Geneva Bible

Numbers 5

The unclean are removed out of the camp.

Numbers 5:1 And the Lorde spake vnto Moses, saying, Numbers 5:2 Commaund the children of Israel that they put out of the hoste euery leper, and euery one that hath an issue, and whosoeuer is defiled by the dead. Numbers 5:3 Both male and female shal ye put out: out of the hoste shall yee put them, that they defile not their tentes among whome I dwell. Numbers 5:4 And the children of Israel did so, and put them out of the host, euen as the Lord had commanded Moses, so did the children of Israel.

Restitution is to be made in trespasses.

Numbers 5:5 And the Lorde spake vnto Moses, saying, Numbers 5:6 Speake vnto the children of Israel, When a man or woman shall commit any sinne that men commit, and transgresse against the Lorde, when that person shall trespasse, Numbers 5:7 Then they shall confesse their sinne which they haue done, and shall restore the domage thereof with his principall, and put the fift part of it more thereto, and shall giue it vnto him, against whom he hath trespassed. Numbers 5:8 But if the man haue no kinseman, to whom he shoulde restore the domage, the domage shal be restored to the Lord for the Priests vse besides the ramme of the atonement, whereby hee shall make atonement for him. Numbers 5:9 And euery offring of all the holy thinges of the children of Israel, which they bring vnto the Priest, shalbe his. Numbers 5:10 And euery mans halowed things shall bee his: that is, whatsoeuer any man giueth the Priest, it shalbe his.

The trial of jealousy.

Numbers 5:11 And the Lord spake vnto Moses, saying, Numbers 5:12 Speake vnto the children of Israel, and say vnto them, If any mans wife turne to euill, and commit a trespasse against him, Numbers 5:13 So that an other man lie with her fleshly, and it bee hid from the eyes of her husbande, and kept close, and yet she be defiled, and there be no witnesse against her, neither she taken with the maner, Numbers 5:14 If he be moued with a ielous minde, so that he is ielous ouer his wife, which is defiled, or if he haue a ielous minde, so that he is ielous ouer his wife, which is not defiled, Numbers 5:15 Then shall the man bring his wife to the Priest, and bring her offering with her, the tenth part of an Ephah of barly meale, but he shal not powre oyle vpon it, nor put incense thereon: for it is an offring of ielousie, an offring for a remembrance, calling the sinne to minde: Numbers 5:16 And the Priest shall bring her, and set her before the Lord. Numbers 5:17 Then the Priest shal take the holy water in an earthen vessel, and of the dust that is in the floore of the Tabernacle, euen the Priest shal take it and put it into the water. Numbers 5:18 After, the Priest shal set the woman before the Lord, and vncouer the womans head, and put the offring of the memorial in her hands: it is the ielousie offering, and the Priest shall haue bitter and cursed water in his hand, Numbers 5:19 And the Priest shall charge her by an oth, and say vnto the woman, If no man haue lien with thee, neither thou hast turned to vncleannesse from thine husbande, be free from this bitter and cursed water. Numbers 5:20 But if thou hast turned fro thine husband, and so art defiled, and some man hath lyen with thee beside thine husband, Numbers 5:21 (Then the Priest shall charge the woman with an oth of cursing, and the Priest shal say vnto the woman) The Lorde make thee to be accursed, and detestable for the othe among thy people, and the Lord cause thy thigh to rot, and thy belly to swell: Numbers 5:22 And that this cursed water may goe into thy bowels, to cause thy belly to swell, and thy thigh to rot. Then the woman shall answere, Amen, Amen. Numbers 5:23 After, the Priest shal write these curses in a booke, and shall blot them out with the bitter water, Numbers 5:24 And shal cause the woman to drinke ye bitter and cursed water, and the cursed water, turned into bitternesse, shal enter into her. Numbers 5:25 Then the Priest shall take the ielousie offring out of the womans hand, and shal shake the offring before the Lord, and offer it vpon ye altar. Numbers 5:26 And the Priest shal take an handfull of the offring for a memorial thereof, and burne it vpon the altar, and afterwarde make the woman drinke the water. Numbers 5:27 When yee haue made her drinke the water, (if she bee defiled and haue trespassed against her husband) then shall the cursed water, turned into bitternesse, enter into her, and her belly shall swell, and her thigh shall rot, and the woman shal be accursed among her people. Numbers 5:28 But if the woman bee not defiled, but bee cleane, she shalbe free & shall conceiue & beare. Numbers 5:29 This is the law of ielousie, when a wife turneth from her husband and is defiled, Numbers 5:30 Or when a man is moued with a ielous minde being ielous ouer his wife then shall he bring the woman before the Lord, and the Priest shal do to her according to al this lawe, Numbers 5:31 And the man shalbe free from sinne, but this woman shall beare her iniquitie.

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