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1 Kings 15

Abijam's wicked reign.

1 Kings 15:1 In the .xviij. yere of kynge Ieroboam the sonne of Nabat, raygned Abiam ouer Iuda. 1 Kings 15:2 Thre yere raygned he in Ierusalem and hys mothers name was Maacha the daughter of Abisalom. 1 Kings 15:3 And he walked in all the synnes of his father, which he had done before hym and hys hert was not perfect with the Lord hys God as the hert of Dauid his father. 1 Kings 15:4 Neuerthelesse for Dauids sake dyd the Lord hys God geue hym a lyght in Ierusalem, that he sett vp his sonne after hym, and to stablisshe Ierusalem: 1 Kings 15:5 because Dauid dyd that which was ryght in the syght of þe Lorde, and turned from nothinge that he commaunded hym all the dayes of hys lyfe saue onely in the matter of Urias the Hethite. 1 Kings 15:6 And there was warre betwene Rehoboam and Ieroboam as longe as he lyued. 1 Kings 15:7 The rest of the wordes that concerne Abiam, and all that he dyd, are they not wrytten in the boke of the Cronicles of the kynges of Iuda? And ther was warre betwene Abiam and Ieroboam.

Asa succeedeth him.

1 Kings 15:8 And Abiam slepte with hys fathers, and they buryed hym in the cytie of Dauid. And Asa his sonne raygned in his steade.

Asa's good reign.

1 Kings 15:9 In the .xx. yere of Ieroboam kynge of Israel, raygned Asa ouer Iuda 1 Kings 15:10 .xli. yere raygned he in Hierusalem, & hys mothers name was Maacha, the daughter of Abisalom. 1 Kings 15:11 And Asa dyd that semed ryght in the eyes of the Lorde, as dyd Dauid his father. 1 Kings 15:12 And he toke awaye the whore kepers out of the lande, and put awaye all the abhominable Idols that his fathers had made. 1 Kings 15:13 And he put downe Maacha hys mother from berynge rule, because she had made ymages in groues. And Asa destroyed her ymages, and burnt them by the broke Cedron. 1 Kings 15:14 But þe hillaulters were not put downe. Neuerthelesse Asaes herte was perfecte with the Lord all his dayes. 1 Kings 15:15 He brought in the holy vessels of his father, (& þt he had dedicat) vnto þe house of the Lorde: golde & syluer, & Iewelles.

The war between Baasha and him causeth him to make a league with Ben-hadad.

1 Kings 15:16 And there was warre betwene Asa & Baasa kynge of Israell all theyr dayes. 1 Kings 15:17 And Baasa kynge of Israel, went vp agaynst Iuda, & buylt Rama, so þt he wolde let none go out or in, to Asa kynge of Iuda. 1 Kings 15:18 Then Asa toke all the syluer & golde, that was lefte in the treasures of the house of the Lorde, & the treasures of the kynges house, and delyuered them vnto the handes of hys seruauntes, & Asa sent them to Benhadad the sonne of Tabrimon the sonne of Hezion kynge of Siria, (that dwelt at Damasco,) sayenge: 1 Kings 15:19 there is a bonde betwene me & the, betwene my father and thy father. And beholde, I haue sent vnto the a present of syluer & golde þt thou come & breake the bonde þt thou hast wt Baasa kynge of Israell, that he maye departe from me. 1 Kings 15:20 So Benhadad herkened vnto kyng Asa, and sent the captaynes of the hostes (which he had) agaynst the cyties of Israel, & smote Hion, & Dan, & Abel, Beth Macah, & all the region of Ceneroth with all the lande of Nephthali. 1 Kings 15:21 And when Baasa heard therof, he lefte buylding of Rama & dwelt in Thirza. 1 Kings 15:22 Then kyng Asa made a proclamacyon thorowout all Iuda, þt none shuld be excused. And so they toke the stones of Ramah & the tymber (wherwith Baasa had buylded,) & kyng Asa buylt with them the hyll of BenIamin and Mizpa.

Jehoshaphat succeedeth Asa.

1 Kings 15:23 The remnaunt of all the wordes that concerne Asa, and all hys myght and all that he dyd, & the cyties whych he buylded, are they not wrytten in the boke of the chronicles of the kynges of Iuda? Neuerthelesse in hys olde age he was diseased in hys fete. 1 Kings 15:24 And Asa slepte wyth hys fathers, & was buryed besyde his fathers in the cytie of Dauid hys father. And Iehosaphat his sonne raygned in his steade.

Nadab's wicked reign.

1 Kings 15:25 And Nadab the sonne of Ieroboam beganne to raygne vpon Israel the seconde yere of Asa kynge of Iuda, and raygned vpon Israel two yere. 1 Kings 15:26 And he dyd euell in the syght of the Lorde, walkynge in the waye of hys father and in hys synne wherwith he made Israel synne.

Baasha conspiring against him executeth Ahijah's prophecy.

1 Kings 15:27 And Baasa the sonne of Ahia (whych was of the house of Isachar) conspired agaynst hym, and Baasa smote him at Gibbethon which is a cytie of the Philistines: for Nadab & all Israel layed seage to Gibbethon. 1 Kings 15:28 Euen in the thirde yere of Asa kynge of Iuda, dyd Baasa slaye him, and raygned in his steade. 1 Kings 15:29 And it fortuned that whan he was kyng, he smot all þe house of Ieroboam, and lefte him naught that breathed, vntyll he had put hym cleane out, accordyng vnto the sayeng of the Lord, which he spake by his seruaunt Ahia the Selonite: 1 Kings 15:30 because of the synnes of Ieroboam wherwyth he synned and made Israel synne, whan he wyth hys prouocacyon angred the Lorde God of Israel.

Nadab's acts and death.

1 Kings 15:31 The rest of the wordes that concerne Nadab, and all that he dyd, are they not wrytten in the boke of the chronicles of the kynges of Israel? 1 Kings 15:32 And there was warre betwene Asa and Baasa kynge of Israel all theyr dayes.

Baasha's wicked reign.

1 Kings 15:33 So in the thyrde yere of Asa kynge of Iuda, began Baasa the sonne of Ahia to raygne ouer all Israell in Thirza .xxiiij. yeare. 1 Kings 15:34 And he dyd þt which is euell in the syght of þe Lorde, walkynge in the waye of Ieroboam, & in his synne, which made Israel to synne.

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