Coverdale Bible

Psalms 31

David shewing his confidence in God craveth his help.

Psalms 31:1 In the, O LORDE, is my trust: let me neuer be put to cofucion, but delyuer me in thy rightuousnesse. Psalms 31:2 Bowe downe thine eare to me, make haist to delyuer me: Psalms 31:3 be thou my stronge rocke and a house of defence, that thou mayest saue me. Psalms 31:4 For thou art my stronge holde & my castell: O be thou my gyde, & lede me for thy names sake. Psalms 31:5 Drawe me out of the nett yt they haue layed priuely for me, for thou art my stregth. Psalms 31:6 Into thy hondes I commende my sprete: thou hast delyuered me O LORDE thou God of treuth.

He rejoiceth in his mercy.

Psalms 31:7 I hate them that holde of vanities, and my trust is in the LORDE. Psalms 31:8 I will be glad and reioyse in thy mercy: for thou hast considred my trouble, thou hast knowne my soule in aduersite.

He prayeth in his calamity.

Psalms 31:9 Thou hast not delyuered me ouer in to the hodes of the enemie, but hast set my fete in a large rowme. Psalms 31:10 Haue mercy vpon me, O LORDE, for I am in trouble, myne eye is consumed for very heuynesse, yee my soule and my body. Psalms 31:11 My life is waxen olde with heuynesse, and my yeares wt mournynge. Psalms 31:12 My stregth fayleth me because of my aduersite, and my bones are corrupte. Psalms 31:13 I am become a very reprofe amonge all myne enemies, my neghbours & they of myne owne acquauntaunce are afrayed of me: they yt se me in the strete, coveye them selues fro me. Psalms 31:14 I am clene forgotten and out of mynde, as a deed man: I am become like a broken vessell. Psalms 31:15 For I haue herde the blasphemy of the multitude: euery man abhorreth me: they haue gathered a councel together agaynst me, and are purposed to take awaye my life. Psalms 31:16 But my hope is in ye O LORDE, & I saye: thou art my God. Psalms 31:17 My tyme is in thy honde: delyuer me from the honde of myne enemies, & from them yt persecute me. Psalms 31:18 Shewe thy seruaunt the light of thy countenaunce, helpe me for thy mercies sake.

He praiseth God for his goodness.

Psalms 31:19 Let me not be confounded (o LORDE) for I call vpon the: let the vngodly rather be put to confucion, and brought vnto the hell. Psalms 31:20 Let the lyenge lippes be put to sylence, which cruelly, disdanedly & despitefully speake agaynst the rightuous. Psalms 31:21 O how greate and manifolde is thy good, which thou haist hyd for them that feare ye? O what thinges bringest thou to passe for them, that put their trust in the, euen before the sonnes of men? Psalms 31:22 Thou hydest them priuely by thine owne presence from the proude men, thou kepest them secretly in thy tabernacle, from the strife of tonges. Psalms 31:23 Thankes be to the LORDE, for he hath shewed me maruelous greate kyndnesse in a stronge cite. For when the sodane feare came vpon me, I sayde: I am cast out of thy sight. Psalms 31:24 Neuertheles, thou herdest myne humble prayer, when I cried vnto the. O loue the LORDE (all ye his sayntes) for the LORDE preserueth the faithfull, and plenteously rewardeth he the proude doer. Be stroge therfore & take a good herte vnto you, all ye that put youre trust in the LORDE.

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