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1 Chronicles 2

The sons of Israel. The posterity of Judah by Tamar.

1 Chronicles 2:1 These are the sonnes of Israell: Ruben, Simeon, Leui, Iuda, Isachar, and Zabulon, 1 Chronicles 2:2 Dan, Ioseph, Beniamin, Nephtali, Gad, and Asser.

1 Chronicles 2:3 The sonnes of Iuda: Er, Onan, and Sela. These thre were borne vnto hym of Bath, Sua the Cananytesse. And Er the eldest sonne of Iuda was euell in the syght of the Lorde, and he slue hym. 1 Chronicles 2:4 And Thamar hys daughter in lawe bare hym Pharez, and Zara: and so all the sonnes of Iuda were fyue. 1 Chronicles 2:5 The sonnes of Pharez: Hezron and Hamul. 1 Chronicles 2:6 The sonnes of Zarah: Zimri, Ethan, Heman, Chalchol, and Dara: which were fyue in all. 1 Chronicles 2:7 And the sonnes of Charmi, Achar that troubled Israel, transgressynge in the thing, that was damned. 1 Chronicles 2:8 The sonnes of Ethan: Azaria. 1 Chronicles 2:9 The sonnes also of Hezron þt were borne vnto him: Ierhameel, Ram and Chelubat. 1 Chronicles 2:10 And Ram begat Aminadab: and Aminadab begat Nahson a lord of the children of Iuda. 1 Chronicles 2:11 And Nahson begat Salma: and Salma begat Boaz: 1 Chronicles 2:12 Boaz begat Obed: and Obed begat Isai:

The children of Jesse.

1 Chronicles 2:13 And Isai begat hys eldest sonne Eliab: and Aminadab the seconde, and Simaa the thyrde, 1 Chronicles 2:14 Nathanael the fourth, and Radai the fyfte, 1 Chronicles 2:15 Ozem the syxte, and Dauid the seuenth. 1 Chronicles 2:16 Whose systers were Zeruia and Abigail. The sonnes of Zeruia: Abisai, Ioab, & Azahel, thre. 1 Chronicles 2:17 And Abigail bare Amaza: the father of which Amaza was Iether an Ismaelite.

The posterity of Caleb the son of Hezron.

1 Chronicles 2:18 And Caleb the sonne of Hezron begat Asuba, of hys wyfe Asuba, and Ierihoth, whose sonnes are these: Ieser, Sobab, and Ardon. 1 Chronicles 2:19 And when Asuba was deed, Caleb toke Ephrata, which bare hym Hur. 1 Chronicles 2:20 And Hur begat Uri, and Uri begat Bezaleel.

Hezron's posterity by the daughter of Machir.

1 Chronicles 2:21 Afterward came Hezron to the daughter of Machir the father of Gilead, and toke her when he was thre skore yeare olde. And she bare hym Segub: 1 Chronicles 2:22 and Segub begat Iair, which had thre and twentye cityes in the lande of Gilead. 1 Chronicles 2:23 And he ouercame Gessur and Aram, the townes of Iair from them which dwell in them: and Kenath and the townes therof: euen thre skore townes. All these were the sonnes of Machir the father of Gilead. 1 Chronicles 2:24 And after that Hezron was deed at Caleb in Ephrata, Abia Esrons wife, bare him Ashur the father of Thekoa.

Jerahmeel's posterity.

1 Chronicles 2:25 And the sonnes of Ierhameel the eldest sonne of Hezron were: Ran the eldest, Buna, Oren, Ozen, and Ahia. 1 Chronicles 2:26 And Ierhmeel had yet another wyfe named Atara which was the mother of Onam. 1 Chronicles 2:27 And the sonnes of Ram the eldest sonne of Ierhameel were: Maaz, Iamin, and Ekar. 1 Chronicles 2:28 The sonnes of Onam were: Samai, and Iada. The sonnes of Sammai: Nadab and Abisur. 1 Chronicles 2:29 And the wyfe of Abisur was called Abihail, and she bare hym Ahban and Molid. 1 Chronicles 2:30 The sonnes of Nadab: Seled and Appaim. And Seled dyed without chyldren. 1 Chronicles 2:31 The sonne of Appaim: Iesei. And the sonne of Iesei: Sesan. And the sonnes of Sesan: Ahlai. 1 Chronicles 2:32 And the sonnes of Iada the brother of Samai: Iether and Ionatham. And Iether dyed without chyldren. 1 Chronicles 2:33 The sonnes of Ionatham: Peleth and Zaza. These were the sonnes of Ierhameel.

Sheshan's posterity.

1 Chronicles 2:34 Sesan had no sonnes: but daughters. And Sesan had a seruaunt that was an Egipcian named Iarha: 1 Chronicles 2:35 to whom he gaue his daughter to wyfe: and she bare hym Athai. 1 Chronicles 2:36 And Athai begat Nathan. And Nathan begat Zabad. 1 Chronicles 2:37 And Zabad begat Aphlal. And Aphlal begat Obed. 1 Chronicles 2:38 Obed begat Iehu. And Iehu begat Azaria. 1 Chronicles 2:39 Azaria begat Aalez. And Halez begat Elasa: 1 Chronicles 2:40 Elasa begat Sisamai. And Sisamai begat Sallum: 1 Chronicles 2:41 Sallum begat Iecamia: Iecamia begat Elisamah.

Another branch of Caleb's posterity.

1 Chronicles 2:42 The sonnes of Caleb the brother of Ierhameel: Mesa hys eldest sonne which was the father of Ziph. And the sonnes of Maresa the father of Hebron. 1 Chronicles 2:43 The sonnes of Hebron: Corah, & Tapuah, Rekem & Sama. 1 Chronicles 2:44 Sama begat Raham the father of Ierkoam. And Rekem begat Sammai. 1 Chronicles 2:45 The sonne of Sammai was Maon. And Maon was the father of Bethzur. 1 Chronicles 2:46 And Epha a concubine of Calebs bare Haran, and Mosa, and Gazez. Haran begat Gazez. 1 Chronicles 2:47 The sonnes of Iahdai were: Regem, Iothan, Gesan, Pellet, Epha, and Saaph. 1 Chronicles 2:48 And Maacha was Calebs concubyne, of whom he begat Semer and Thirhana. 1 Chronicles 2:49 And she bare also Saaph the father of Madmanna, and Seua the father of Machbena and the father of Gibea. And Achsa was Calebs daughter.

The posterity of Caleb the son of Hur.

1 Chronicles 2:50 These were the sonnes of Caleb þe sonne of Hur the eldest sonne of Ephrata: Sobal the father of Kiriath Iearim, 1 Chronicles 2:51 Salma the father of Bethlehem, and Hareph the father of Beth Gader, 1 Chronicles 2:52 and Sobal the father of Kiriath Iearim had sonnes, and he sawe the halfe of the countrey of the mansions. 1 Chronicles 2:53 The kyndredes of Kiriath Iearim are these: the Iithrites, the Happuthites, the Hassumathites, and the Hamisraites. And of them came the Zarathites & the Esthaulites. 1 Chronicles 2:54 The sonne of Salma: the Bethlehemites, and Netophathites þe glory of the house of Ioab, and halfe the countrey of the mansions gat the Zaraites. 1 Chronicles 2:55 The kindredes of the writers dwelt at Iabes, the Tirathites, the Simeathites, the Suchathites, which are the Kenites, that came of Hemath the father of the house of Rechab.

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