Coverdale Bible

Psalms 90

Moses, setting forth God's providence,

Psalms 90:1 Lorde, thou art oure refuge from one generacion to another. Psalms 90:2 Before the mountaynes were brought forth, or euer the earth & the worlde were made, thou art God from euerlastinge and worlde withoute ende.

complaineth of human frailty,

Psalms 90:3 Thou turnest man to destruccion, Agayne, thou sayest: come agayne ye children of men. Psalms 90:4 For a thousande yeares in thy sight are but as yesterdaye that is past, and like as it were a night watch. Psalms 90:5 As soone as thou scatrest them, they are euen as a slepe, and fade awaye sodenly like the grasse. Psalms 90:6 In the mornynge it is grene and groweth vp, but in the euenynge it is cutt downe and wythered.

divine chastisements,

Psalms 90:7 For we consume awaye in thy displeasure, and are afrayed at thy wrothfull indignacion. Psalms 90:8 Thou settest oure misdedes before the, and oure secrete synnes in the light of thy countenaunce. Psalms 90:9 For when thou art angrie, all or dayes are gone, we brynge or yeares to an ende, as it were a tayle that is tolde.

and brevity of life.

Psalms 90:10 The dayes of oure age are iij. score yeares & ten: & though men be so stronge that they come to iiij. score yeares, yet is their strength then but laboure and sorowe: so soone passeth it awaye, & we are gone. Psalms 90:11 But who regardeth the power of thy wrath, thy fearfull & terrible displeasure?

He prayeth for the knowledge and sensible experience of God's good providence.

Psalms 90:12 O teach vs to nombre oure dayes, that we maye applie oure hertes vnto wysdome. Psalms 90:13 Turne the agayne (o LORDE) at the last, and be gracious vnto thy seruauntes. Psalms 90:14 O satisfie vs with thy mercy, and that soone: so shal we reioyse and be glad all the dayes of oure life. Psalms 90:15 Comforte vs agayne, now after the tyme that thou hast plaged vs, and for the yeares wherin we haue suffred aduersite. Psalms 90:16 Shewe thy seruauntes thy worke, & their children thy glory. Psalms 90:17 And the glorious maiesty of the LORDE oure God be vpon vs: O prospere thou the worke of oure hondes vpon vs, o prospere thou oure hondy worke.

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