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2 Kings 19

Hezekiah mourning sendeth to Isaiah to pray for them.

2 Kings 19:1 So it came to passe, þt when kynge Hezekia hearde it, he rent hys clothes, and put on sacke, and came into the house of the Lorde, 2 Kings 19:2 and sent Eliakim which was þe stuard of housholde, and Sobna the Scribe, & the elders of þe preastes clothed in sacke, to Isay the prophete the sonne of Amoz. 2 Kings 19:3 And they sayde vnto him, thus sayth Hezekia this daye is a daye of tribulacyon and of rebuke and blasphemy. For the chyldren are come to the byrth, and there is no strength to be delyuered. 2 Kings 19:4 Paraduenture the Lorde thy God wyll heare all the wordes of Rabsake, whom the kynge of Assyria his master hath sent, to rayle on the lyuynge God, and to rebuke him with wordes, which the Lorde thy God hath hearde: And lyfte thou vp thy prayer for the remnaunt that are lefte. 2 Kings 19:5 So the seruauntes of kynge Hezekia came to Isay:

Isaiah comforteth them.

2 Kings 19:6 And Isaie sayd vnto them: So shall ye saye to youre master: Thus sayth the Lorde: be not afrayde of þe wordes which thou hast heard, with which the younge men of the kynge of Assyria haue rayled on me. 2 Kings 19:7 Beholde, I will put him in another mynde, and he shall heare tydinges, and so returne to hys awne lande: And I will bringe to passe, þt he shall fall vpon the swerde euen in his awne lande.

Sennacherib, going to encounter Tirhakah, sendeth a blasphemous letter to Hezekiah.

2 Kings 19:8 And Rabsakeh went backe agayne, and founde þe kynge of Assyria fyghting agaynst Libna: for he had hearde, howe that he was departed from Lachis. 2 Kings 19:9 And when he hearde men saye of Thirhaka kynge of þe blacke Mores: Beholde, he is come out to fyght agaynst þe, 2 Kings 19:10 he departed, & sent messengers vnto Hezekia sayinge. Thus speake to Hezekia kynge of Iuda, sayinge: let not thy God disceaue þe, in whom þu trustest, sayinge: Ierusalem shalt not be delyuered into the hande of the kynge of Assyria. 2 Kings 19:11 Beholde, thou hast heard, what the kynges of Assyria haue done to all landes, howe they haue vtterly destroyed them. And shalt thou escape? 2 Kings 19:12 Haue the Gods of the hethen delyuered them, which myne aunsetries haue destroyed? As Gozan, & Haran, Rezeph, & the chyldren of Eden which were in Bithlasar? 2 Kings 19:13 where is þe kynge of Hamath, and the kyng of Arphad, the kynge of the cytie of Sepharnaim, & of Hena & Iua?

Hezekiah's prayer.

2 Kings 19:14 So Hezekia receaued the letter of þe hande of the messengers, and redd it: And Hezekia went vp into the house of the Lorde, & layde it abroade before the Lorde. 2 Kings 19:15 And Hezekia prayed before the Lorde, and sayde: O Lord God of Israel, which dwellest betwene the Cherubs, þu art God alone ouer all the kyngdomes of the erth, thou hast made heauen & earth Lord, 2 Kings 19:16 bowe downe thine eare, & heare: Open Lorde thyne eyes (I beseche the) & se: and heare the wordes of Sennacherib which hath sent thys man to rayle on the lyuynge God. 2 Kings 19:17 Of a truthe Lorde, the kinges of Assyria haue destroyed nacyons and their landes, 2 Kings 19:18 and haue sett fyre on their Gods. For they were no Gods, but the worcke of the handes of man: euen of wood & stone. And they destroyed them. 2 Kings 19:19 Nowe therfore, O Lorde oure God, I beseche the, saue thou vs out of hys hande, þt all the kyngdomes of the earth maye knowe, that thou onely art the Lorde God.

Isaiah's prophecy of the pride and destruction of Sennacherib, and the good of Zion.

