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1 Kings 14

Abijah being sick, Jeroboam sendeth his wife disguised with presents to the prophet Ahijah at Shiloh.

1 Kings 14:1 At that tyme Abia the sonne of Ieroboam fell sycke. 1 Kings 14:2 And Ieroboam sayde vnto hys wyfe: vp (I praye the) and disguyse thy selfe, that thou be not knowen to be the wyfe of Ieroboam, and get the to Silo. For ther is Ahia the Prophete which tolde me that I shulde be kynge ouer thys people. 1 Kings 14:3 And take with the ten loues, and cracknelles, and a cruse of honye, and go to him: that he maye tell the what shall become of the childe. 1 Kings 14:4 And Ieroboams wyfe dyd so: and arose, and went to Silo, and came to the house of Ahia. But Ahia coulde not se, for hys eyes were waxen dymme for age.

Ahijah, forewarned by God, denounceth God's judgment.

1 Kings 14:5 And the Lorde sayde vnto Ahia: beholde, the wyfe of Ieroboam cometh, to aske a thinge of the for her sonne, for he is sycke. But thus shalt thou saye vnto her. And when she came in, she feyned her selfe to be a nother woman. 1 Kings 14:6 But when Ahia hearde the sounde of her fete as she came in at the dore, he sayde: come in thou wyfe of Ieroboam, why feynest thou thy selfe so, to be another? I am sent to the to shewe the heuy thinges. 1 Kings 14:7 Go, tell Ieroboam, thus sayth the Lorde God of Israel. It repenteth me for as moche as I exalted the from amonge the people, and made the prynce ouer my people Israel. 1 Kings 14:8 I dyd rent the kyngdome awaye from the house of Dauid and gaue it the: Neuertheles, thou hast not bene as my seruaunt Dauid, which kepte my commaundementes, and folowed me wyth all hys herte, to do þt whych is ryght in myne eyes: 1 Kings 14:9 but hast done euyll, aboue all that were before the: for thou hast gone, and made the other goddes, and molten ymages, to prouoke me, and hast cast me behynde thy backe: therfore beholde, 1 Kings 14:10 I wyll brynge euell vpon the house of Ieroboam, and wyll rote out from Ieroboam euen hym that pysseth agaynste the wall and hym that is in preson and forsaken in Israel, and wyll take awaye the remnaunt of the house of Ieroboam, as a man taketh awaye donge, tyll he hath caryed out all. 1 Kings 14:11 Whosoeuer (of Ieroboams house) dye in the towne, hym shall the dogges eate: & he þt dieth in the felde, shall the fowles of the ayre eate: for the Lorde hath sayde it. 1 Kings 14:12 Up therfore and gett the to thyne house. Beholde, whan thy fote entereth into the cytie, þe chylde shall dye. 1 Kings 14:13 And all they of Israel shall mourne for him, and burye him: for he onely of Ieroboam, shall come to the sepulchre, because in hym there is founde goodnesse towarde the Lorde God of Israel in the house of Ieroboam. 1 Kings 14:14 Moreouer, the Lorde shall stere hym vp a kynge ouer Israel, which shall destroye the house of Ieroboam in that daye. But what is it now? 1 Kings 14:15 For the Lorde shall smyte Israell, as whan a rede is shaken in the water and he shall wede Israel out of thys good lande (which he gaue to theyr fathers,) and shall skatter them beyonde the ryuer, because they haue made them Idoles groues, and angred the Lorde. 1 Kings 14:16 And he shall geue Israel vp, becuase of the synnes of Ieroboam, which dyd synne, and made Israel to synne.

Abijah dieth, and is buried.

1 Kings 14:17 And Ieroboams wyfe arose, and departed, and came to Thirzah, and whan she came to the thresholde of the dore, the chylde was deed. 1 Kings 14:18 And all Israel buryed hym, and lamented him, accordynge to the worde of þe Lorde which he spake by the hande of hys seruaunt Ahia the Prophete.

Nabab succeedeth Jeroboam.

1 Kings 14:19 And the rest of the wordes that concerne Ieroboam, howe he warred, and howe he raygned. Beholde they are wrytten in the boke of the Cronicles of the kynges of Israel. 1 Kings 14:20 And the dayes which Ieroboam raygned, were .xxii. yere. And whan he was layed aslepe with hys fathers, Nadab his sonne raygned in his steade.

Rehoboam's wicked reign.

1 Kings 14:21 Rehoboam the sonne of Salomon raygned in Iuda, and Rehoboam was .xli. yere olde when he beganne to raygne, and he raygned .xvij. yere in Ierusalem (the cytie which the Lorde dyd chose out of all the trybes of Israel, to put his name there.) His mothers name was Naama an Ammonite. 1 Kings 14:22 And Iuda wrought wickednesse in the syght of the Lorde, and angred him in moo thinges then their fathers dyd, in their synnes, which they synned. 1 Kings 14:23 For they also made them hyll aulters, Images, & Idols groues on euery hye hyll, & vnder euery thick tre. 1 Kings 14:24 And there was a stues of male chyldren in the lande, & they dyd accordinge to all the abhominacions of the nacions which the Lorde cast out before the chyldren of Israel.

Shishak spoileth Jerusalem.

1 Kings 14:25 And it fortuned, that in the fyft yere of kynge Rehoboam: Sisack kynge of Egypte came vp agaynst Ierusalem, 1 Kings 14:26 and toke awaye the treasures of þe house of the Lorde, & the treasures of the kynges house, & spoyled all that was to be had. And he toke awaye the shyldes of golde which Salomon had made. 1 Kings 14:27 In whose steade kynge Rehoboam made brasen shyldes, and committed them vnto the handes of the kepynge of the captaines of the garde, which wayted at the dore of the kynges house. 1 Kings 14:28 And whan the kynge went into the house of the Lord, they of the garde bare them, and brought them agayne into the garde chambre.

Abijam succeedeth Rehoboam.

1 Kings 14:29 The rest of the wordes that concerne Rehoboam, and all þt he dyd, are they not wrytten in the boke of the Cronicles of the kynges of Iuda? 1 Kings 14:30 And there was warre betwene Rehoboam and Ieroboam all theyr lyues. 1 Kings 14:31 And Rehoboam slepte with his fathers, and was buried besyde his fathers in the cytie of Dauid. Hys mothers name was Naama an Ammonite. And Abiam hys sonne raygned in hys steade.

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