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Daniel 4

Nebuchadnezzar confesseth God's Kingdom,

Daniel 4:1 Nabuchodonosor kynge vnto all people, kynreddes and tunges that dwell vpon the whole earth: peace be multiplied among you. Daniel 4:2 I thought it good to shewe the tokens and maruelous worckes, þt the hye God hath wrought vpon me. Daniel 4:3 O, howe great are his tokens, and howe myghtie are his wonders? His kyngdome is an euerlasting kyngdome, and his power lasteth for euer and euer.

maketh relation of his dreams, which the magicians could not interpret.

Daniel 4:4 I Nabuchodonosor beyng at rest in myne house and florishynge in my palace, Daniel 4:5 sawe a dreame, which made me afrayed: & the thoughtes that I had vpon my bedd, with the visyons of myne head, troubled me. Daniel 4:6 Then sent I out a commission, that all they which were of wysdome at Babilon shulde be brought before me, to tell me the interpretacyon of the dreame. Daniel 4:7 So there came the sothsayers, charmers, Caldees and coniurers of deuels: to whom I tolde the dreame, but what it betokened, they coulde not shewe me:

Daniel heareth the dream.

Daniel 4:8 tyll at þe last, there came one Daniel (other wyse called Balthazar, according to the name of my God) which hath the sprete of þe holy goddes in him, to whom I tolde the dreame, saying: Daniel 4:9 O Balthazar, thou prince of Sothesayers: For so moche as I knowe, that thou hast the sprete of the holy Goddes and no secrete is hyd from the. tell me therfore, what the vysyon of my dreame (that I haue sene) maye sygnifie. Daniel 4:10 I sawe a visyon in my heade vpon my bed: and beholde, there stode a tre vpon the grounde, Daniel 4:11 which was very hye, greate and myghtye: the heyght reached vnto the heauen, and the bredth extended to all the endes of the earth: Daniel 4:12 hys leaues were fayre, he had very moche frute, so that euery man had ynough to eate therin. The beastes of the felde had shadowes vnder it, and the foules of the ayre dwelt in the bowes therof. Shortly, all creatures fed of it. Daniel 4:13 I sawe in my head a visyon vpon my bed; & behold, a watcher & the holy one came downe from heauen, Daniel 4:14 & cryed myghtely, saying. Hewe downe þe tree, breake of his braunches, shake of his leaues, and scatre his frute abrode: that all the beastes maye get them awaye from vnder him, and the foules from his braunches. Daniel 4:15 Neuertheles, leaue the grounde of hys rote styll in the earth, & bynde him vpon the playne felde, with cheynes of yron and stele. With the dewe of heauen shall he be wet, & he shall haue hys parte in the herbes of the grounde with other wylde beastes. Daniel 4:16 That mans herte of his shall be taken from hym, and a beastes herte shall be geuen hym, tyll seuen yeares be come and gone vpon him. Daniel 4:17 This erande of the watcher, is a commaundment grounded and sought out in the councell of him, that is most holy: to learne men for to vnderstande, that the hyest hath power ouer the kyngdomes of men, & geueth them, to whom it lyketh him, and bringeth the very out castes of men ouer them. Daniel 4:18 Thys is the dreame, that I kyng Nabuchodonosor haue sene. Therfore O Balthazar, tell thou me what it signifyeth: for so moch as all þe wyse men of my kyngdome are not able to shewe me, what it meaneth. But thou canst do it, for the sprete of the holy Goddes is in the.

He interpreteth it.

