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1 Kings 11

Solomon's wives and concubines.

1 Kings 11:1 But kynge Salomon loued many outelandishe wemen: and the daughter of Pharao: and wemen of the Moabites, Ammonites, Edomites, Zidonites, and Hethites. 1 Kings 11:2 Where as yet (concernynge these nacyons) the Lorde sayde vnto the chyldren of Israell: come not ye at them, nor let them come at you: elles wyll they turne youre hertes after theyr goddes. Neuerthelesse, Salomon claue vnto them in loue. 1 Kings 11:3 And he had seuen hundred Quenes, and thre hundred concubines, and his wyues. turned a waye his hert.

In his old age they draw him to idolatry.

1 Kings 11:4 For it came to passe, when Salomon was olde, hys wyues turned his herte after other Gods: and his herte was not perfecte with the Lord his God, as was the herte of Dauid his father: 1 Kings 11:5 for Salomon folowed Astaroth the God of the Zidons, and Milcom, the abhominacion of the Ammonites. 1 Kings 11:6 And Salomon wrought wyckednesse in the sight of the Lorde, & folowed not the Lorde perfectly, as dyd Dauid hys father. 1 Kings 11:7 For than did Salomon buylde an hye place for Chamos the abominacyon of Moab, in the hyll that is before Ierusalem, & vnto Moloch the abhominacyon of the chyldren of Ammon. 1 Kings 11:8 And lykewise dyd he for all his out landishe wyues, which burnt incense and offered vnto theyr gods.

God threateneth him.

1 Kings 11:9 And the Lorde was angrye with Salomon, because hys hert was turned from the Lorde God of Israel which had appeared vnto him twyse, 1 Kings 11:10 and gaue him a charge (concerninge this thinge) that he shuld not folowe other gods. But he kepte not that, which the Lorde commaunded him, 1 Kings 11:11 wherfore the Lord sayde vnto Salomon: for as moch as this is done of the, and thou hast not kepte myne appoyntment, and my statutes (which I commaunded the) I wyll rent the kyngdome from the, and wyll geue it to thy seruaunt. 1 Kings 11:12 Notwithstandynge in thy dayes I will not do it because of Dauid thy father but will take it from the hande of thy sonne. 1 Kings 11:13 Howbeit, I will not take awaye all þe kyngdome: but will geue one trybe to thy sonne, because of Dauid my seruaunt, and because of Ierusalem which I haue chosen.

Solomon's adversaries were Hadad, who was entertained in Egypt,

1 Kings 11:14 And the Lorde stered vp an aduersarye vnto Salomon: euen one Hadad an Edomite of the kynges sede, which was in Edom. 1 Kings 11:15 For when Dauid was in Edom, and Ioab the captayne of the hoste was gone vp to burye them that were slayne, he smote all the men chyldren in Edom. 1 Kings 11:16 For syxe monethes dyd Ioab remayne there and all Israel, tyll he had destroyed all the men chyldren in Edom. 1 Kings 11:17 And thys Hadad fled and certen other Edomites of hys fathers seruauntes with him, to come into Egipte: Hadad beyng yet a lytle chylde. 1 Kings 11:18 And they arose out of Madian, and came to Paran, and toke men with them out of Paran and came to Egypte vnto Pharao kynge of Egipte, which gaue him an house, & appoynted him vitayles, and gaue him lande. 1 Kings 11:19 And Hadad gat greate fauoure in þe syght of Pharao, so that he gaue hym to wyfe the syster of his awne wyfe, euen the syster of Thahpenes the quene. 1 Kings 11:20 And þe sister of Thahpenes bare him Genubath his sonne, whom Thahpenes norisshed in Pharaos house. And Genubath was of Pharaos householde amonge the sonnes of Pharao. 1 Kings 11:21 And when Hadad hearde in Egypte, that Dauid was layde to slepe wyth hys fathers, and that Ioab the captayne of þe host was deed also, he sayd to Pharao: let me departe, that I maye go to myne awne contreye. 1 Kings 11:22 Pharao sayde vnto hym: what hast thou lacked here with me, þt thou woldest thus go to thine awne contreye? He answered. Nothing. Howbeit, let me go

Rezon, who reigned in Damascus,

1 Kings 11:23 And God stered him vp an other aduersary, one Rezon the sonne of Eliada, whyche fled from his Lorde Hodadezer kynge of Zoba. 1 Kings 11:24 And he gathered men vnto hym, and became captayne ouer the companye, when Dauid slewe them. And they went to Damasco, and dwelt there, and raigned in Damasco: 1 Kings 11:25 Therfore was he an aduersarye to Israel all the dayes of Salomon. And this was þe myschefe, in that Hadad dyd abhorre Israel, and raygned ouer Syria

and Jeroboam, to whom Ahijah prophesied.

