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1 Kings 19

Elijah, threatened by Jezebel, fleeth to Beer-sheba.

1 Kings 19:1 And Ahab tolde Iezabel, all that Elia had done, and howe he had slayne all the prophetes wyth the swerde. 1 Kings 19:2 Then Iezabel sent a messenger vnto Elia, sayenge: so & so let the goddes do to me, yf I make not thy soule lyke one of theyrs, by to morowe thys tyme. 1 Kings 19:3 When he sawe that, he arose & went for his lyfe and came to Beerseba in Iuda, & left his seruaunt there.

In the wilderness, being weary of his life, he is comforted by an angel.

1 Kings 19:4 But he hym selfe went a dayes iourney into the wyldernesse, and came and satt downe vnder a Iuniper tree, and desyred for his soule; that he myght dye, and sayde, it is nowe ynough (O Lorde) take my soule, for I am not better then my fathers. 1 Kings 19:5 And as he laye and slepte vnder the Iuniper tree: beholde, an Angell touched hym, and sayde vnto hym: vp, and eate. 1 Kings 19:6 And whan he loked aboute hym: beholde, there was a loaffe of broyled breade & a vessell of water at his heed. And he dyd eate and drincke, and layde him downe agayne to slepe. 1 Kings 19:7 And the Angell of the Lorde came agayne the seconde tyme, and touched him, and sayde: vp, and eate, for thou hast yet a great iourneye. 1 Kings 19:8 And he arose, and dyd eate and dryncke, and walked in the strength of that meate fourtye dayes & fourtye nyghtes, euen vnto Horeb the mount of God.

At Horeb God appeareth unto him, sending him to anoint Hazael, Jehu, and Elisha.

1 Kings 19:9 Whan he came thether into a caue, he lodged there in, all nyght. And beholde, the worde of the Lorde came to him & sayde vnto hym: what doest þu here Elia? 1 Kings 19:10 And he answered. I haue bene gelous for the Lorde God of Hostes sake. For the chyldren of Israel haue forsaken thy couenant, broken downe thyne aulters and slayne thy prophetes with the swerde, and I onlye am lefte, and they seke my lyfe to take it awaye. 1 Kings 19:11 And he sayde: come out & stande vpon the mount, before the Lord. And beholde þe Lorde went by, & a myghtie stronge wynde that rent the mountaynes & brake the rockes before the Lorde. But the Lorde was not in the wynde. And after the winde came an erth quake. But the Lorde was not in the erthe quake. 1 Kings 19:12 And after the erthe quake, came fire: but the Lord was not in the fyre. And after the fyre, came a small styll voyce. 1 Kings 19:13 And when Elia hearde it, he couered his face with hys mantle, & went out & stode in the entringe in of the caue. And beholde, there came a voyce vnto him, & sayd. what doest thou here Elia? 1 Kings 19:14 And he answered. I haue bene gelouse for þe Lorde God of Hostes sake: because the chyldren of Israel haue forsaken thy couenaunt, cast downe thyne aulters, & slayne thy prophetes with the swerde, & I only am lefte, & they seke my lyfe to take it awaye. 1 Kings 19:15 And the Lorde sayde vnto him: go & turne thy waye to the wildernesse vnto Damasco, that thou mayest annoynte Hazael, kynge ouer Siria. 1 Kings 19:16 And Iehu þe sonne of Nimsi, shalt thou annoynte kyng ouer Israel. And Elysa the sonne of Saphat of Abel Meholoh shalt þu annoynte to be prophete in thy rowme. 1 Kings 19:17 And it shall come to passe that whoso escapeth þe swerde of Hazael, hym shall Iehu slaye: and yf any man scape the swerde of Iehu, hym shall Elisa put to death. 1 Kings 19:18 And therto I haue lefte me seuen thousande in Israel, of whych neuer man bowed his knees vnto Baal, nor kyssed him wyth hys mouthe.

Elisha, taking leave of his friends, followeth Elijah.

1 Kings 19:19 So he departed thence, & founde Elisa the sonne of Saphat plowyng, & hauyng twelue yocke of oxen before him, & he wt the twelue. And Elia went by him, & cast his mantell vpon him. 1 Kings 19:20 And he lefte the oxen, & ranne after Elia & sayde: let me I praye the, kysse my father & my mother, & then I will folow þe. He sayd vnto him: go backe agayne, for what is it, þt I haue done to þe? 1 Kings 19:21 And whan he went backe agayne from him, he toke a couple of oxen, & slue them, and dressed the fleshe wyth the instrumentes of the oxen, & gaue vnto the people, and they dyd eate. And then he arose, & went after Elia, and mynistred vnto hym.

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