Daniel 4:19 Then Daniel (whose name was Balthazar) helde hys peace by the space of an houre and hys thoughtes troubled hym. So the kynge spake & sayde: O Balthazar, lett nether the dreame ner the interpretacyon therof feare the. Balthazar answered, saing: O my Lorde, this dreame happen to thyne enemies, and the interpretacyon to thyne aduersaries. Daniel 4:20 As for the tree that thou sawest which was so great & myghtye, whose heygth reached vnto the heauen, and hys bredth into all the world: Daniel 4:21 whose leaues were fayre, and þe frute moch: vnder the which the beastes of þe felde had theyr habitacyon and vpon whose braunches the foules of the ayre dyd syt. Daniel 4:22 Euen thou (O kynge) art the tre, greate and stronge. Thy greatnes increaceth, & reacheth vnto the heauen, so doth thy power to þe endes of the earth. Daniel 4:23 But where as the kynge sawe a watcher euen an holy angell, þt came downe from heauen, and sayde: hewe downe the tree, and destroye it: yet leaue the ground of the rote in the earth: and bynde hym vpon the playne felde with cheynes of yron & stele: He shall be wet with the dewe of heauen, and hys parte shall be with þe beastes of the felde, tyll seuen yeares be come and gone vpon hym: Daniel 4:24 Thys (O kynge) is the interpretacyon, yee, it is the very deuyce of hym, that is hyest of all and it toucheth my Lorde the kynge. Daniel 4:25 Thou shalt be cast out from men, and thy dwellinge shalbe with the beastes of þe felde: with grasse shalt thou be fed lyke an oxe. Thou must be wet with þe dewe of the heauen: yee, seuen yeares shall come, & go vpon the, tyll thou knowe, þt the hyest hath power vpon the kyngdomes of men, & geueth them to whom he lyst. Daniel 4:26 Moreouer, where as it was sayde, that the rote of the tree shulde be left styll in the grounde: it betokeneth, þt thy kyngdome shal remayne whole vnto the, after thou hast lerned to knowe, that þe power commeth from heauen. Daniel 4:27 Wherfore, O kynge, be content with my councell, that thou mayest redeme thy synnes with almoyse and thyne offences with mercy to poore people: for thys shall be an helynge of thyne erroure.

The story of the event.

Daniel 4:28 All these thynges touche the, kynge Nabuchodonosor. Daniel 4:29 So after .xii. monethes, the kyng walked vp and downe in the palace of the kingdome of Babylon, Daniel 4:30 and sayde. Thys is the greate cyte of Babylon, which I my selfe (with my power and strength) haue made a kynges courte, for the honour of my magestye. Daniel 4:31 While these wordes were yet in þe kynges mouth there fell a voyce from heauen, sayinge: O kynge Nabuchodonosor, to the be it spoken: Thy kyngdome shall departe from the, Daniel 4:32 thou shalt be cast out of mens company: thy dwellynge shalbe with the beastes of þe felde, so þt thou shalt eate grasse lyke as an oxe, tyll seuen yeares become and gone ouer the. euen vntyll thou knowest, that the hyest hath power vpon the kyngdomes of men, & that he may geue them, vnto whom it pleaseth him. Daniel 4:33 The very same houre was thys matter fulfylled vpon Nabuchodonosor: so þt he was cast out of mens company, and dyd eate grasse lyke an oxe. Hys body was wet with the dewe of heauen, tyll hys heares were as great as Aegles fethers, and hys nayles lyke byrdes clawes. Daniel 4:34 When thys tyme was past, I Nabuchodonosor lyfte vp myne eyes vnto heauen, and myne vnderstandinge was restored vnto me agayne. Then gaue I thanckes vnto the hyghest. I magnifyed and praysed him that lyueth for euermore, whose power endureth alwaye, and hys kyngdome from one generacyon to another: Daniel 4:35 in comparyson of whom all they that dwell vpon the earth, are to be reputed as nothynge. He handleth according to his will, among the powers of heauen & amonge the inhabitours of the earth: and there is none þt maye resyste his hande, or saye: what doest thou? Daniel 4:36 At þe same tyme was myne vnderstandinge geuen me agayne, and I was restored to the honoure of my kingdome, to my dignite, and to myne awne shape agayne. My great estates and Princes sought vnto me, and I was set in my kyngdome agayne, so that I had yet greater worshyppe. Daniel 4:37 Then dyd I Nabuchodonosor, loue, magnifye and prayse the kynge of heauen: for all his worckes are true, and hys wayes ryght. As for those that go on proudly, he is able to brynge them downe.

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