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Daniel 11

The overthrow of Persia by the king of Grecia.

Daniel 11:1 And in the fyrst yeare of Darius of Media, I stode by hym, to comforte him, and to strength hym, Daniel 11:2 & nowe wyll I shewe þe trueth. Beholde, there shall stande vp yet thre kynges in Persia, but the fourth shalbe farre rycher then they all. And when he is in the chefest power of hys ryches, he shall prouoke euery man agaynst the realme of Grekelande. Daniel 11:3 Then shall there aryse yet a myghtye kynge, that shall rule wyth greate dominion, and do what hym lyst. Daniel 11:4 And as soone as hys kyngdome cometh vp, it shalbe destroyed, and deuyded towarde the foure wyndes of the heauen. They that come after hym, shall not haue soche power & dominyon as he: but hys kyngdome shalbe scatred, yee, euen amonge other then those.

Leagues and conflicts between the kings of the south and the north.

Daniel 11:5 And the kyng of the south shalbe myghtyer, then his other princes. And one shall be stronger then he, & shall rule hys dominyon wyth greate power. Daniel 11:6 And in the ende of yeares they shalbe ioyned together, and the kynges daughter of þe southe shall come to the kynge of the North, for to make frendshyppe, but she shall not optayne the power of that arme, nether shall she be able to endure thorowe his myght: but she, and soch as brought her (yee and he that begat her, and conforted her for hys tyme) shalbe delyuered vp. Daniel 11:7 Out of the braunches of her rote, there shall one stande vp in hys steade: whych with power of armes shall go thorowe the kynges lande of the north, and handle hym accordynge to hys strength. As for their Idols and princes, with their costly Iewels of golde and syluer, Daniel 11:8 he shall cary them awaye captyues into Egypte, and he shall reygne more yeares then the kynge of the north. Daniel 11:9 And when he is come into the kynges realme of the south, he shalbe fayne to turne agayne into hys awne lande. Daniel 11:10 Wherfore hys sonnes shalbe displeased, & shall gather together a myghtye greate hoost of people: and one of them shall come, and go thorowe lyke a water flowde: then shall he returne, and go forthwith defyinge and boastynge vnto his awne lande. Daniel 11:11 Then the kynge of the south shalbe angry and shall come forth to fight against the kynge of the north: yee, he shall brynge a greate multitude of people together, and a greate heape shalbe geuen into his hande: Daniel 11:12 these shall he cary awaye wyth greate pryde, for so moche as he hath cast downe so many thousandes, neuertheles, he shall not preuayle. Daniel 11:13 For the kyng of the north shall gather (of the new) a greater heape of people then afore, and come forth (after a certayne tyme & yeares) wyth a myghtye hooste and exceadynge greate good. Daniel 11:14 At the same tyme there shall many stande vp agaynst the kynge of the south, so that þe wycked chyldren of thy people also shall exalte them selues (to fulfyll the vision) & then fall. Daniel 11:15 So the kinge of the north shall come to laye sege, and to take the strong fensed cyties: And the power of them of the south shall not be able to abyde him, and the best men of the people shall not be so strong, as to resyst hym. Daniel 11:16 Shortely, when he commeth, he shall handle hym as he lyst, & no man shalbe so hardy as to stande agaynst hym. He shall stande in the pleasaunt countre, whych thorowe him shalbe destroyed. Daniel 11:17 He shall set hys face wyth all hys power to optayne hys kyngdom, and to be lyke it. Yee, that shall he do, and geue him vnto the daughters amonge wemen, to destroye hym. But he shall fayle, nether shall he optayne hys purpose. Daniel 11:18 After thys shall he set hys face vnto the. Iles and take many of them. A prince shall stoppe hym, to do him a shame, besyde the confusyon that els shall come vnto him. Daniel 11:19 Thus shall he tourne agayne to hys awne lande, stomble and fall, and be nomore founde: Daniel 11:20 so be that came vpon hym & dyd hym violence, shall stande in hys place, haue a pleasaunt kyngdome: and after fewe dayes he shalbe destroyed, & that nether in wrath, ner in battell. Daniel 11:21 In hys steade there shall aryse a vyle person, not holden worthy of a kynges dignytie: this shall come in peaceably, and optayne the kyngdome wyth fayre wordes: Daniel 11:22 he shall fyght agaynst the armes of the myghtye (and destroye them) yee, and agaynst the prince of the couenaunt. Daniel 11:23 So after that he hath taken truce wyth him, he shall handle disceatfully: that he maye get vp, and ouercome hym with a small flocke: Daniel 11:24 and so with craftynesse to get him to the fattest place of the lande, and to deale otherwyse, then ether his fathers or graundfathers dyd. For he shall destroye the thynge, that they had robbed & spoyled, yee, and all theyr substaunce: ymagenynge thoughtes agaynst the stronge holdes, and that for a tyme. Daniel 11:25 Hys power and herte shalbe sterred vp wyth a greate armye agaynst the kinge of the south where thorowe the kynge of the south shalbe moued then vnto battell, with a greate & myghtye hoost also. Neuerthelesse, he shall not be able to stande, for they shall conspyre against him. Daniel 11:26 Yee, they that eate of his meate shall hurte hym: so that his hoost shall fall, & many be slayne downe. Daniel 11:27 These two kynges shalbe mynded to do myschefe, and talke of disceate at one table: but they shall not prospere, for why, the ende shall not come yet, vnto the tyme apoynted Daniel 11:28 Then shall he go home agayne into hys awne lande with great good, and set his hert agaynst the holy couenaunt, he shalbe busye agaynst it, and then returne home. Daniel 11:29 At the time apoynted he shall come agayne, and go towarde the south. So shall it happen otherwyse then at the fyrst, yet ones agayne.

