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1 Kings 3

Solomon marrieth Pharaoh's daughter.

1 Kings 3:1 Salomon made affinite with Pharao kynge of Egypt, & toke Pharaos daughter, and brought her into the cytie of Dauid, vntyll he had made an ende of buyldinge his awne house, & the house of the Lord, and the wall of Ierusalem rounde about.

High places being in use, Solomon sacrificeth at Gibeon.

1 Kings 3:2 Onely the people sacrificed in aultars made on hylles, because there was no house buylte vnto the name of þe Lord, vntill those dayes. 1 Kings 3:3 And Salomon loued þe Lorde, and walked in the ordynaunces of Dauid hys father, saue onely that he sacrificed and offered incense vpon aultares in hylles. 1 Kings 3:4 And the kyng went to Gibeon, to offer there: for that was a speciall offerynge place. A thousand burnt offeringes dyd Salomon offre vpon that aultare:

Solomon at Gibeon, in the choice which God gave him, preferring wisdom, obtaineth wisdom, riches and honour.

1 Kings 3:5 and in Gibeon the Lorde apeared to Salomon in a dreame by nyght. And God sayde: aske what thou wylt, that I maye geue it the. 1 Kings 3:6 And Salomon sayde: thou haste shewed vnto thy seruaunt Dauid my father great mercy, when he walked before the in trueth, in ryghtewesnes, & in playnesse of hert with the. And thou hast kepte for hym this greate mercy, that þu hast geuen hym a sonne, to sytt on hys seate: as it is come to passe thys daye. 1 Kings 3:7 And nowe, O Lord my God, it is thou þt hast made thy seruaunt kynge in steade of Dauid my father, And I am but yonge, and wote not howe to go out and in. 1 Kings 3:8 And thy seruaunt is in the myddes of thy people, which thou haste chosen. And verely, the people are so manye, that they cannot be tolde nor nombred for multitude. 1 Kings 3:9 Geue therfore vnto thy seruaunt an vnderstandynge hert, to iudge thy people, þt I maye decerne betwene good and bad. For who is able to iudge thys, thy so myghtye a people? 1 Kings 3:10 And thys pleased the Lorde well, þt Salomon had desyred thys thynge. 1 Kings 3:11 And God sayde vnto him: because thou hast asked this thynge, and hast not asked longe lyfe, nether hast asked ryches, nor the soule of thyne enemyes, but hast asked vnderstandynge and discrecyon in iudgement. 1 Kings 3:12 Beholde, I haue done accordynge to thy peticyon. For I haue geuen the a wyse and an vnderstandynge herte, so that there was none like the before the, nether after the shal eny aryse lyke vnto the. 1 Kings 3:13 And I haue also geuen the, that which thou hast not asked, euen rychesse and honoure, so that there shalbe no kynge lyke vnto the all thy dayes. 1 Kings 3:14 And yf þu wylt walke in my wayes, to kepe myne ordinaunces and my commaundmentes, as thy father Dauid dyd walke, I will lengthen thy dayes. When Salomon awoke, behold, it was a dreame. 1 Kings 3:15 And he came to Ierusalem and stode before the arck of the testament of the Lorde, and offered burntofferynges and peace offerynges, and made a feaste to all his seruauntes.

Solomon's judgment between the two harlots maketh him renowned.

1 Kings 3:16 Then came there two wemen, that were harlottes, vnto the kynge. and stode before hym. 1 Kings 3:17 And the one woman sayde: Oh my Lorde, I and thys woman dwell in one house. And I was delyuered of a chyld with her in the house. 1 Kings 3:18 And the thyrde daye after that I was delyuered, she was delyuered also: and we were together, and no straunger with vs in the house, saue we two. 1 Kings 3:19 And thys wyues chyde dyed in the nyght, for she smothered it. 1 Kings 3:20 And she rose at mydnyght, and toke my sonne from my syde, whyle thyne handemayde slepte, and layde it in her bosome, and putt her deed chylde in my bosome. 1 Kings 3:21 And when I rose vp to geue my chylde sucke: beholde, it was deed. But whan I had loked vpon it in the mornynge, beholde, it was not my sonne, which I dyd beare. 1 Kings 3:22 The other woman sayde: it is not so: but my sonne lyueth, and thy sonne is deed. And she sayde agayne: No, but thy sonne is deed, and my sonne is alyue. And thus they pleated before the kynge. 1 Kings 3:23 Then sayde the kyng: the one sayth, this that is alyue is my sonne: and the deed is thyne. And the other saythe, naye: but thy sonne is the deed, & the lyuinge chylde is myne, 1 Kings 3:24 And the kynge sayde: bryng me a swearde. And they brought out a swearde before the kynge. 1 Kings 3:25 And the kynge sayde. Deuyde the lyuinge chylde in two, and geue the one halfe to the one, and the other to the other. 1 Kings 3:26 Then spake the woman, whose the lyuynge chylde was, vnto the kynge, for her bowelles yerned vpon her sonne, and sayde: I beseche the my Lorde, geue her the lyuyng chylde, and in no wyse sleye it. But the other sayd: let it be nether myne nor thyne, but deuyde it. 1 Kings 3:27 Then the kynge answered and sayd: geue her the lyuing chylde, and sley it not: for she is the mother therof. 1 Kings 3:28 And all they of Israel hearde of the iudgement, which the kynge hath iudged, and feared the kynge: for they sawe that the wysdome of God was in hym, to do iustice.

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