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1 Chronicles 26

The divisions of the porters.

1 Chronicles 26:1 These are the deuisyons of the porters, Amonge the Corethites: Meselemiahu the sonne of Kore of the chyldren of Asaph. 1 Chronicles 26:2 And the sonnes of Meselemiahu were these: Zachariahu the eldest, Iedihel the seconde, Zebadiahu the thyrde, and Iathniel the fourth, 1 Chronicles 26:3 Elam þe fyfte, Iehohanan the sixt, & Eliocnai the seuenth. 1 Chronicles 26:4 The sonnes of Obed Edom: Semeia the eldest, Iehosabad the seconde, Ioah the thyrde, Sacar the fourth, & Nethanael the fyfte, 1 Chronicles 26:5 Amiel the syxte, Isachar the seuenth, Peulthai the .viij. for God blessed hym. 1 Chronicles 26:6 And vnto Semeia his sonne were sonnes borne, þt ruled in the house of their father, for they were men of myght. 1 Chronicles 26:7 The sonnes of Semeia: Othni, Rephael, Obed and Elzabad & hys brethren were stronge men. Elihu and Samahiahu. 1 Chronicles 26:8 All these were of the chyldren of Obed Edom, they and their children, and their brethren, actiue men and of strength to do seruice, euen .lxii. of Obed Edom. 1 Chronicles 26:9 And Meleniah had sonnes and brethren, actiue men .xviii. 1 Chronicles 26:10 The sonnes of Hosa of the chyldren of Merari: Simri the chefe, & though he was not the eldest, yet his father sett him in þe chefest place. 1 Chronicles 26:11 Helkiahu the seconde, Tebaliahu the thirde, and Zechariahu the fourth: all the sonnes and brethren of Hosa were .xiii. 1 Chronicles 26:12 Amonge these was deuyded the offyce of the portershyppe that they shulde be auncient men, to wayte wyth theyr brethren, whan they mynistred in the house of the Lord.

The gates assigned by lot.

1 Chronicles 26:13 And they cast lottes, betwene the great and small after the houshold of their fathers, for euery gate. 1 Chronicles 26:14 And the lot on the east syde fell vpon Selemeiahu. And for Zachariahu hys sonne (which was a wise counceller) they cast lottes, & hys lot came out towarde the North. 1 Chronicles 26:15 And Obed Edoms lot fell to þe South. And for hys sonnes fell the houses of Asuppim. 1 Chronicles 26:16 For Suphim and Hosa towarde the west, with the gate that stondeth toward the hyer waye: one watch beynge ouer agaynst another. 1 Chronicles 26:17 In the east were syxe Leuites: & towarde the North .iiii. a daye: toward þe South .iiii. a daye, & towarde Asuppim, two & two. 1 Chronicles 26:18 In Pharbar towarde the west: two at þe goyng vp, & two in Pharbar. 1 Chronicles 26:19 These are þe deuisyons of the porters among the sonnes of Koreh & amonge the sonnes of Merari.

The Levites that had charge of the treasures.

1 Chronicles 26:20 And of the Leuites, Ahiah had the ouersyght of the treasure of the house of God, and of the treasure of the dedicat thynges. 1 Chronicles 26:21 As concernyng þe sonnes of Laadan whych were þe chyldren of the Gersonites. Of Laadan came auncient fathers, Euen of Laadan there came Gersuni & Iehieli. 1 Chronicles 26:22 The sonnes of Iehieli: Zethan & Ioel hys brother, which were ouer the treasures of the house of the Lorde. 1 Chronicles 26:23 Of the Amramites also & Izaharites, Hebronites & Ozielites, 1 Chronicles 26:24 was Subuel þe sonne of Gerson the sonne of Moses, a ruler ouer the treasures. 1 Chronicles 26:25 And of his brethren the sonnes of Eliezer, was Rahabiahu, whose sonne was Isaiahu, whose sonne was Ioram, whose sonne was Zichri, whose sonne was Selomith, 1 Chronicles 26:26 whych Selomith and hys brethren were ouer all the treasures of the dedycate thynges, which Dauid the kynge, & the auncient fathers, the capitaynes ouer thousandes & hundredes, & the captaynes of the hoste, 1 Chronicles 26:27 had dedicated out of the spoyles wonne in battels: they dyd dedicate them to mainteyne the house of the Lorde: 1 Chronicles 26:28 & all that Samuel the sear, and Saul the sonne of Cis, and Abner the sonne of Ner, and Ioab the sonne of Zarnia had dedicated, & whosoeuer had dedicate anye thynge, it was vnder the hande of Selomith and of hys brethren.

Officers and judges.

1 Chronicles 26:29 Of þe Izaharites was Chenaniahu & hys sonnes, appoynted to the businesse withoutforth ouer Israel: for they were officers and Iudges. 1 Chronicles 26:30 And of the Hebronites Hasabiahu & his brethren, men of actiuite a thousande & seuen hundred, were officers amonge them of Israel beyond Iordan westward, in all busynesse belonging to God, and seruice of the kynge. 1 Chronicles 26:31 Amonge þe Hebronites was Iedia the chefest, euen a prince among the Hebronites & fathers of hys kynred. And in the fourtye yeare of the kyngdome of Dauid, they were sought for. And there were found amonge them men of actiuite at Iazer in Gilead. 1 Chronicles 26:32 And hys brethren were men of actiuite, euen two thousand & seuen hundred auncient fathers, whom kynge Dauid made rulers ouer the Rubenites, Gaddites, and ouer the halfe trybe of Manasse, for euery matter pertaynynge to God, and for the kynges busynesse.

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