Geneva Bible

Lamentations 5

A pitiful complaint of Zion in prayer unto God.

Lamentations 5:1 Remember, O Lorde, what is come vpon vs: consider, and behold our reproche. Lamentations 5:2 Our inheritance is turned to the strangers, our houses to the aliants. Lamentations 5:3 We are fatherles, euen without father, and our mothers are as widowes. Lamentations 5:4 Wee haue drunke our water for money, and our wood is solde vnto vs. Lamentations 5:5 Our neckes are vnder persecution: we are wearie, and haue no rest. Lamentations 5:6 We haue giuen our handes to the Egyptians, and to Asshur, to be satisfied with bread. Lamentations 5:7 Our fathers haue sinned, and are not, and we haue borne their iniquities. Lamentations 5:8 Seruants haue ruled ouer vs, none would deliuer vs out of their hands. Lamentations 5:9 Wee gate our bread with the perill of our liues, because of the sword of the wildernesse. Lamentations 5:10 Our skinne was blacke like as an ouen because of the terrible famine. Lamentations 5:11 They defiled the women in Zion, and the maydes in the cities of Iudah. Lamentations 5:12 The princes are hanged vp by their hande: the faces of the elders were not had in honour. Lamentations 5:13 They tooke the yong men to grinde, and the children fell vnder the wood. Lamentations 5:14 The Elders haue ceased from the gate and the yong men from their songs. Lamentations 5:15 The ioy of our heart is gone, our daunce is turned into mourning. Lamentations 5:16 The crowne of our head is fallen: wo nowe vnto vs, that we haue sinned. Lamentations 5:17 Therefore our heart is heauy for these things, our eyes are dimme, Lamentations 5:18 Because of the mountaine of Zion which is desolate: the foxes runne vpon it. Lamentations 5:19 But thou, O Lord, remainest for euer: thy throne is from generation to generation. Lamentations 5:20 Wherefore doest thou forget vs for euer, and forsake vs so long time? Lamentations 5:21 Turne thou vs vnto thee, O Lord, and we shalbe turned: renue our dayes as of olde. Lamentations 5:22 But thou hast vtterly reiected vs: thou art exceedingly angry against vs.

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