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1 Kings 5

Hiram, sending to congratulate Solomon, is certified of his purpose to build the Temple, and desired to furnish him with timber thereto.

1 Kings 5:1 And Hiram kinge of Tire sent his seruauntes vnto Salomon, for he had heard, þt they had anoynted hym kynge in the rowme of hys father. For Hiram was euer a louer of Dauid. 1 Kings 5:2 And Salomon sent to Hiram, saying: 1 Kings 5:3 thou knowest how that Dauid my father coulde not builde an house vnto the name of the Lorde hys God, for the warres which were aboute him on euery side, vntyll the Lorde putt them vnder the soles of hys fete. 1 Kings 5:4 But nowe the Lorde my God hath geuen me rest on euery syde, so that there is nether aduersarye, nor anye euyll plage. 1 Kings 5:5 And behold, I am determined to buyld an house vnto the name of the Lorde my God, as the Lorde spake vnto Dauid my father sayinge: thy sonne whom I wyll set vpon thy seate for þe, he shall buylde an house vnto my name. 1 Kings 5:6 Nowe therfore, commaunde thou that they hewe me Cedar trees out of Libanon. And my seruauntes shalbe with thyne, and vnto the, wyll I geue þe hyre for thy seruauntes, accordynge to all soche thynges as thou shalt appoynte, for thou knowest that ther are not amonge vs, that can skyll to hewe tymber, lyke vnto the Sidones.

Hiram, blessing God for Solomon, and requesting food for his family, furnisheth him with trees.

1 Kings 5:7 Whan Hiram heard the wordes of Salomon, he reioysed greatly, & sayd. Blessed be þe Lord this daye which hath geuen vnto dauid a wyse sonne ouer this myghty people. 1 Kings 5:8 And Hiram sent to Salomon, saying: I haue consydred the thynges which thou sentest to me for: & will accomplysh all thy desyre, concerning tymbre of Cedar trees and fyrre. 1 Kings 5:9 My seruauntes shall bryng them from Libanon to the see. And I will conuey them by ship vnto þe place that thou shalt shewe me: & wyll cause them to be discharged there, and thou shalt receaue them. And thou shalt do me a pleasure agayne yf thou minystre fode for myne house. 1 Kings 5:10 And so Hiram gaue Salomon cedar trees & firre trees, accordyng to all hys desyre. 1 Kings 5:11 And Salomon gaue Hiram .xx.M. quarters of whete for fode to his housholde, and twentye buttes of pure oyle. Thus much gaue Salomon to Hiram yeare by yeare. 1 Kings 5:12 And the Lorde gaue Salomon wisdome as he promised him. And ther was peace betwene Hiram and Salomon: & they two were confedered together.

The number of Solomon's workmen and labourers.

1 Kings 5:13 And king Salomon reysed a some out of all Israel. And the some was thirtye thousande men, 1 Kings 5:14 whom he sent to Libanon .x.M. a moneth by coursse, so that when they had bene one moneth in Libanon, they abode two monethes at home. And Adoniram was ouer the some. 1 Kings 5:15 And Salomon had thre score and ten thousande that bare burthens, and foure score thousand masons in the mountaynes, 1 Kings 5:16 besydes the lordes, whom Salomon appoynted to ouer se the worke, euen thre thousand and thre hundred, which ruled the people þt wrought in the worke. 1 Kings 5:17 And the kynge commaunded them to bryng great stones, weighty stones and hewed stones for the foundacion of the house. 1 Kings 5:18 And Salomons masons and the masons of Hiram dyd hewe them, wt the workmen of the corners. And so they prepared both tymbre & stones for the buildyng of þe house.

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