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Daniel 10

Daniel having humbled himself seeth a vision.

Daniel 10:1 In the thyrde yeare of kynge Cirus of Persia, there was shewed vnto Daniel (other wyse called Balthasar) a matter, yee, a true matter, but it is yet a longe tyme vnto it. He vnderstode the matter well, and perceaued what the visyon was. Daniel 10:2 At the same tyme, I Daniel mourned for þe space of thre wekes, Daniel 10:3 so that I had no lust to eate bread: as for fleshe and wyne there came none wythin my mouth: No, I dyd not once anoynte my self, tyl the wole thre wekes were out. Daniel 10:4 Upon the .xxiiij. daye of the first moneth, I was by the greate floude, called Tygris Daniel 10:5 I lyft vp myne eyes, and loked: and beholde, a man clothed in lynen, whose loynes were gyrded vp with fyne golde of Araby: Daniel 10:6 his body was lyke the Chrysolite stone, hys face (to loke vpon) was lyke lyghtenynge, hys eyes as the flame of fyre, hys armes and fete were lyke fayre glysterynge metall, but the voyce of his wordes was lyke the voyce of a multitude. Daniel 10:7 I Daniel alone sawe thys visyon the men that were wyth me, sawe it not: but a greate fearfulnesse fell vpon them, so þt they fled awaye, and hyd them selues. Daniel 10:8 I was left there my selfe alone, and sawe this great visyon, so longe tyll there remayned nomore strength wythin me: yee, I lost my coloure clene, I wasted awaye, and my strength was gone. Daniel 10:9 Yet hearde I the voyce of hys wordes: and as soone as I hearde it, fayntnesse came vpon me; and I fell downe flat to the grounde vpon my face.

Being troubled with fear he is comforted by the angel.

Daniel 10:10 And behold, an hande touched me, whych set me vp vpon my knees & vpon the palmes of my handes, Daniel 10:11 sayinge vnto me. O Daniel, thou well beloued man: take good hede of the wordes, that I shall saye vnto the, and stande ryght vp, for vnto the am I nowe sent. And when he had sayde these wordes, I stode vp tremblynge. Daniel 10:12 Then sayde he vnto me: feare not Daniel: for why, sence þe fyrst daye that thou set thyne herte to vnderstande, and dydest chasten thy selfe before thy God: thy wordes haue bene herde. And I had come vnto the. When thou begannest to speake Daniel 10:13 had not the prynce ouer the kyngdom of the Perses wythstande me .xxj. dayes. But lo, Michael one of the chefe prynces, came to helpe and I was left to contynue ther with the kinges of Persia, Daniel 10:14 & am come to shewe the, what shall happen vnto thy people in the latter dayes. For it wylbe longe yet or the visyon be fulfylled. Daniel 10:15 Nowe when he had spoken these wordes vnto me, I cast downe my head to the grounde and helde my tunge. Daniel 10:16 Beholde, there touched my lyppes one very lyke vnto a man. Then opened I my mouth, and sayde vnto him, that stode before me, O my Lorde, my ioyntes are lowsed in the visyon, and there is nomore strength within me. Daniel 10:17 Howe may my Lordes seruaunt then talke wyth my Lord? seynge there is no strength in me, so that I cannot take my breth? Daniel 10:18 Upon this there touched me agayne, one moch lyke a man and conforted me, Daniel 10:19 sayinge. O thou man so well beloued, feare not: be content, take a good hert vnto the, and be stronge. So when he had spoken vnto me, I recouered, and sayde. Speake on my Lord, for thou hast refreshed me. Daniel 10:20 Then sayd he: knowest thou wherfore I am come vnto the? nowe wyll I go agayne to fyght wyth the prince of the Perses. As soone as I go forth, lo, the prince of Grekelande shall come. Daniel 10:21 Neuertheles, I wyll shewe þe þt thynge, that is fast noted in the scrypture of trueth. And as for all yonder matters, there is none that helpeth me in them, but Michael youre prynce.

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