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1 Samuel 12

Samuel testifieth his integrity.

1 Samuel 12:1 Samuel sayd vnto all Israel: beholde, I haue herkened vnto your voyce in all that ye sayde vnto me, & haue made you a kynge. 1 Samuel 12:2 Nowe therfore, youre kynge walketh before you. And I am olde and graye headed: and behold, my sonnes are with you, and I haue walked before you from my childehode vnto thys daye. 1 Samuel 12:3 Beholde, here I am: beare recorde of me before the Lorde and before hys anoynted: Whose oxe haue I taken? or whose Asse haue I taken? whom haue I done wrong to? Whom haue I hurt? Or of whose hande haue I receaued any brybe, to blynde myne eyes therwyth? & I wyll restore it you agayne. 1 Samuel 12:4 They sayde: thou hast done vs no wronge, nor hurt vs, nether hast thou taken ought of any mannes hande. 1 Samuel 12:5 He sayde vnto them agayne: the Lord is witnesse agaynst you, & hys anoynted is wytnesse thys daye, þt ye haue founde naught in my handes. And they answered: he is wytnesse.

He reproveth the people of ingratitude.

1 Samuel 12:6 And Samuel sayd vnto the people: it is the Lorde, þt made Moses & Aaron, & þt brought youre fathers out of the lande of Egypte. 1 Samuel 12:7 Nowe therfore stande still, þt I maye reason wt you before the Lorde, accordyng to all the ryghtousnesses of the Lord, which he shewed both you and youre fathers. 1 Samuel 12:8 After þt Iacob was come into Egypte, and youre fathers cryed vnto the Lorde the Lorde sent Moses & Aaron, which brought your fathers out of Egipt, & made them dwell in this place. 1 Samuel 12:9 And whan they forgat the lord their God, he delyuered them into the hand of Sisara captaine of the hoost of Hazor and into the hande of the Philistynes, and into the hande of the kynge of Moab, and they fought agaynst them. 1 Samuel 12:10 And they cryed vnto the Lorde, & sayde: we haue synned, because we haue forsaken the Lorde, and haue serued Baalim and Astharoth. Nowe therfore delyuer vs out of the handes of oure enemyes and we wyll serue the. 1 Samuel 12:11 And the Lorde sent Ierobaal Badan Iephthah, & Samuel, and delyuered you out of the handes of youre enemyes on euery syde, and ye dwelled safe. 1 Samuel 12:12 And for all that, when you sawe that Nahas the kyng of the chyldren of Ammon cam agaynst you, ye sayde vnto me: not so but a kyng shall raigne ouer vs, when yet the Lorde youre God was youre kynge. 1 Samuel 12:13 Nowe therfore, beholde, the kinge whom ye haue chosen, and whom ye haue desyred: lo, the Lord hath set a kynge ouer you. 1 Samuel 12:14 Yf ye wyll feare the Lorde & serue hym, and heare hys voyce, & not disobeye the worde of the Lorde: both ye & the kynge that raygneth ouer you, shall folowe the Lorde youre God: 1 Samuel 12:15 Yf ye wyll not herken vnto the voyce of the Lord, but disobeye the Lordes mouth: then shall the hande of the Lorde be vpon you and on youre fathers.

He terrifieth them with thunder in harvest time.

1 Samuel 12:16 Nowe also stande, and se thys great thynge, whych the Lord will do before your eyes: 1 Samuel 12:17 is it not now wheatheruest? I will call vnto the Lorde, and he shall sende thunder and rayne: that ye maye perceaue and se, howe that youre wickednes is great, which ye haue done in the syght of the Lorde, in askynge you a kynge. 1 Samuel 12:18 And so, Samuel called vnto the Lorde, and the Lorde sent thunder and rayne the same daye. And all the people feared the Lorde and Samuel exceadyngly. 1 Samuel 12:19 And all the people sayde vnto Samuel: praye for thy seruauntes vnto the Lord thy God, that we dye not: for we haue synned in askynge vs a kynge, besyde all the synnes þt euer we dyd.

He comforteth them in God's mercy.

1 Samuel 12:20 And Samuel sayde vnto the people: feare not. Ye haue in dede done all thys wyckednesse, yet departe not from folowynge of the Lorde. But serue hym euen wyth all youre hertes. 1 Samuel 12:21 Nether turne ye after vayne thinges whych are not able to profyt you, for they are but vanitye. 1 Samuel 12:22 For the Lorde wyll not forsake hys people, because of hys great names sake: because it hath pleased the Lord, to make you his people. 1 Samuel 12:23 Moreouer God forbydde, that I shulde synne agaynst the Lorde, and ceasse prayeng for you, but to shewe you the good & ryght waye. 1 Samuel 12:24 Therfore feare you the Lorde, and serue hym in the trueth, and wyth all youre hertes & consydre howe great thinges he hath done for you. 1 Samuel 12:25 But and yf ye do wyckedlye, then shall ye peryshe, both ye and youre kynge.

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