mete Sissera, & sayde vnto him: Turne in my lorde, turne in to me, & be not afrayed. And he turned in vnto her in to the tente, & she couered him with a garmet. Judges 4:19 He sayde vnto her: I praye ye geue me a litle water to drynke, for I am a thyrst. The opened she a mylke pot, & gaue him to drynke, and couered him. Judges 4:20 And he sayde vnto her: Stode in the tente dore, & yf one come & axe, is there eny man here? saye Noman. Judges 4:21 Then Iael the wife of Heber toke a nale of the tente, and an hammer in hir hande, & wente in preuely vnto him, & smote the nale in thorow the temples of his heade, so yt he sancke to ye earth. As for him, he was fallen on a slomber, and weery, and so he dyed. Judges 4:22 But wha Barak folowed after Sissera, Iael wente for to mete him, and sayde vnto him: Come hither, I wil shewe the the man, whom thou sekest. And whan he came in vnto her, he sawe Sissera deed, & the nale stickinge in his temples. Judges 4:23 Thus God broughte downe Iabin the kynge of the Cananites before the children of Israel at that tyme, Judges 4:24 the hande of the children of Israel wente & subdued Iabin ye kynge of the Cananites, tyll they had roted him out.

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