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1 Chronicles 28

David, in a solemn assembly, having declared God's favour to him, and promise to his son Solomon, exhorteth them to fear God.

1 Chronicles 28:1 And Dauid geathered togeather all the Lordes of Israel: þe Lordes of the trybes, the Lordes of the companyes that ministred to the kyng by course, the captaynes ouer the thousandes & ouer the hundredes & the Lordes that had þe ouersyght ouer all the substaunce and possessyon of Dauid, hys sonnes, wyth the chambrelaynes: all the myghtye and valeaunt and all actiue men vnto Ierusalem. 1 Chronicles 28:2 And kynge Dauid stode vp vpon hys fete, and sayde. Heare me my brethren & my people. I had in myne hert to buylde an house of rest for the Arcke of the couenaunt of the Lord, & for þe fote stole of oure God, & had made redye, for the buylding. 1 Chronicles 28:3 But God sayd vnto me: þu shalt not buylde an house for my name, because þu hast bene a man of warre, and hast shed bloud. 1 Chronicles 28:4 Moreouer, the Lord God of Israel chose me before all þe house of my father, to be kinge ouer Israel for euer, for in Iuda wold he chose a captayne: & of þe housholde of Iuda is the house of my father, & amonge the sonnes of my father he had a lust to me, to make me king ouer all Israell. 1 Chronicles 28:5 And of all my sonnes (for þe Lord hath geuen me manye sonnes) he hath chosen Salomon my sonne, to sytt vpon the seat of þe kyngdom of þe Lord in Israel. 1 Chronicles 28:6 And he sayde vnto me: Salomon thy sonne, he shall buyld me an house & courtes, I haue chosen hym to be my sonne, & I wilbe his father. 1 Chronicles 28:7 I will stablyshe his kingdome for euer, If he will be strong to do my commaundmentes, & my lawes, as it goeth this daye. 1 Chronicles 28:8 Now therfore, in the syght of all Israel the congregacyon of þe Lorde, & in the audience of oure God: kepe & seke for all the commaundmentes of the Lord yor God, þt ye maye enioye a good land, & leaue inheritaunce for yor children after you for euer.

He encourageth Solomon to build the Temple.

1 Chronicles 28:9 And þu Salomon my sonne, knowe thou þe God of thy father, and serue hym with a pure hert, and wyth a swete courage. For the Lorde sercheth all hertes, and vnderstandeth all the ymaginacyons of thoughtes. And yf thou seke hym, he wylbe founde of the: But yf thou forsake hym, he wyll cast the of for euer. 1 Chronicles 28:10 Take hede nowe, for þe Lorde hath chosen the, to buylde hym an house of a Sanctuarie. Be stronge therfore, and playe the man.

He giveth him patterns for the form, and gold and silver for the materials.

1 Chronicles 28:11 And Dauid gaue Salomon his sonne the paterne of the porche & of þe houses that longed therto, of the store houses, upper chambres, ynner parloures, & of the house of the mercyeseate: 1 Chronicles 28:12 & the example of all that he had in hys mynde, for the courtes of the house of the Lorde, & for all the celles rounde about, for the treasures of the house of God, and for the treasures of the dedycate thynges, 1 Chronicles 28:13 & for the diuisyons of the preastes and Leuites that wayted by course, & for all the workemanshyp, that shulde serue for the house of the Lorde, & for all the vesselles that shulde serue in the house of the Lorde. 1 Chronicles 28:14 For golde & for the wayght of golde, for all vesselles of sondrye ministracions: for all maner of vesselles of syluer in weyght, & for all vesselles, whatsoeuer purpose they serued vnto. 1 Chronicles 28:15 The wayght of golde for the candelstyckes, and the golde for their lampes, with the wayght for euery candelstycke, & for the lampes therof. And for the candelstyckes of syluer by wayght, both for the candelstycke and also for her lampes accordinge to the diuersite of þe vse of euery candelstyck. 1 Chronicles 28:16 And by wayght golde for the tables of shewe breed, euen for euery table: and lyke wyse syluer for the tables of syluer. 1 Chronicles 28:17 And golde for fleshehokes, cuppes and drynckyng pottes: And pute golde in wayght for basens, euen for euery basen. And lykewyse syluer by wayght, for euery basen of syluer. 1 Chronicles 28:18 And for the aulter of incense, pure golde by wayght. And gold for the paterne of the charett of the Cherubes þt stretched out their wynges, and couered the Arcke of þe couenaunt of the Lord. 1 Chronicles 28:19 All (sayde Dauid) was geuen me by wrytynge of the hande of the Lorde, whych made me vnderstande all the workmanshyp of the paterne.

He encourageth Solomon to build the Temple.

1 Chronicles 28:20 And Dauid sayde to Salomon hys sonne: Be stronge, and do manfully, feare not, nor be faynt harted. For the Lorde God, euen my God, is wyth the, and he shall not fayle the, nor forsake the, vntyll thou hast fynysshed all the worke that must serue for þe house of the Lord. 1 Chronicles 28:21 Beholde, the preastes and Leuites are deuided in companyes, for all maner of seruyce that pertayneth to the house of God: they are wyth the for all maner of workmanshyp, and so are all that excell in wysedome for any maner of seruyce. Thou hast also the Lordes and all the people for euery thynge that thou hast nede of.

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