1 Kings 11:26 And Ieroboam the sonne of Nebat an Ephrathite of Zareda (whose mother was called Zeruah, which was a wydowe, and he Salomons seruaunt) lyfte vp his hande agaynst the kynge. 1 Kings 11:27 But this was the cause, that he lyfte vp his hande agaynst the kyng. Salomon buylte Mello, & mended the broken places of the cytie of Dauid his father. 1 Kings 11:28 And this felowe Ieroboam was a man of warre. And Salomon sawe the younge man, that he was able to do the worke, he made hym ruler ouer all þe tribute of þe house of Ioseph. 1 Kings 11:29 And it chaunced at that ceason, that Ieroboam went out of Ierusalem, and the prophete Ahiah the Silonite mett him by the waye hauynge a newe mantell on hym, and they two were alone in the felde. 1 Kings 11:30 And Ahiah caught the newe mantell that was on hym and rent it in twelue peces, 1 Kings 11:31 and sayde to Ieroboam take the ten peces. For thus sayth the Lorde God of Israel: behold, I wyll rent the kyngdome oute of the handes of Salomon, and wyll geue ten tribes to the 1 Kings 11:32 and he shall haue one, for my seruaunte Dauids sake and for Ierusalem the cytie whyche I haue chosen out of all the trybes of Israel: 1 Kings 11:33 because they haue forsaken me, and haue worshypped vnto Astharoth the God of the Zidons, & Chamos the God of the Moabites, and Milcom the God of the chyldren of Ammon, and haue not walked in my wayes (to fulfyll my pleasure, my statutes and my lawes) as dyd Dauid hys father. 1 Kings 11:34 I wyll not take the whole kyngdome out of his hande: but wyll make hym chefe all hys lyfe longe, for Dauid my seruauntes sake, whom I chose: because he kepte my commaundementes and my statutes. 1 Kings 11:35 But I wyll take the kyngdome out of his sonnes hande, & wyll geue it vnto the, euen ten tribes of it: 1 Kings 11:36 and vnto hys sonne wyll I geue one trybe, þt Dauid my seruaunt maye haue a lyght allwaye before me in Ierusalem, the cytie which I haue chosen me, to put my name there. 1 Kings 11:37 And I wyll take the, & thou shalt raygne accordynge to all that thy soule desyreth, & shalt be kynge ouer Israel. 1 Kings 11:38 And yf thou herken vnto all that I commaunde the, & wylt walke in my wayes & do that is ryght in my syght, that thou kepe my statutes and my commaundementes (as Dauid my seruaunt dyd) then wyll I be with the, & buylde the a sure house that shall contynewe, as I buylte for my seruaunt Dauid, and wyll geue Israel vnto the 1 Kings 11:39 And I wyll for thys offence (which Salomon hath commytted) vexe the seede of Dauid, but not for euer. 1 Kings 11:40 Salomon sought therfore to kyll Ieroboam, and Ieroboam arose, and fled into Egypte vnto Sisak kynge of Egypte, and continued there in Egypte vntyll the deeth of Salomon.

Solomon's acts, reign, and death: Rehoboam succeedeth him.

1 Kings 11:41 The rest of the wordes that concerne Salomon, and all that he dyd, and hys wysdome: are they not wrytten in the boke of the wordes of Salomon? 1 Kings 11:42 The tyme that Salomon raygned in Ierusalem vpon all Israel, was fourtye yere. 1 Kings 11:43 And Salomon slepte and he layde him with hys fathers, and was buryed in the cytie of Dauid his father, and Rehoboam his sonne raygned in hys steade.

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