Geneva Bible

Job 3

Job curseth the day and services of his birth.

Job 3:1 Afterward Iob opened his mouth, and cursed his day. Job 3:2 And Iob cryed out, and sayd, Job 3:3 Let the day perish, wherein I was borne, and the night when it was sayde, There is a man childe conceiued. Job 3:4 Let that day bee darkenesse, let not God regarde it from aboue, neyther let the light shine vpon it, Job 3:5 But let darkenesse, and the shadowe of death staine it: let the cloude remayne vpon it, and let them make it fearefull as a bitter day. Job 3:6 Let darkenesse possesse that night, let it not be ioyned vnto the dayes of the yeere, nor let it come into the count of the moneths. Job 3:7 Yea, desolate be that night, and let no ioy be in it. Job 3:8 Let them that curse the day, (being readie to renue their mourning) curse it. Job 3:9 Let the starres of that twilight be dimme through darkenesse of it: let it looke for light, but haue none: neither let it see the dawning of the day, Job 3:10 Because it shut not vp the dores of my mothers wombe: nor hid sorowe from mine eyes. Job 3:11 Why died I not in the birth? or why dyed I not, when I came out of the wombe? Job 3:12 Why did the knees preuent me? and why did I sucke the breasts?

The ease of death.

Job 3:13 For so shoulde I now haue lyen and bene quiet, I should haue slept then, and bene at rest, Job 3:14 With the Kings & counselers of the earth, which haue buylded themselues desolate places: Job 3:15 Or with the princes that had golde, and haue filled their houses with siluer. Job 3:16 Or why was I not hid, as an vntimely birth, either as infants, which haue not seene the light? Job 3:17 The wicked haue there ceased from their tyrannie, and there they that laboured valiantly, are at rest. Job 3:18 The prisoners rest together, and heare not the voyce of the oppressour. Job 3:19 There are small and great, and the seruant is free from his master.

He complaineth of life, because of his anguish.

Job 3:20 Wherefore is the light giuen to him that is in miserie? and life vnto them that haue heauie hearts? Job 3:21 Which long for death, and if it come not, they would euen search it more then treasures: Job 3:22 Which ioy for gladnes, and reioyce, when they can finde the graue. Job 3:23 Why is the light giuen to the man whose way is hid, and whom God hath hedged in? Job 3:24 For my sighing commeth before I eate, and my roarings are powred out like the water. Job 3:25 For the thing I feared, is come vpon me, and the thing that I was afraid of, is come vnto me. Job 3:26 I had no peace, neither had I quietnesse, neither had I rest, yet trouble is come.

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