The invasion and tyranny of the Romans.

Daniel 11:30 And why? þe shyppes with Italyans shall come vpon him, that he may be smytten and turne agayne: that he may take indignacion against the couenaunt of holynesse, to medle agaynst it. Yee, he shall turne him, and drawe soch vnto him, as leaue the holy couenaunt. Daniel 11:31 He shall set myghtye men to vnhalowe þe Sanctuary of strength, to put downe the daylye offeringe, and to set vp the abhominable desolacyon. Daniel 11:32 And soch as breake the couenaunt shall he flatter wyth fayre wordes. But the people that wyll knowe their God, shall haue the ouerhande and prospere. Daniel 11:33 Those also that haue vnderstandinge among the people shall enfourme the multitude: and for a longe season, they shalbe persecuted wyth swearde, with fyre, wyth captiuite & wyth the takynge awaye of theyr goodes. Daniel 11:34 Nowe when they fall, they shalbe sett vp wyth a lytle helpe: but many shall cleue vnto them faynedly. Daniel 11:35 Yee some of those which haue vnderstandyng shall be persecuted also, that they may be tryed, purifyed and clensed, tyll the tyme be out: for there is yet another time appoynted. Daniel 11:36 The kynge shall do what hym lyst he shall exalte and magnifye him selfe agaynst all that is God. Yee, he shall speake maruelous thinges agaynst the God of all goddes wherin he shall prospere, so longe tyll the wrath be fulfylled, for the conclusyon is deuised alredy. Daniel 11:37 He shall not regarde the God of hys fathers, but his lust shall be vpon wemen. Yee, he shall not care for eny God, for he shall magnifye him selfe aboue all. Daniel 11:38 In hys place shall he worshype the myghtie stoute God: and the God whom his fathers knewe not, shall be honoure with golde and syluer, with precious stones and pleasaunt Iewels. Daniel 11:39 This shall he do, thorowe hys stronge fensed places, settinge vpe hys straunge God whom he confessith and encreasinge his glorye. Soche as will receaue hym, & take hym for God, he shall geue them greate worshyppe and power: yee, and make them Lordes of the multitude, and geue them the lande with rewardes. Daniel 11:40 In the latter tyme shall the kynge of the south stryue wyth him: and the kynge of the north in lyke maner shall come against him with charettes, horsmen and wt a greate nauy of shyppes. He shall come into the landes, destroye and go thorowe: Daniel 11:41 he shall entre also into the fayre pleasaunt lande: Many cyties and countres shall decaye excepte Edom, Moab and the best of the chyldren of Ammon, whych shall escape from hys hande. Daniel 11:42 He shall stretch forth his handes vpon the countrees, & the lande of Egypte shall not escape hym. Daniel 11:43 For thorowe his goynge in, he shall haue dominion ouer the treasures of syluer and golde, and ouer all the precious Iewels of Egypt, Libia and Ethiopia. Daniel 11:44 Neuerthelesse, the tydynges out of the East and the north shall trouble him, for the whych cause he shall goo forth to destroye and rote owte a greate multitude. Daniel 11:45 The tentes of hys palace shall be pytched betwyxte the two sees, vpon the hyll of the noble Sanctuary, for he shall come to his dethe, and then shall no man helpe hym.

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