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Daniel 9

Daniel, considering the time of the captivity,

Daniel 9:1 In the fyrst yeare of Darius the sonne of Ahasuerus, whych was of the sede of the Medes, and was made kynge ouer the realme of the Caldees: Daniel 9:2 yee, euen in þe fyrst yeare of his raygne, I Daniel desyred to knowe the yearly nombre out of the bokes, wherof the Lorde spake vnto Ieremy the Prophete: that Ierusalem shulde lye waste .lxx. yeares:

maketh confession of sins,

Daniel 9:3 and I turned me vnto God the Lorde, for to praye and make myne intercession, with fastynge, sacke clothe & ashes, Daniel 9:4 I prayed before the Lord my God, and knowledged, sayinge. O Lorde, thou greate and fearfull God, thou that kepest couenaunt and mercy wyth them, which loue the, and do thy commaundementes. Daniel 9:5 We haue synned, we haue offended, we haue bene disobedient and gone back: yee, we haue departed from all thy preceptes and iudgementes. Daniel 9:6 We wolde neuer folowe thy seruauntes the Prophetes that spake in thy name to oure kynges and princes, to oure forefathers, and to all the people of the lande. Daniel 9:7 O Lord, righteousnesse belongeth vnto the, vnto us pertayneth nothynge but open shame: as it is come to passe thys daye vnto euery man of Iuda, and to them that dwell at Ierusalem. Yee, vnto all Israel, whether they be farre or nye: thorowe out all landes: wherin thou hast strowed them, because of the offences, that they had done agaynst the. Daniel 9:8 Yee, O Lorde, vnto vs, to oure kynges & princes, to oure forefathers: euen to vs all, that haue offended the belongeth open shame. Daniel 9:9 But vnto the, O Lorde oure God, pertayneth mercy and forgeuenesse. As for vs, we are gone backe from hym, Daniel 9:10 and haue not obeyed the voyce of the Lorde oure God, to walke in hys lawes, whych he layed before vs by hys seruauntes the Prophetes: Daniel 9:11 yee all Israel haue transgressed, and gone backe from thy lawe, so that they haue not herckened vnto thy voyce. Wherfore, the curse & othe that is written in the lawe of Moses the seruaunt of God (agaynst whom we haue offended) is poured vpon vs. Daniel 9:12 And he hath perfourmed his wordes, whych he spake agaynst vs, & agaynst oure iudges that iudged vs: to brynge vpon vs soch a greate plage, as neuer was vnder heauen, lyke as it is nowe come to passe in Ierusalem. Daniel 9:13 Yee, all this plage, as it is wrytten in the lawe of Moses, is come vpon vs. Yet made we not oure prayer before þe Lorde oure God, that we myght turne agayne from oure wickednesse, & to be learned in thy verite. Daniel 9:14 Therfore hath the Lorde made haste, to brynge this plage vpon vs, for the Lorde our God is ryghteous, in all his workes whych he doth: for why? We wolde not herken vnto hys voyce. Daniel 9:15 And nowe, O Lorde oure God thou that with a myghtie hande hast brought thy people out of Egypte, to get thy selfe a name which remayneth this daye: we haue synned

and prayeth for the restoration of Jerusalem.

Daniel 9:16 O Lorde, & done wyckedly agaynst all thy ryghteousnes: yet let thy wrothfull displeasure be turned awaye (I beseche the) from thy cyte Ierusalem thy holy hyll. And why? for oure synnes sake, and for the wykednesse of oure forefathers is Ierusalem & thy people abhorred, of all them that are aboute vs: Daniel 9:17 Now therfore, O our God, heare the prayer of thy seruaunt, and hys intercessyon. O let thy face shyne ouer thy Sanctuary, that lyeth waste: Daniel 9:18 for the Lordes sake. O my God, enclyne thyne eare, and herken (at the leest for thyne awne sake) open thyne eyes: beholde howe we be desolated, yee, and the cytie also, whych is called after thy name: for we do not cast oure prayers before þe in oure awne ryghteousnes, no: but onely in thy great mercyes: Daniel 9:19 O Lorde, heare: O forgeue Lorde, O Lorde consydre, tarye not ouer longe: but for thyne awne sake do it. O my God: for thy cyte and thy people is called after thy name.

Gabriel informeth him of the seventy weeks.

Daniel 9:20 As I was yet speakynge at my prayers, knowledgynge myne awne synnes, and the synnes of my people, makynge so myne intercessyon before the Lorde my God, for þe holy hylles sake of my God: Daniel 9:21 yee, whyle I was yet speakynge in my prayer, beholde, the man Gabriel. (whom I had sene afore in the visyon) came flyinge to me, and touched me aboute the offering tyme in the euenynge. Daniel 9:22 He infourmed me, & spake vnto me: O Daniel sayde he, I am nowe come to make the vnderstande it. Daniel 9:23 For as soone as thou begannest to make thy prayer, it was so diuised, & therfore am I come to shewe the. And why? For thou art a man greatly beloued. Wherfore, pondre the matter well, that thou mayest learne, to vnderstande the visyon. Daniel 9:24 .Lxx. wekes are determed ouer thy people, and ouer the holy cytie: that the wyckednes maye be consumed, that the synne may haue an ende, that the offence maye be reconciled, and to brynge in euerlastinge ryghteousnesse, to fulfyll the visyons and the prophetes, and to anoynte the moost holy one. Daniel 9:25 Understande this then, and marcke it well: that from the tyme it shalbe concluded to go and repayre Ierusalem agayne, vnto Christ (or þe anoynted) prince: there shalbe seuen wekes: Then shall the stretes and walles be buylded agayne .lxij. wekes, but with harde troublous tyme. Daniel 9:26 After these .lxij. wekes, shall Christ be slayne, and they shall haue no pleasure in hym. Then shall there come a people with the Prince, and destroye the cyte & the Sanctuary: and hys ende shall come as the water floude. But the desolacyon shall contynue tyll the ende of the battell. Daniel 9:27 He shall make a stronge bonde with many, for the space of a weke: & when the weke is halfe gone, he shall put downe the slayne and meatoffringe. And in the temple there shalbe an abhominable desolacyon, tyll it haue destroyed all. And it is concluded, that this wastynge shall contynue vnto the ende.

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