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2 Chronicles 34

Josiah's good reign.

2 Chronicles 34:1 Iosia was eyght yeare olde whan he began to raygne, and he raygned in Ierusalem thyrtye and one yere. 2 Chronicles 34:2 And he dyd that which was ryght in the syght of the Lorde, and walked in the wayes of Dauid his father, and bowed nether to þe ryght hand ner to þe left.

He destroyeth idolatry.

2 Chronicles 34:3 In þe .viij. yere of hys raygne (when he was yet a childe) he beganne to seke after the God of Dauid hys father. And in the twelueth yeare he beganne to pourge Iuda and Ierusalem from hylaulters, groues, kerued ymages, and ymages of metall: 2 Chronicles 34:4 and they brake downe the aulters of Baalim euen in hys presence: and other ymages that were in greater honoure then they, he caused to be destroyed. And the groues, kerued ymages, and ymages of metall he brake and made dust of them, and strawed it vpon the graues of them that had offered to them. 2 Chronicles 34:5 And he burnt the bones of the preastes vpon the aulters of them, and clensed Iuda and Ierusalem. 2 Chronicles 34:6 And euen so dyd he in the cyties of Manasse, Ephraim, Simeon vnto Nephthali. And in the wyldernesses of them rounde about, 2 Chronicles 34:7 he plucked a sondre the aulters and the groues, and dyd beate them and stampte them to powdre, & beate downe all the ymages thorow out all the lande of Israel: and returned to Ierusalem agayne.

He taketh order for the repair of the Temple.

2 Chronicles 34:8 In the eyghtene yere of his raygne when he had purged the lande and the temple he sent Saphan the sonne of Amaziahu, and Maasiah the gouernoure of the cytie & Ioah the sonne of Ioahaz the recorder, to repayre the house of the Lorde hys God. 2 Chronicles 34:9 And when they came to Helkiah the hye preast, they delyuered them the money that was brought in to the house of God, whych the Leuites that kepte the entryes had geathered of the hande of Manasse and Ephraim, and of all that yet remayned in Israel, and of all Iuda and BenIamin, and of the enhabiters of Ierusalem. 2 Chronicles 34:10 And they put in the handes of the worckemen, that had the ouersyght of the house of the Lorde: and they gaue it to the labourers that wrought in the house of the Lorde, to repayre and mende the house. 2 Chronicles 34:11 Even to masons and carpenters gaue they it, to get stone and tymbre, for couples and for beames of the houses, which the kynges of Iuda had destroyed: 2 Chronicles 34:12 And the men dyd the worcke faythfully. And the ouersears of them to courage them forward, were Iahath and Obadiahu Leuites of the chyldren of Merari: & Secharia & Mesullam, of the chyldren of the Cahathites, and other of the Leuytes whych all coulde skylle of instrumentes of Musicke. 2 Chronicles 34:13 And ouer the bearers of burthens and ouer all þt wrought, in whatsoeuer worckemanshyppe it were, were there Scrybes, officers and porters of the Leuites.

Hilkiah having found a book of the Law, Josiah sendeth to Huldah to enquire of the LORD.

2 Chronicles 34:14 And whan they brought out the money that was brought into the house of the lord, Helkia the preaste founde the boke of the lawe of the Lord geuen by Moses. 2 Chronicles 34:15 And Helkia answered and sayde to Saphan the scribe: I haue founde the boke of the law, in the house of the Lorde, and Helkia gaue the boke to Saphan. 2 Chronicles 34:16 And Saphan caryed the boke to the kyng, and brought the kyng worde agayne, sayenge: all that was commytted to thy seruauntes, that do they. 2 Chronicles 34:17 And they haue gathered together the money that was found in the house of the Lord, and haue delyuered it into the handes of the ouersears of the worke, and to the handes of the worckemen. 2 Chronicles 34:18 And then Saphan the scribe shewed the kyng, saying: Helkia the preast hath geuen me a boke, & Saphan redd in it before þe king. 2 Chronicles 34:19 And it fortuned, that when the kyng had heard the wordes of the lawe, he tare his clothes: 2 Chronicles 34:20 and the kyng commaunded Helkia and Ahikam the sonne of Saphan, and Abidon the sonne of Micah, and Saphan the scrybe, and Asaia a seruaunt of the kynges, saying: 2 Chronicles 34:21 go & enquire of the Lorde for me and for them þt are left in Israel and Iuda, concerning the wordes of the boke that is found. For great is the wrath of the Lorde that is fallen vpon vs, because oure fathers haue not kepte the worde of þe Lord, to do after all that is wrytten in this boke. 2 Chronicles 34:22 And Helkia and they that the kynge had appoynted, went to Hulda a prophetisse the wyfe of Sallum the sonne of Tokhath the sonne of Hasra keper of þe wardrope (for she dwelt in Ierusalem with in the second wall) and so they communed with her.

Huldah prophesieth the destruction of Jerusalem, but respite thereof in Josiah's time.

2 Chronicles 34:23 She answered them: thus sayth þe Lorde God of Israel: tell ye þe man that sent you to me. 2 Chronicles 34:24 Euen thus sayth the Lord: Behold, I wyll bryng euell vpon this place, & vpon the enhabiters therof (euen all the cursses that are wrytten in the boke which they haue reade before the kyng of Iuda) 2 Chronicles 34:25 because they haue forsaken me, and haue offered vnto other Gods, to angre me wt all maner worckes of theyr handes, therfore is my wrath set on fyre agaynst thys place and shall not be quenched. 2 Chronicles 34:26 And as for the kyng of Iuda whych sent you to enquire of the Lorde, so shall ye saye vnto him: thus sayth the Lord God of Israel concernyng the wordes which þu hast heard. 2 Chronicles 34:27 Because thyne hert dyd melt, & thou dydest meke thy self before God, when thou heardest his wordes agaynst this place & agaynst the enhabiters therof: & humbledest thy selfe before me, and tarest thy clothes, and weptest before me, that haue I hearde also sayth the Lord. 2 Chronicles 34:28 Behold, I wyll take þe to thy fathers, and thou shalt be put in thy graue in peace, and thyne eyes shall not se all the myschefe that I wyll bryng vpon thys place, & vpon the enhabyters of þe same. And they brought the kynge worde agayne.

Josiah, causing it to be read in a solemn assembly, reneweth the Covenant with God.

2 Chronicles 34:29 Then the kynge sent, and gathered to gether all the elders of Iuda and Ierusalem. 2 Chronicles 34:30 And the kyng went vp into the house of the Lorde, and all the men of Iuda, and the enhabiters of Ierusalem, & the preastes & Leuites and all the people great and smalle: & the kyng dyd reade all the wordes of þe boke of the couenaunt that was found in the house of the Lorde. 2 Chronicles 34:31 And þe kyng stode at hys standyng, & made a couenaunt before the Lord, to folowe the Lorde, and to kepe his commaundementes, his wytnesses, and hys statutes, wyth all hys hert & wyth all his soule, & to fulfyll the wordes of the appoyntment wrytten in the sayde boke. 2 Chronicles 34:32 And he set in theyr rowme all them that were founde in Ierusalem and BenIamin, and the enhabiters of Ierusalem dyd accordyng to the couenaunt of the Lorde God of theyr fathers. 2 Chronicles 34:33 And Iosia put awaye all maner of abhominacyons out of all landes that pertayned to the chyldren of Israell, and brought in all that were found in Israel, to worshyp, and to serue the Lorde theyr God. And they turned not a syde from after the Lorde God of theyr fathers, as longe as he lyued.

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