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2 Samuel 21

The three years' famine for the Gibeonites ceaseth, by hanging seven of Saul's sons.

2 Samuel 21:1 Then there fell an hongre in the dayes of Dauid, thre yeres together. And Dauid enquired of the Lorde. And the Lorde answered: it is for Saul, and þe house of bloude, because he slue the Gibaonites. 2 Samuel 21:2 And the kynge called the Gibaonites, & sayde vnto them (Nowe the Gibaonites were, not of the chyldren of Israel, but a remnaunt of the Ammorites, and the chyldren of Israel sware vnto them: And Saul sought to sley them, for a zele that he had to the children of Israel and of Iuda.) 2 Samuel 21:3 Wherfore Dauid sayde vnto them, what shall I do for you, and wherwith shall I make the attonement, that ye maye blesse the enheritaunce of the Lorde? 2 Samuel 21:4 The Gibaonites answered him: we wyll haue no syluer ner gold, of Saul ner of hys house: nether is it oure mynde, þt thou shuldest kyll any man in Israel. He sayde: what saye ye then þt I shall do for you? 2 Samuel 21:5 They answered the kinge: the man that consumed vs, & ymagened to brynge vs to nought him will we destroye, that nought of him continewe in any of the coastes of Israel. 2 Samuel 21:6 Let seuen men of his sonnes be delyuered vnto vs, and we will hange them vp vnto the Lorde, in Gibeah of Saul, whom the Lorde dyd chose. And the kynge sayde: I will geue them you. 2 Samuel 21:7 But the kynge had compassyon on Miphiboseth the sonne of Ionathas, the sonne of Saul, because of the Lords othe þt was betwene them: euen betwene Dauid and Ionathas the sonne of Saul. 2 Samuel 21:8 But he toke the two sonnes of Rizpa the daughter of Aia (whom she bare vnto Saul) euen Armoni and Miphiboseth, & the fyue sonnes of Michol (the daughter of Saul) whom she bare to Adriel the sonne of Barselai þe Meholathite. 2 Samuel 21:9 And he delyuered them vnto the handes of the Gibeonites, which hanged them in the hill before the Lorde. And they fell all seuen togeather, and were slayne in the dayes of heruest: euen in the fyrst dayes, and in the beginnynge of Barley heruest:

Rizpah's kindness unto the dead.

2 Samuel 21:10 And Rizpa the daughter of Aia toke sackclothe and hanged it vp for them vpon the Rocke, euen from the begynninge of haruest vntyll rayne dropped vpon them out of heuen: and suffered nether the byrddes of the Ayre to fall on them by daye, nor beastes of the felde by nyght. 2 Samuel 21:11 And it was tolde Dauid what Rizpa the daughter of Aia the concubyne of Saul had done:

David burrieth the bones of Saul and Jonathan in his father's sepulchre.

2 Samuel 21:12 and Dauid went, & toke the bones of Saul and of Ionathas his sonne, from the men of Iabes in Gilead (which had stolen them from the strete of Bethsan, where the Philistines had hanged them when the Philistines had slayne Saul in Gilboa.) 2 Samuel 21:13 And he brought thence the bones of Saul, and þe bones of Ionathas his sonne, & they toke vp the bones of them that were hanged. 2 Samuel 21:14 And the bones of Saul and Ionathas hys sonne buryed they in the contrey of Beniamin, in Zela, in the sepulchre of Cis hys father. And when they had performed all that the kynge commaunded. God was then at one with the lande.

Four battles against the Philistines, wherein four valiants of David slay four giants.

2 Samuel 21:15 It fortuned, that the Philistines had yet warre agayne with Israel. And Dauid went downe & his seruauntes with hym, & fought agaynst the Philistines. And Dauid waxed fayntie, 2 Samuel 21:16 and Iesby of Nob one of the sonnes of the gyauntes (the yron of whose speare wayed thre hundred sycles, and he beynge gyrded with a newe swerde) thought to haue slayne Dauid. 2 Samuel 21:17 But Abisai the sonne of Zaruia succoured hym, and smote the Philistine, and killed him. Then the seruauntes of Dauid sware vnto him, sayinge: Thou shalt go no moare out with vs to battell, that þu quench not the lyght of Israel. 2 Samuel 21:18 And yet after this, there was a battell with the Philistines at Nob, and then Sibbechai the Husathite slewe Saph which was one of the sonnes of the giauntes. 2 Samuel 21:19 And there was yet another battell in Nob with the Philistines, where Elhanam the sonne of Iaere Orgim, a Bethlemite slue one Goliath a Gethite: the staffe of whose speare was as great as a weuers cloth beame. 2 Samuel 21:20 And there was yet another battell in Geth where was a man of a great stature, & had on euery hand .vj. fyngers and on euery fote .vj. toes .xxiiij. in all. And was borne also of the kynred of the giauntes in Geth. 2 Samuel 21:21 And whan he defyed Israell, Ionathas the sonne of Simea the brother of Dauid slewe hym 2 Samuel 21:22 These foure giauntes were borne in Geth, & fell into the hande of Dauid and into the handes of his seruauntes.

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