Geneva Bible

Romans 14

Romans 14:1 Him that is weake in the faith, receiue vnto you, but not for controuersies of disputations. Romans 14:2 One beleeueth that he may eate of all things: and another, which is weake, eateth herbes.

Men may not contemn nor condemn one the other for things different:

Romans 14:3 Let not him that eateth, despise him that eateth not: and let not him which eateth not, condemne him that eateth: for God hath receiued him. Romans 14:4 Who art thou that condemnest another mans seruant? Hee standeth or falleth to his owne master: yea, he shalbe established: for God is able to make him stand. Romans 14:5 This man esteemeth one day aboue another day, & another ma counteth euery day alike: let euery man be fully perswaded in his minde. Romans 14:6 He that obserueth the day, obserueth it to the Lord: and he that obserueth not the day, obserueth it not to the Lorde. He that eateth, eateth to the Lord: for he giueth God thankes: and he that eateth not, eateth not to the Lord, and giueth God thankes. Romans 14:7 For none of vs liueth to himselfe, neither doeth any die to himselfe. Romans 14:8 For whether wee liue, we liue vnto the Lorde: or whether we die, we die vnto the Lorde: whether we liue therefore, or die, we are the Lords. Romans 14:9 For Christ therefore died and rose againe, and reuiued, that he might be Lord both of the dead and the quicke. Romans 14:10 But why doest thou condemne thy brother? Or why doest thou despise thy brother? for we shal all appeare before the iudgement seate of Christ. Romans 14:11 For it is written, I liue, sayth the Lord, and euery knee shall bowe to me, and all tongues shall confesse vnto God. Romans 14:12 So then euery one of vs shall giue accounts of himselfe to God.

but take heed that they give no offence in them:

Romans 14:13 Let vs not therefore iudge one another any more: but vse your iudgement rather in this, that no man put an occasion to fall, or a stumbling blocke before his brother. Romans 14:14 I know, and am perswaded through the Lord Iesus, that there is nothing vncleane of it selfe: but vnto him that iudgeth any thing to be vncleane, to him it is vncleane.

for that the apostle proveth unlawful by many reasons.

Romans 14:15 But if thy brother be grieued for the meate, nowe walkest thou not charitably: destroy not him with thy meate, for whome Christ dyed. Romans 14:16 Cause not your commoditie to be euill spoken of. Romans 14:17 For the kingdome of God, is not meate nor drinke, but righteousnes, and peace, and ioye in the holy Ghost. Romans 14:18 For whosoeuer in these things serueth Christ, is acceptable vnto God, and is approoued of men. Romans 14:19 Let vs then followe those things which concerne peace, and wherewith one may edifie another. Romans 14:20 Destroy not the worke of God for meates sake: all things in deede are pure: but it is euill for the man which eateth with offence. Romans 14:21 It is good neither to eate flesh, nor to drinke wine, nor any thing whereby thy brother stumbleth, or is offended, or made weake. Romans 14:22 Hast thou faith? haue it with thy selfe before God: blessed is hee that condemneth not himselfe in that thing which he aloweth. Romans 14:23 For he that doubteth, is condemned if he eate, because he eateth not of faith: and whatsoeuer is not of faith, is sinne.

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