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Matthew 22

The parable of the marriage of the king's son.

Matthew 22:1 And Iesus answered, and spake vnto the agayne by parables, & sayde: Matthew 22:2 The kingdome of heauen is like vnto a kynge, which maried his sonne. Matthew 22:3 And sent forth his seruauntes, to call the gestes vnto the mariage, & they wolde not come. Matthew 22:4 Agayne, he sent forth other seruauntes, and sayde: Tell the gestes: Beholde, I haue prepared my dynner, myne oxen and my fed catell are kylled, and all thinges are readye, come to the mariage. Matthew 22:5 But they made light of it, and wente their wayes: one to his hussbandrye, another to his marchaundise. Matthew 22:6 As for the remnaut, they toke his seruauntes, and intreated the shamefully, and slew the. Matthew 22:7 When the kynge herde that, he was wroth, and sent forth his warryers, and destroyed those murtherers, and set fyre vpon their cite. Matthew 22:8 Then sayde he vnto his seruauntes: The mariage in dede is prepared, but the gestes were not worthy.

The vocation of the Gentiles.

Matthew 22:9 Go youre waye out therfore in to ye hye wayes, and as many as ye fynde, byd them to the mariage. Matthew 22:10 And the seruauntes wete out in to the hye wayes, and gathered together as many as they coulde fynde, both good and bad, & the tables were all full.

Matthew 22:11 Then the kynge wete in, to se the gestes, and spyed there a man that had not on a weddynge garment,

The punishment of him that wanted the wedding garment.

Matthew 22:12 and sayde vnto him: Frende, how camest thou in hither, & hast not on a weddyinge garment? And he was euen spechlesse. Matthew 22:13 Then sayde the kynge vnto his seruauntes: Take and bynde him hande and fote, & cast him into ye vtter darcknes: there shal be waylinge and gnasshinge of teth. Matthew 22:14 For many be called, but few are chose.

Tribute ought to be paid to Caesar.

Matthew 22:15 Then wente the Pharises, and toke councell, how they might tangle him in his wordes, Matthew 22:16 and sent vnto him their disciples with Herodes officers, and sayde: Master, we knowe that thou art true, and teachest the waye of God truly, and carest for no ma: for thou regardest not the outwarde appearaunce of me. Matthew 22:17 Tell us therfore, how thinkest thou? Is it laufulll to geue tribute vnto the Emperoure, or not? Matthew 22:18 Now wha Iesus perceaued their wickednes, he sayde: O ye ypocrites, why tepte ye me? Matthew 22:19 Shewe me ye tribute money. And they toke hi a peny. Matthew 22:20 And he saide vnto the: Whose is this ymage and superscription? Matthew 22:21 They sayde vnto him: The Emperours. Then sayde he vnto them: Geue therfore vnto the Emperour, that which is the Emperours: and geue vnto God, that which is Gods. Matthew 22:22 When they herde that, they marueyled, and left him, & wete their waye.

Christ confuteth the Sadducees for the resurrection:

Matthew 22:23 The same daye there came vnto him the Saduces (which holde that there is no resurreccion) and axed him, Matthew 22:24 and sayde: Master, Moses sayde: Yf a man dye, hauynge no children, his brother shal mary his wife, & rayse vp sede vnto his brother. Matthew 22:25 Now were there with us seue brethren. The first maried a wife, and dyed: & for somoch as he had no sede, he left his wife vnto his brother. Matthew 22:26 Like wyse the secode, and thirde vnto the seueth. Matthew 22:27 Last of all the woman dyed also. Matthew 22:28 Now in the resurreccion, whose wife shal she be of the seuen? For they all had her. Matthew 22:29 Iesus answered, and sayde vnto them: Ye erre, and vnderstode not the scriptures, ner the power of God. Matthew 22:30 In the resurreccion they shal nether mary, ner be maried, but are as the angels of God in heauen. Matthew 22:31 As touchinge the resurreccio of the deed, haue ye notred, what is spoken vnto you of God, which sayeth: Matthew 22:32 I am the God of Abraham, and ye God of Isaac, and the God of Iacob? Yet is not God a God of the deed, but of the lyuynge. Matthew 22:33 And whan the people herde that, they were astonnyed at his doctryne.

answereth the lawyer, which is the first and great commandment:

Matthew 22:34 When the Pharises herde, that he had stopped the mouth of the Saduces, they gathered them selues together. Matthew 22:35 And one of them (a Scrybe) tepted him, and sayde: Matthew 22:36 Master, which is the chefest commaundemet in the lawe? Matthew 22:37 Iesus saide vnto him: Thou shalt loue the LORDE thy God with all thy hert, with all thy soule, and with all thy mynde: Matthew 22:38 this is the pryncipall and greatest comaundement. Matthew 22:39 As for the seconde, it is like vnto it: Thou shalt loue thy neghboure as thy self. Matthew 22:40 In these two commaundementes hange all the lawe and the prophetes.

and poseth the Pharisees about the Messias.

Matthew 22:41 Now whyle the Pharises were gathered together, Iesus axed them, Matthew 22:42 and sayde: What thinke ye of Christ? Whose sonne is he? They sayde vnto him: Dauids. Matthew 22:43 He sayde vnto them: How then doth Dauid in sprete, call him LORDE, sayenge: Matthew 22:44 The LORDE sayde vnto my LORDE: Syt thou on my right honde, tyll I make thine enemies thy fote stole. Matthew 22:45 Yf Dauid now call him LORDE, how is he then his sonne? Matthew 22:46 And no man coude answere him one worde, nether durst eny man axe him eny mo questios, fro that daye forth.

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