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1 Samuel 19

Jonathan discloseth his father's purpose to kill David.

1 Samuel 19:1 Saul spake to Ionathas hys sonne, and to all hys seruauntes, that they shulde kyll Dauid. 1 Samuel 19:2 But Ionathas Sauls sonne had a greate fauoure to Dauid, and Ionathas tolde Dauid sayinge: Saul my father goeth aboute to slaye the. Nowe therfore take hede to thy selfe vntyll the mornynge, and abyde in some secret place, and hyde thy selfe. 1 Samuel 19:3 And I wyll go oute, and stande by my father in the felde where thou art, and wyll comen wyth my father of the, and whatsoeuer I se, I wyll tell the.

He persuadeth his father to reconciliation.

1 Samuel 19:4 And Ionathas spake good of Dauid vnto Saul hys father, and sayde vnto hym: let not the kynge synne agaynst hys seruaunt Dauid, for he hath not synned agaynst the, and hys workes haue bene to the ward very good. 1 Samuel 19:5 For he dyd put hys lyfe in hys hande, and slue the Philistine, and the Lorde brought to passe a greate health for all Israel. Thou sawest it, and thou reioysedest, wherfore then wilt thou synne against innocent bloude, and slaye Dauid without a cause? 1 Samuel 19:6 And Saul harkened vnto the voyce of Ionathas, and sware: as truly as the Lorde lyueth, he shall not dye. 1 Samuel 19:7 And Ionathas called Dauid, and shewed hym all those wordes, & brought Dauid to Saul. And he was in his presens as in tymes past.

By reason of David's good success in a new war, Saul's malicious rage breaketh out against him.

1 Samuel 19:8 And the warre began agayne, and Dauid went out and fought wyth the Philistines, and slue them with a great slaughter, & they fledde from him. 1 Samuel 19:9 And the euell sprete sent of the Lorde was vpon Saul, as he sat in hys house hauinge a Iauelinge in his hande, and Dauid played with his hande. 1 Samuel 19:10 And Saul entended to nayle Dauid to the walle with the Iauelynge. But he ryd hym selfe out of Sauls presens, as he smote the speare into þe walle. And Dauid fledde & was saued the same nyght. 1 Samuel 19:11 Saul also sent messengers vnto Dauids house, to watch him, and to sleye him in þe mornynge. And Michol Dauids wyfe tolde it him, sayinge: If thou saue not thy selfe this night, to morowe þu wilt be slayne.

Michal deceiveth her father with an image in David's bed.

1 Samuel 19:12 And so Michol lett Dauid downe thorowe a wyndowe, and he went, & fled, and was saued. 1 Samuel 19:13 And then she toke an Image and layed it in the bed, and put a pyllowe stuffed with goates hearre vnder the heed of it, and couered it with a clothe. 1 Samuel 19:14 And when Saul sent messengers to fetche Dauid, she sayde, he is sycke. 1 Samuel 19:15 And Saul sent the messengers agayne to se Dauid, sayinge: bringe him to me, bed & all, þt I maye slaye him. 1 Samuel 19:16 And when þe messengers were come in: Beholde, there laye an ymage in the bed, with a pyllowe of goates heare vnder the heed of it. 1 Samuel 19:17 And Saul sayde vnto Michol: why hast thou mocked me so, and sent awaye myne enemy that he is escaped? Michol answered Saul. For he sayde vnto me, let me go, or elles I wyll kyll the.

David cometh to Samuel in Naioth.

1 Samuel 19:18 And so Dauid fledde, and escaped, & came to Samuel to Rama, tolde hym all that Saul had done to him. And he and Samuel went, and dwelt in Naioth. 1 Samuel 19:19 And one tolde Saul, sayinge: Beholde, Dauid is at Naioth in Rama.

Saul's messengers sent to take David,

1 Samuel 19:20 And Saul sent messengers to fett Dauid. And when they sawe a companye of prophetes prophesyenge, & Samuel standynge fast by them, the sprete of God fell vpon the messengers of Saul, and they prophesyed to. 1 Samuel 19:21 And when it was tolde Saul, he sent other messengers, & they prophesyed lykewyse. And Saul sent messengers yet agayne the thyrde tyme, and they prophesyed also. 1 Samuel 19:22 Then went he hym selfe to Rama, & came to a great well that is in Sechu, & he asked and sayde: where are Samuel and Dauid? And one sayde: Beholde, they be at Naioth in Rama,

and Saul himself, prophesy.

1 Samuel 19:23 & he went thyther, euen to Naioth in Rama, and the sprete of God came vpon him also, & he went prophesyinge, vntyll he came to Naioth in Rama. 1 Samuel 19:24 And he stripte of his clothes, & prophesyed before Samuel in lyke maner, and fell naked all that daye & all that nyght. And therof it is, that they saye: is Saul also amonge the prophetes?

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