Geneva Bible

Job 33

Elihu offereth himself instead of God, with sincerity and meekness, to reason with Job.

Job 33:1 Wherefore, Iob, I pray thee, heare my talke and hearken vnto all my wordes. Job 33:2 Beholde now, I haue opened my mouth: my tongue hath spoken in my mouth. Job 33:3 My words are in the vprightnesse of mine heart, & my lippes shall speake pure knowledge. Job 33:4 The Spirite of God hath made me, and the breath of the Almightie hath giuen me life. Job 33:5 If thou canst giue me answere, prepare thy selfe and stand before me. Job 33:6 Beholde, I am according to thy wish in Gods stead: I am also formed of the clay. Job 33:7 Beholde, my terrour shall not feare thee, neither shall mine hand be heauie vpon thee.

He excuseth God from giving man an account of his ways, by his greatness.

Job 33:8 Doubtles thou hast spoken in mine eares, and I haue heard the voyce of thy wordes. Job 33:9 I am cleane, without sinne: I am innocent, and there is none iniquitie in me. Job 33:10 Lo, he hath found occasions against me, and counted me for his enemie. Job 33:11 He hath put my feete in the stockes, and looketh narrowly vnto all my paths. Job 33:12 Behold, in this hast thou not done right: I will answere thee, that God is greater then man. Job 33:13 Why doest thou striue against him? for he doeth not giue account of all his matters.

God calleth man to repentance by visions,

Job 33:14 For God speaketh once or twise, and one seeth it not. Job 33:15 In dreames and visions of the night, when sleepe falleth vpon men, and they sleepe vpon their beds, Job 33:16 Then he openeth the eares of men, euen by their corrections, which he had sealed, Job 33:17 That he might cause man to turne away from his enterprise, and that he might hide the pride of man, Job 33:18 And keepe backe his soule from the pit, & that his life should not passe by the sword.

by afflictions,

Job 33:19 He is also striken with sorow vpon his bed, and the griefe of his bones is sore, Job 33:20 So that his life causeth him to abhorre bread, and his soule daintie meate. Job 33:21 His flesh faileth that it can not be seene, and his bones which were not seene, clatter. Job 33:22 So his soule draweth to the graue, and his life to the buriers.

and by his ministry.

Job 33:23 If there be a messenger with him, or an interpreter, one of a thousand to declare vnto man his righteousnesse, Job 33:24 Then will he haue mercie vpon him, and will say, Deliuer him, that he go not downe into the pit: for I haue receiued a reconciliation. Job 33:25 Then shal his flesh be as fresh as a childes, and shall returne as in the dayes of his youth. Job 33:26 He shall pray vnto God, and he will be fauourable vnto him, and he shall see his face with ioy: for he will render vnto ma his righteousnes. Job 33:27 He looketh vpon men, and if one say, I haue sinned, and peruerted righteousnesse, and it did not profite me, Job 33:28 He will deliuer his soule from going into the pit, and his life shall see the light. Job 33:29 Lo, all these things will God worke twise or thrise with a man, Job 33:30 That he may turne backe his soule from the pit, to be illuminate in the light of the liuing.

He inclineth Job to attention.

Job 33:31 Marke well, O Iob, and heare me: keepe silence, and I will speake. Job 33:32 If there be matter, answere me, and speak: for I desire to iustifie thee. Job 33:33 If thou hast not, heare me: holde thy tongue, and I will teach thee wisedome.

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