Coverdale Bible

Psalms 94

The prophet, calling for justice, complaineth of tyranny and impiety.

Psalms 94:1 O Lorde God, to whom vengeaunce belogeth: thou God to whom vengeaunce belongeth, shewe thy self. Psalms 94:2 Arise thou iudge of the worlde, & rewarde the proude after their deseruynge. Psalms 94:3 LORDE, how longe shal the vngodly, how longe shal the vngodly tryumphe? Psalms 94:4 How longe shal all wicked doers speake so disdaynedly, and make soch proude boastynge? Psalms 94:5 They smyte downe thy people (o LORDE) and trouble thine heretage. Psalms 94:6 They murthur the widdowe and the straunger, and put the fatherlesse to death. Psalms 94:7 And yet they saie: Tush, the LORDE seyth not, the God of Iacob regardeth it not.

He teacheth God's providence.

Psalms 94:8 Take hede, ye vnwise amonge the people: o ye fooles, when wil ye vnderstonde? Psalms 94:9 He that planted the eare, shal he not heare? he that made the eye, shal not he se? Psalms 94:10 He that nurtureth the Heithen, and teacheth a man knowlege, shal not he punysh? Psalms 94:11 The LORDE knoweth the thoughtes of men, that they are but vayne.

He sheweth the blessedness of affliction.

Psalms 94:12 Blessed is the ma, whom thou lernest (o LORDE) and teachest him in thy lawe. Psalms 94:13 That thou mayest geue him pacience in tyme of aduersite, vntill the pytte be dygged vp for the vngodly. Psalms 94:14 For the LORDE wil not fayle his people, nether wil he forsake his inheritaunce. Psalms 94:15 And why? iudgment shalbe turned agayne vnto rightuousnesse, and all soch as be true of hert shal folowe it.

God is the defender of the afflicted.

Psalms 94:16 Who ryseth vp with me agaynst the wicked? who taketh my parte agaynst the euell doers? Psalms 94:17 Yf the LORDE had not helped me, my soule had allmost bene put to sylence. Psalms 94:18 When I sayde: my fote hath slipped, thy mercy (o LORDE) helde me vp. Psalms 94:19 In ye multitude of the sorowes that I had in my herte, thy comfortes haue refreshed my soule. Psalms 94:20 Wilt thou haue eny thinge to do with the stole of wickednesse, which ymagineth myschefe in the lawe? Psalms 94:21 They gather them together agaynst the soule of the rightuous, & condemne the innocent bloude. Psalms 94:22 But the LORDE is my refuge, my God is the stregth of my confidece. Psalms 94:23 He shal recompence the their wickednesse, and destroye them in their owne malice: yee the LORDE oure God shal destroye them.

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