2 Kings 19:20 And Isay the sonne of Amoz sent to Hezekia, sayinge: thus sayth the Lord God of Israel: þt which thou hast prayed me, concernynge Sennacherib kynge of Assyria, I haue hearde it. 2 Kings 19:21 This is therfore the worde that þe Lord hath sayde of him: The virgin euen the daughter of Sion hath despysed the, and laughed the to scorne (o þu kynge of Assyria) the daughter of Ierusalem hath shaken her head at the. 2 Kings 19:22 Whom hast thou rayled on, & whom hast thou blasphemed? Agaynst whom hast thou exalted thy voyce, and lyfted vp thyne eyes so hye. Euen agaynst the holy of Israel. 2 Kings 19:23 By the hande of thy messengers thou hast rayled on the Lorde and sayde: wt the multitude of my charettes I am come vp to the toppes of the mountaynes, euen alonge by the sydes of Libanon, and I wyll cut downe the hye Cedar trees and the lustie fyrre trees therof: and I will go into the lodging of his nest, & into þe wood of his playne. 2 Kings 19:24 I haue digged & droncke straunge waters, and wt the steppe of my goynge will I drye all the water poles that are beseaged. 2 Kings 19:25 Hast thou not hearde, howe I haue ordeyned soch a thinge a great whyle a goo, & haue prepared it from þe begynninge? And shall I not nowe bringe it forth, þt it maye destroye, and to brynge stronge cyties into wast heapes of stones? 2 Kings 19:26 And þe enhabiters of them shalbe of lytle power, & faynt herted, and confounded, and shalbe lyke the grasse of the felde, or grene herbe, or as þe heye on the toppes of the houses: or as þe corne þt is vnripe, & smytten wt blastinge. 2 Kings 19:27 I knowe thy dwellinge, thy commynge out, and thy goynge in, & thy furye agaynst me. 2 Kings 19:28 And because þu ragest agaynst me, and thynckest thy selfe so blessed: this is come vp vnto myne earis, & I will put my hoke in thy nastrels, and my bytt in thy lyppes, and will bringe the backe agayne, the same waye thou camest. 2 Kings 19:29 And this shalbe a sygne vnto the (O Hezekia) Ye shall eate this yere of soch thynges as growe of them selues, and the next yeare soch as come vp of those that dyd growe of their awne accorde. And the thirde yere sowe ye and reape, plant vyneyardes and eate the frutes therof. 2 Kings 19:30 And it that is escaped & lefte, of þe daughter of Iuda, shall yet agayne take rotinge downe warde and beare frute vpwarde. 2 Kings 19:31 For out of Ierusalem shall go a remnaunt, and a nombre that shall escape out of mount Sion: the Zele of the Lorde of Hostes shall brynge thys thynge to passe. 2 Kings 19:32 Wherfore, thus sayth þe Lorde, concerninge the kinge of Assyria: he shall not come to this cytie, nor shote an arowe into it, nor come before it with shilde, nor cast bancke agaynst it: 2 Kings 19:33 but shall go backe agayne the waye he came, & shall not come into this cytie sayeth the Lorde. 2 Kings 19:34 For I will defende this cytie, to saue it, for myne awne sake, and for Dauid my seruauntes sake.

An angel slayeth the Assyrians.

2 Kings 19:35 And so it came to passe that the selfe same nyght þe angell of the Lorde went out & smote in the Hoste of the Assyrians an hundred foure skore and fyue thousande. And when þe remnaunt were vp erlye in the mornynge: they sawe, they were all deed coarsses.

Sennacherib is slain at Nineveh by his own sons.

2 Kings 19:36 And so Sennacherib kynge of Assyria auoyded and departed, and went agayne, & dwelt at Niniue. 2 Kings 19:37 And it fortuned, þt as he was in a temple worshyppynge Nisroch hys God, Adramelech & Sacesar his awne sonnes smote hym with the swerde. And they escaped into the lande of Armenia, and Asarhaddon his sonne raygned in his steade.

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