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Mark 1

The office of John the Baptist.

Mark 1:1 This is the begynnynge of the gospell of Iesus Christ the sonne of God, Mark 1:2 as it is wrytte in the prophetes. Beholde, I sende my messauger before thy face, which shal prepare thy waye before the. Mark 1:3 The voyce of a cryer is in the wyldernes: Prepare the waye of the LORDE, make his pathes straight. Mark 1:4 Ihon was in the wyldernes, and baptysed, and preached the baptyme of amendment, for the remyssion of synnes. Mark 1:5 And there wente out vnto him the whole londe of Iewry, and they of Ierusalem, and were all baptysed of him in Iordan, and knowleged their synnes. Mark 1:6 Ihon was clothed with Camels heer, and with a lethron gerdell aboute his loynes, and ate locustes and wylde hony, Mark 1:7 and preached, and sayde: There commeth one after me, which is stronger then I: before whom I am not worthy to stoupe downe, and to lowse vp ye lachet of his shue. Mark 1:8 I baptyse you with water, but he shal baptyse you with the holy goost.

Jesus is baptized,

Mark 1:9 And it happened at the same tyme, that Iesus came out of Galile from Nazareth, and was baptysed of Ihon in Iordan. Mark 1:10 And as soone as he was come out of the water, he sawe that the heauens opened, and the goost as a doue comynge downe vpon him. Mark 1:11 And there came a voyce from heaue: Thou art my deare sonne, in whom I delyte.


Mark 1:12 And immediatly the sprete droue him in to the wyldernes: Mark 1:13 and he was in the wyldernes fourtye dayes, and was tempted of Sathan, and was with the wylde beestes. And the angels mynistred vnto him.

he preacheth:

Mark 1:14 But after that Ihon was taken, Iesus came in to Galile, and preached the gospell of the kyngdome of God, Mark 1:15 and sayde: the tyme is fulfylled, and the kyngdome of God is at hande: Amende youre selues, and beleue the gospell.

calleth Peter, Andrew, James and John:

Mark 1:16 So as he walked by the see of Galile, he sawe Symon and Andrew his brother, castinge their nettes in the see, for they were fysshers. Mark 1:17 And Iesus sayde vnto the: Folowe me, and I wil make you fysshers of me. Mark 1:18 And immediatly they left their nettes, and folowed him. Mark 1:19 And when he was gone a lytle further from thence, he sawe Iames the sonne of Zebede, and Ihon his brother, as they were in the shyppe mendynge their nettes. Mark 1:20 And anone he called them. And they left their father Zebede in the shyppe with the hyred seruauntes, and folowed him. Mark 1:21 And they wente in to Capernaum, and immediatly vpon the Sabbathes, he entred in to the synagoge, and taught. Mark 1:22 And they were astonnyed at his doctryne: for he taught them as one hauynge power, and not as the Scrybes.

healeth one that had a devil,

Mark 1:23 And in their synagoge there was a man possessed with a foule sprete, which cried Mark 1:24 and sayde: Oh what haue we to do with the, thou Iesus of Nazareth. Art thou come to destroye us? I knowe that thou art euen yt holy one of God. Mark 1:25 And Iesus reproued him, and sayde: holde thy tonge, and departe out of him. Mark 1:26 And the foule sprete tare him, and cried with a loude voyce, and departed out of him. Mark 1:27 And they were all astonnyed, in so moch that they axed one another amonge the selues, & sayde: What is this? What new lernynge is this? For he comaundeth the foule spretes with power, and they are obedient vnto him. Mark 1:28 And immediatly the fame of him was noysed rounde aboute in the coastes and borders of Galile.

Peter's mother in law,

Mark 1:29 And forth with they wente out of the synagoge, and came in to the house of Symo and Andrew, wt Iames and Ihon. Mark 1:30 And Symons mother in lawe laye, & had the feuers, and anone they tolde him of her. Mark 1:31 And he came to her, and set her vp, and toke her by ye hande, and the feuer left her immediatly. And she mynistred vnto them.

many diseased persons,

Mark 1:32 At euen whan the Sonne was gone downe, they brought vnto him all that were sick and possessed, Mark 1:33 and the whole cite was gathered together at the dore, Mark 1:34 and he healed many that were diseased with dyuerse sicknesses, and cast out many deuels, and suffred not the deuels to speake, because they knew him. Mark 1:35 And in the mornynge before daye, he arose, and wente out. And Iesus departed in to a deserte place, and prayed there. Mark 1:36 Peter also and they that were with him, folowed after him. Mark 1:37 And whan they had founde him, they sayde vnto him: Euery man seketh the. Mark 1:38 And he sayde vnto them: Let us go in to the next townes, that I maye preach there also, for therto am I come. Mark 1:39 And he preached i their synagoges, in all Galile, and droue out the deuyls. Mark 1:40 And there came vnto him a leper, which besought him, and kneled before him, & sayde vnto him: Yf thou wilt, thou canst make me cleane.

and cleanseth the leper.

Mark 1:41 And it pitied Iesus, and he stretched forth his honde, and touched him, and sayde: I wyll, be thou cleane. Mark 1:42 And wha he had so spoken, immediatly the leprosy departed fro him, and he was clensed. Mark 1:43 And Iesus forbad him strately, and forth with sent him awaye, Mark 1:44 and sayde vnto him: Take hede, that thou saye nothinge to eny man, but go thy waye, and shew thy self vnto the prest, and offre for thy clensynge what Moses commaunded, for a wytnesse vnto them. Mark 1:45 But he whan he was departed, beganne to speake moch of it, and made the dede knowne: in so moch that Iesus coude no more go into the cite openly, but was without in deserte places, & they came vnto him fro all quarters.

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